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I'm a do it all kind of guy. I am in the USAF and I am going to Naples, Italy in six weeks and I'll be there until I retire. I'm also working on my Ph.D. in Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. I am also a 1st degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. I have a wonderful wife and three wonderful kids. I'm also an independent associate with USANA Health Sciences.

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No OL in the 1st rd of Draft Please

First of all, I want to say that I do recognize the need for OL in Carolina, especially the OT position. However, I just don't want to go OL in the first round of the draft.


Will Cam Newton end up in the Hall of Fame

I've been looking at his growth and development, and I think Cam Newton is on his way to the Hall of Fame. Obviously he needs another decade or so before HoF would agree with me, but I wanted to...

Get to know D-Will a little more

Found this youtube video about D-Will. He loves wrestling, first shooter games, and peter tosh. Check it out.

Why we will beat the Bucs

Simply put, the Bucs players can't stand Schiano, and that's why they're losing despite all that talent.

Feel bad for Adrian Peterson...just sad

Adrian Peterson's 2-year old son was apparently severely beaten, and is in critical condition. I can't believe he's back at practice. It's not directly related to the Panthers, but it got my attention. I hate people who do bad things to children.


What would you do to fix the Panthers

This article is about what I would do to fix the Panthers if I was the GM. We can't just plug some holes and hope to get to a Super Bowl. We keep saying we have a talented roster, but we can't...

DeAngelo Williams a great RB

D-Will is not on AP's level because of playcalling and coaching, not a lack of skill and talent.

Charlotte Hornets are back!!!

Totally not related to football, and Jordan the destroyer is still in charge, but the Hornets are back.


Making the playoffs in 2013

I think we're going to make the playoffs in 2013 primarily based on improved play by people already on the roster. I'm motivated to write this because I saw a prediction that we'd go 4-12 next...


Random Panther football thoughts

So I've been looking at all things football, and I have a few random thoughts on this season that I'd like to discuss. Random is the operative word here, but it's all Panthers related. I want to...

Records that could be broken

Good article about some records that could fall. Not entirely Panthers related, but mentions CAM, D-Will indirectly, and the historic Panthers 2011 pass defense.

TD back in action...Can I get a HELL YEAH!?!?!

Good article. Not a lot of meat, but the bottom line is that Thomas Davis will take the field on Sunday. If Thomas Davis and Jon Beason are truly at 100%, how do you rate our top 4 LBs from best to worst? Is Kuechly already better than a 100% TD and Beason? What about JA?

CAM just keeps getting better

CAM has no weaknesses, he's more accurate, and LaFell is better as well. Simply put, we are going to dominate the NFL this year.


Steve Smith going to the Hall of Fame

I fully expect Steve Smith to go to the Hall of Fame. He has accomplished so many things in his career, but I base my prediction in part on what's to come. I also see specific reasons why certain...

CAM's rookie season has NFL preparing for what's next

This article is basically saying what we've all already said...the best rookie season ever by CAM is just the beginning. Everyone knows that the Panthers are gonna be scary good and crushing fools all season long. I can't wait.


How do prospects compare to current players?

I keep reading scouting reports on possible draft choices, and I am often left wondering who do we cut for these people, or who do we get rid of. We have tons of talent on our roster, and our...


NFL related topics and ideas about our draft

So I got a couple things on my mind, and I wanted to get it out there. The first is the Hall of Fame. I just read an article about the Hall of Fame that bugged me. I also think the way we...


What will it take to win it all in 2012?

So I'm looking at CAM break all these records, and the won people seem most concerned with is Peyton Manning's yardage record. So I look at CAM and I wonder if he can do other things like Peyton,...


CAM is about to bring home the trophy

I'm talking about the rookie of the year award, and CAM is gonna start wrapping it up.  There are three distinct ways to measure his success and compare him to other rookies.  We can look at his...

Matt Moore gets another shot

I'm excited for Matt Moore. He's always been one of my favorite Panthers, and many of us wished him success in Miami. Now he gets to start. I hope he does well, but Miami still needs to draft a QB when they pick in the top 5 in April.


Can the Panthers Compete for a Playoff Spot in 2011?

It seems every time I break down how I think we can win it all, or at least be competitive, the naysayers come out and tell me that 4 or 5 wins would be good enough, and we shouldn't expect more. ...

Cam Newton's real facebook page

Look up Cam Newton's facebook page. He has pics of him helping Smitty with Smitty's football camp. That didn't make the news. Cam is the real deal. There will be multiple Panthers Championships over the next 10 years to prove it.


Are the 2011 Panthers better than the 2008 Division winners?

I have stated on several posts that my biggest reason for believing in this team is that we have more overall talent than the 2008 Panthers.  The 2008 Panthers went 12-4 and won the division. ...


Cam Newton, The GOAT

So I was thinking, Cam Newton has all the tools to be the greatest football player of all-time.  The guy I think about most when it comes to Cam's potential is Damon Allen.  Who the hell is...

Best FA QBs

Matt Moore is the future...for someone. Including Vick and Manning, Moore is listed as the 5th best FA QB available.

Chris Harris has a baby, names him Jaxon.

I realize we traded Chris Harris last year, but so far, he's the only Panther to personally join and post on the CSR. To top it all off, he "unofficially" named his son after our editor...Jaxon. He'll always be a Panther at heart. He can't even hide it. He loves you, Jaxon.


predictions for 2011

Well here we go.  Everyone is asleep and I'm bored, and that's all I need to tell you guys exactly how 2011 is gonna end up.  Here's the thing with making predictions for 2011 that makes it a...


Building the Panthers my way

So I was looking at our roster and some of the players available through the draft, trades and free agency.  There are a ton of possibilities.  I was one of the guys to say JR was cheap and the...


newton vs gabbert vs clausen vs whoever

The idea of us picking Peterson and another QB has me thinking.  I know you want to continue to debate who is better and who should be our starter, but this post is for me to ask one question: ...

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