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Saturday Night Open Thread


It's baaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaaaaack! Football, that is. Not that anyone around here noticed, but the Kansas City Chiefs did just happen to kick off their 2012 preseason with a win over the A...

Sunday Night Open Thread


Had a blast at an all-day bluesfest here in Denver yesterday, with better-than-front-row seats - though I rarely sat down - as side stage security. Headlin acts included Trampled Under Foot from...

Sunday Afternoon Open Thread


"The heat is on, the heat is on ... " Oh yeah it is, heat and drought conditions and none of it is any fun at all. Worse yet, no football. So, what's a poor blogger to do? Invent something to...



In September of 2001, our nation lost the twin icons known as the World Trade Center to terrorists. For a brief moment in time, our world was upside down and inside out. For a short while, the...

Saturday Open Thread


No news isn't necessarily good news, it seems ... at least not when it comes to Dwayne Bowe and the Chiefs. The hours slowly count down to the Monday 4 PM deadline to sign, and not a word, one way...

Broncos Thin at LB for 2012


Denver Post story about the Broncos being thin and in a tight spot at LB this seasn with DJ Williams being suspended for substance abuse violations (twice) and just a very thin group left after Von Miller With Williams out of the mix, the Broncos have only three linebackers with significant playing experience: Woodyard, Mays and strongside linebacker Von Miller, the reigning defensive rookie of the year. Behind them are second-year players Nate Irving (middle linebacker) and Mike Mohamed (strongside linebacker), sixth-round draft pick Danny Trevathan and undrafted rookies Steven Johnson, Jerry Franklin and Elliot Coffey. this is like Adam Teicher doing a report that says the Chiefs are thin at the QB position ... interesting read, and should have Chiefs fans grinning about possibilities in 2012

Sunday Open Thread


Another day, and another day closer to Opening Kickoff of 2012. It's only early July and we still have to wait months for football? Oh, noes! Open thread to the rescue! So, who's actually...

Saturday Open Thread


Here's to those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer ... the days of popcorn and peanuts and beer. At least, so goes the song (Nat King Cole, for those of you too young to remember) ... I know, sounds...

Sunday Open Thread


Hideously Hot. Again. Gotta love summer, sunburn and all, now if the Royals could only play a little better, or a lot better. About a month til Chiefs training camp opens in St Joseph and we're...

Saturday Open Thread


So, it's like 100 degrees here in Denver and the 5 most disgusting words I hear no are theres: "but it's a DRY heat!" ... now, I'll readily grant it's not nearly as miserable as the sauna known as...

Sunday Open Thread


Stupid hot here in Denver today, and if this is a harbinger of things to come I might need to move to the North Pole for a few months. Ugh! In other news ... ok, there is no other news,...

Saturday Afternoon Open Thread


Wow, not much in the way of Chiefs related news today, and you know it's only going to get worse as we've now reached The Dead Zone in the NFL year. No game, no playoffs, no free agency, no draft,...

Sunday Open Thread - 6/10/2012


Spent a fabulous day yesterday soaking up the sun and the vibes and the blistering blues at the Greeley Blues Jam, and was fortunate to spend some time with my our buddy Professor Mills (he plays a...

Sunday Open Thread - 6/3/2012


Whoever you are and wherever you are, I hope you're having a glorious day and enjoying life. This is your open thread for Sunday, use it to talk about anything you'd like.

Saturday Open Thread - 6/2/2012


Cloudy and deliciously cool here in Denver today, looks like rain for some areas. The outlook seems to be much brighter for the Chiefs in 2012 if we can believe reports and tweets coming from this...

Sunday Open Thread - 5/27


Lazy, hazy, crazy Sunday afternoon, and a Memorial Holiday weekend at that. Picnic? BBQ? Camping? Fishing? Movies? Games? What's in your wallet on your agenda? Use this thread to talk...

Saturday Open Thread


Hope everyone is having a fabulous and SAFE weekend! This is your Saturday open thread, enjoy.

Matt Stafford's Gift To Family


YAY! another "feel good" story about an NFL player doing something positive ... touching gesture by the Lions' QB

Is Stanzi Our Gabbert?


Alfie Crow over at SBNation Tampa bay did a bit on how Blaine Gabbert, despite his horrible 2011 season, absolutely has to be the starting QB for the Jags in 2012 and moving forward. Part of his argument is the question: "Is Chad Henne going to get you to the NFL playoffs?" Should we (should or will Pioli) ask the same question of Cassel (vs Stanzi)? Class, discuss!

Citizens Fund Stadium But Blackout Rule Persists - The Realities of the NFL


Roger Chamberlain walked off the floor of the Minnesota state senate having just watched as taxpayers went on the hook for an estimated $1 billion (at least) over 30 years for the construction, upkeep and debt service on a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings. He could only laugh in frustration. "What the NFL wants," the republican state senator said, "the NFL gets." All Chamberlain wanted was to assure that since so much taxpayer money was being handed over, those same taxpayers would be guaranteed local broadcasts of all Viking games no matter if the stadium was sold out. In effect, he wanted to make the NFL's blackout rule illegal in Minnesota. sounds like a reasonable request to me, and of course a request denied ... read more at link location


Translating Coachspeak (Humor & Satire)

The Chiefs just wrapped up thier 2012 Rookie Minicamp that went on and on and on for like THREE WHOLE DAYS! Those poor rooks, not used to having to attend that days of classes practice in a row. ...

Sunday Afternoon Open Thread


Been rainy the last few days here in Denver, and with the Nuggets falling in Game 7 to the Lakers (Boo! Hiss!) it's likely to take another couple of days for the clouds to completely disperse here...

Sunday Open Thread


Beautiful day here in Denver, hope your weather is just as nice. The Chiefs Royals beat the hated Yankees last night so we have a local fee good story there. This is your Open Thread, and if...

12 Angry Men Or The Dirty Dozen, whatever you want to call them, they are 12 football players who...

12 Angry Men Or The Dirty Dozen, whatever you want to call them, they are 12 football players who will be on the field for the 2012 Chiefs (sometimes 4-5 at a time) who were NOT on the field when the Chiefs were vying for a division title late last December. Read this list: Eric Berry, Jamaal Charles, Dontari Poe, Eric Winston, Tony Moeaki, Peyton Hillis, Kevin Boss, DaQuan Menzie, Brandon Siler, Cyrus Gray, Devon Wylie, Jeff Allen Notice no mention of Routt (cause Carr left) or QB, though not having Palko is worth a lot. Oh yeah, still going to add vet FAs (hopefully backup C, S, MLB, right?) This is just the stuff I think about during staff meetings @ work... from the Fanposts by i like the chiefs

Sunday Open Thread


Have we have enough draft talk yet? Hardly, it seems ... and we've already seen our first Mock Draft for 2013. This is your open thread for Sunday afternoon and evening. Gorgeous day here in...

Mock vs Mock: NFP and Shutdown Corner


Side by side, entire first round showing both sets of picks ... how did the Chiefs do? No real surprises here ... one has Kuechly the other has DeCastro (which means it will probably be someone else)

Heisman winner Bo Jackson starts 'Bo Bikes Bama' relief ride for Alabama tornado victims


In keeping with Texas Chief's great post last night about good news regarding athletes, I ran across this article and thought I'd share it ... Bo and a few other high profile athletes (Ken Griffey, JR and Scottie Pippin, among others) do the right thing to help out people who need help the most good news is always a good thing :-)

Chiefs 7 Round NFL Draft Here's what I think the Chiefs draft might look like this Thursday. ...

Chiefs 7 Round NFL Draft Here's what I think the Chiefs draft might look like this Thursday. 1. Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College 2. Amini Silatolu, G/T, Midwestern State 3. Kirk Cousins, QB, Michigan State 4. Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa 5. Nick Jean-Baptiste, DT/NT, Baylor 6. Isaiah Frey, CB, Nevada 7. James Hanna, TE, Oklahoma 8. Brandon Bolden, RB, Ole Miss So there you go Chiefs fans. This who I think the Chiefs will draft in this years 2012 NFL draft. Comment to tell me what you think of the draft and make suggestions in your comments. from the Fanposts by Victor Armstrong

Weeden will get drafted before Tannehill Here is my CRAZY, UNBELIEVABLE prediction for the 2012...

Weeden will get drafted before Tannehill Here is my CRAZY, UNBELIEVABLE prediction for the 2012 NFL Draft Weeden will get drafted as the 3rd QB off the board before Tannehill. My reasoning is simple actually. Who ever drafts the 3rd QB off the board will be reaching so why reach for a player unless he can help you right away? Tannehill by all accounts does not have the experience to start right away in the NFL, but Weeden is a much more mature, pro ready quarter back that can come in and start this year. The only knock against him is his age which in this case can also be considered a strength. Flame away from the Fanposts by Migidee

Official Mock Draft Thread 4/16 - 4/23

Almost draft time, and just in time. Who ya like? Who ya want? More to the point, who does Pioli like and want, because as we all know his is the only vote that counts. Draft at #11? Trade...

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