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Cowboys Want Monte Kiffin

As a Seahawks fan, I wish the Cowboys were in the NFC West. Jason Garrett and DeMarcus Ware can't be too happy about this. Jerry Jones' botox treatments have affected his cognitive function. Enjoy the Cover 2, America's Team! Hope you can score 45 per game, you'll be giving up 40.


Which Defense Shows Up in 2012?

I'm proud of our team, and very proud of the way our defense played at the end of the year. But don't forget how our defense played the first part of the year. Monte's defensive scheme is HIGHLY...

Coach Holt Fired

Engineering the worst defense in UW history seems to have consequences. Wonder if Sark made the call or AD Woodward forced his hand. Too bad the Bruins rushed into Jim Mora. Holt might have fit Westwood.

Please Kansas Join the Pac 12 - welcome back Charlie

Weis guys rejoice! He's got a plan . . . and he's not afraid to play Navy. Will the Jayhawks soon challenge the Wildcats for Sunflower State supremacy? Stay tuned all you fans of expletive-deleted press conferences!

Beavers Freshman DT Suffers Cardiac Arrest

Fred Thompson. Heartbreaking. Thoughts and prayers go out first and foremost to Fred's family and friends, and to OSU alumni and fans. Fred is a 19 year old kid from Richmond, CA. Oakland Tech H.S. A heartbreaking tragedy. So much potential. Why does this stuff happen, it's not fair, the kid had his whole life ahead of him. Here's the Building the Dam link:

Let there be no doubt.


Let there be no doubt.


BN "Q & A with Southern Cal" is Superb Performance Art

Bruin Nation's "Q & A with Southern Cal:  Trogan-to-English Version", written by gbruin, is really, truly odd, in an unintentionally enjoyable way.  The post is rather lengthy and it purports to...

Penn State - Lack of Institutional Control? Anyone? Buehler?

Did The Pennsylvania State University demonstrate a lack of institutional control? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler? Lots of crickets chirping outside NCAA headquarters. To be fair, no Nittany Lion football parents got any free rent from incompetent aspiring agents who are unconnected to the university, so it makes sense that Mark Emmert can move on to more important things. Mark, just a hypothetical, but what if some Trojan football players didn't pay for their full share of the keg at a party on Ellendale! In fact, what if a USC student who is also a USC fan actually covered the 20 bucks for them! Imagine the possibilities, Mark! Maybe you could make USC vacate its Emerald Bowl victory! Loose the hounds!

OC Register - Jeff Miller's Oral Dysentery

Chew some breath mints Jeff Miller, your teeth have corn kernels and peanuts stuck on them. Note to OC Register: really? Where'd you find this jake brake of a journalist, posting on Bruins Nation? Nice hire.

Is Nick Holt Just a Younger Monte Kiffin?

Kinda interesting. Husky fans ripping Holt on radio call ins. Mirrors our Monte experiences. Will one of our fellow CC-ers please explain the difference between Nick Holt's defensive scheme and Monte Kiffin's defensive scheme?

Dawg Pound - What'd We Do to You?

Seriously? What's up with this Berkowitz dude in Husky Land? it's like he's channeling Nestor. From da Dawg Pound: "Who really gives a sh*t about USC? Every day they are down is a great day for Washington! I say everlasting death to the University of Spoiled Children! Just for the record I hate Kirk Herbstreit as much as I hate Ohio State...I guess both are kind of synonymous. Herbstreit is a total douche bag...but I guess you can say that about anyone who went to Ohio State... I also guess once you reach 4-1 for the second time in a decade you kinda get cocky!" Wow, guess random Trojan hate is still prevalent into the second decade of the 21st century. But Seattle - you're such a kind, mellow. loving city . . . kinda like Eugene but with a gang problem.


Like a Good Dawgie, Sark Waits Under Coach Kiffin's Table

Good to see Sark is willing to forage a living off anything that might unintentionally drop off Coach Kiffin's table - just  like the good Labradoodle he is. Come on - bark little Sarkie, bark!...


Fight On Seahawks! Always Compete!

Seattle Seahawks 41, New Orleans Saints 36! This is why Coach Wins Forever: "One of the greatest lessons for us in sports is that it's about how you finish, and ain't about how you start," Carroll...


Heisman Tie: University of Chicago 1, UCLA 1

Jay Berwanger - University of Chicago Gary Beban - UCLA Which school will break the tie? The Chicago Maroons are a legit NCAA Division III team, with 3 conference championships (University Athletic...


McNair, the NCAA and Defamation

It's great to see fellow members of the Trojan Lawyers Club representing on CC. (USC '88, DePaul Law '96.) Re: the hypothetical case of McNair v. NCAA, I offer this up. Disclaimer - I'm not a First...

Top ND Recruit Dies During Spring Break

Horrible news - 17 year old Matt James ND OL 2010 recruit dies during spring break in Panama City.


Vote: The Next USC Head Coach

Trying to create a pleasant diversion! We all have ideas, dreams, wishes, hopes, nightmares about who will lead the Dynasty that is USC Football into the next decade. This list can't be infinite,...


Coach Carroll to Shock Trojans?

According to ESPN (and some excited Seattle talk radio folks) Pete Carroll is moving to Seattle. What happened? I mean the whole Matt Barkley project, the awesome 2010 recruiting class, wants to...


Carroll-Harbaugh Handshake

Preface: yeah yeah I know it doesn't matter that Stanford went for 2 when they ended up putting 55 on us blah blah blah. I understand football. So preemptively, shut up. This is for we...

ESPN Ivan Maisel: USC a Phony and a Fraud

"Meet the USC Trojans, phony as an ID in a 20-year-old's wallet." So says Mr. Maisel, and it gets better from there as he gleefully dances on the Trojans' grave.


Mike Riley vs. USC

  Bumped...P I submit this for discussion: In behind-the-scenes reality, it’s possible that all year long, Mike Riley and his coaches mostly design plays and run practices for only 1 game every...


Personal Attacks on Coach Weis

Bumped...P Football coaches will always take crap from both their opponents and their own fans. Smack talk and heated conversation is part of the game. But sometimes when it goes beyond the...

Embracing the Moment Helps Beat ND

Good Jeff Miller article in OCR about Pete's philosophy helping team beat ND. Embrace the moment!


UPDATED...Stafon Fights On! - Going Home Tomorrow!!

USC'S Stafon John is going home tomorrow...


Bark for Sark

On the brutal afternoon of September 14th,1996 in Husky Stadium, when the star Cougars quarterback picked himself up off the turf after the Huskies bashed him for his 8th - yes 8th - sack of the...


Curious Sporting News Take on USC

Matt Hayes likes USC for the BCS Title game - using some of the most curious and interesting reasoning I've heard. Never thought that the Trojans' flaws could be turned into tools to use for a...


Eyewitness Take - UW Game

An Eyewitness view of USC's loss in Seattle


Barkley - Seattle Times article

Nice Barkley story in Tuesday's Seattle Times. Some nice quotes from Sark about Barkley. Living up here for 14 years now, I can say there's less open hostility to me and my TROJANS license plates...


Behind Scenes Story - Blown Replay Calls vs. Texas

I haven't been a member here for long, so you may have read this long ago., if so sorry. But I found this story from to be fascinating in the amount of detail it gives on the officials'...


John McKay Conference

ESPN did something interesting, picking their choice of the country's top 40 college FB teams and breaking them into 4 conferences. They developed a playoff system, and a relegation process each...

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