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Confessions of an NBA Scorekeeper

I found this story from the Blogfather, and found it really interesting. This guy's story was just an internet legend to me before reading this story, as there was no way I was going to trust a...

Nugget/Blazer Rivalry?


According to this writer, this is the newest NBA rivalry. I can agree with most of his toughts, except for the end of course. While I can see these teams ending up seperated by 1 win, I don't agree with his reasoning of "chemistry". Apparently he believes that the Nuggets will have better chemsitry than the Blazers this year because the Blazers are adding a new starting PG. While Miller is not guarenteed a starting spot, adding him might change the chemistry a bit in PDX, however he has never been seen as a disruptive type, and last season PDX had tremendous chemistry amoung the team. So I don't see this as an issue.

OT: Professional Sports Star's and the Legal system


The link is to the story about Burress agreeing to take a deal on his case for unlawful possesion of a firearm, and unlawful discarge of a firearm. According to the story, the NY District Attorny wouldn't accept any deal that gave Burress less than 2 years in prison. Maybe it is because I don't see a problem with guns, where many others do, but this seems way out of line for what he did. No one would argue that what he did was wrong, but in a time where you can take a loaded assualt rifle to a Presidental Speach protest in Arizona, it seems a little harsh. It use to be that Athlete's would get off more than the normal person, because of their fame, and ability to pay for a good lawyer. But now it seems that might have turned, everyone can remember what happened to Vick, while what he did was horrible, what the system did to him was just as bad. (What he did, when he did it, was not a federal crime, it was handled by the states, but when the news broke, it was quickly made into a federal case and he was railroaded into jail). I have no real hard feelings for these guys, after all it appears you can still get off if you can pay the family off like Stallworth did, (he is serving 30 days for killing someone with his car, yet Vick and Burress get 2 years each for killing dogs or shooting themselves, don't really seem right does it). /rant

Do the Blazers have the largest Coaching staff in the league? There are what, 11 or 12 "coaches" in...


Do the Blazers have the largest Coaching staff in the league? There are what, 11 or 12 "coaches" in last years team photo!


How will the Blazers pay all their Players? Let me show you.

This topic came up a week or so ago, but I didn't have the time to really research my facts to support my opinion so I let it go until today. But I have found the time and I would like to share all...

"If Gilbert is 70 percent, we're going win a lot of games. If Gilbert is 80 percent, we're going to...


"If Gilbert is 70 percent, we're going win a lot of games. If Gilbert is 80 percent, we're going to be No. 1 in the East. If he's 100 percent, we might win a championship."

Stevenson Unplugged

East better than the West?

This topic comes up almost every summer, and the Court Surfing blog brings it up again this summer. Starting this fall, the East will reign supreme again for the first time since the days of...

"Without Odom, the Blazers would become the biggest team in the West and the Lakers would be much...


"Without Odom, the Blazers would become the biggest team in the West and the Lakers would be much easier to match up with,"

Mark Spears Story talks about what will happen if Odom signs with Miami.

Trade Drawer 7/20/09

With the reported matching of Milsap's contract, and the empty drawer of big name FA, it is only natural for people to look at trades.  And there has been some news reported that will make people...

ESPN reporting LMA out of USA Mini camp as well


Last month Dave told us who was going from the Blazers. Then Ben linked the Marc Spears report that Roy was out. But now ESPN is reporting that LMA is out as well, and that both he and ROY are not going because of their contracts not being extended yet. Just another reason to get these extentions done, this type of scrimmage is very helpful to young players, and our team leaders need to be there.


Trade Drawer 7/17/09

With the reported matching of Milsap's contract, and the empty drawer of big name FA, it is only natural for people to look at trades.  And there has been some news reported that will make people...

Kerry Eggers on Broy's contract status//KP vs Nate//etc...


"It has been reported that the sticking point on Roy’s contract extension is the All-Star guard wants a player option on a fifth and final year. If that’s the case and I’m Portland’s general manager, I’m just fine with that. Here’s why: Though maximum salary figures aren’t known until the salary cap is set each year, this year’s figure is at $13.4 million. If we use that as a starting point for a five-year Roy extension that would begin with the 2010-11 season, and give him the maximum 10.5 percent increase, it would get him to about $19 million the fifth year in 2014-15. In any market – and right now the NBA market is a combustible one – that’s a lot of clams. Yes, Roy is the face of the Blazers, a good guy and the player most responsible for their upsurge. But in 2014, he’ll be 30, with a lot more mileage on knees he has had trouble with in the past. Can you see why the Blazers might be at least a touch reluctant to make such a commitment?" "The recent report, by the way, suggesting there is a "wedge" between Pritchard and coach Nate McMillan, is baloney. Pritchard doesn’t agree with every bit of McMillan basketball philosophy, but that’s typical in a GM-coach relationship. Pritchard has basically allowed McMillan to run the team the way he sees fit, and there is a mutual respect that has worked well for the two so far." ""If there are two kids in the world I want to take care of, they’re Brandon and LaMarcus," Pritchard says." Good piece of writing by Kerry Eggers.


Salary Cap Question:

Here is a question for the cap guru's out there, with next years salary cap number being estimated to be so low, I was wondering if a team could sign a player to a deal this summer, in which they...

Leon Powe


It appears that Boston will not extend a qualifing offer to Powe and he will become an UFA, I think the Blazers should take a chance on him and his knees. Sign him to a low cost/high reward deal let him rehab and come back next year. With his injury issues he could be signed for almost the league minimum is my guess, and that would be a great deal if he can comeback next year and be as productive as he was this year.

OT: Comcast


Just an FYI, I recently called Comcast to see if I could save some cash on my monthly bill. Currently I have Cable TV and Internet through them, along with and HD-DVR and HD programing. Back when I upgraded to get the DVR, they told me I had to sign up for the "digital classic" service or above, the basic anaolog cable didn't work with their DVR's or something I guess. Well anyways now that Comcast has switched everyone over to digital programing I thought there might be a cheaper package available, and I was right. "Digital Classic" is basically what they are now calling the "digital starter" from what I can tell on their website, (linked above in the title). It gives you about 100 channels of stuff, but most of it beyond channel 71 is junk. So I asked the rep if there was anything cheaper now that they had gone all digital and he said there was a digital package that was just channels 1-71 and it was about $10 cheaper than what i was currently paying, (I am not on any promo deals). I said great sign me up, and he said, "but wait theres more!" This package also included the Starz channels at no additinal cost! I asked if it was some promo that was fall off after 6 months or a year and he said no, no promo, it is just part of the package, but they don't advertise it. So now I got digital cable, with and HD-DVR, channels 1-71, plus the HD channels in the 700's, plus all of the Starz channels, all while still getting the ondemand programing, and my high-speed internet. And I am paying $10 less per month to get it, not a bad days work imo. :)


A **Revised** Plan for the future

A Plan for the Future **Revised**   As I said in my first post, it was just a rough draft, since I posted it, it has received over 350 comments thanks to Dave putting it on the main page. I have...

Kobe better than MJ? Really???


Kickerblogger has a good post up about the arguement of Kobe vs MJ. To me there is no arguement, MJ was flat out better, and the stats and rings show it. (As does this weekends blow out loss to the Rockets) The poster, uses per36 min stats to compare the two players, an he gap between them is very very apparent. But I was interested in seeing how D. Wade's season compared, because I felt he had a much better season that Kobe, and only just below LBJ. Wade p/36 pts 28.2 blk 1.3 stls 2.0 asts 7.0 rebs 4.7 ts% 57.4 eFG% 51.6 FGA 20.5 3PA 3.3 FTA 9.1 FT% 76.5 3P% 31.7 They still don't match or exceed MJ's stats from when he was Wade's age, (27) but they are much closer than Kobe's are. When will people who should know something about basketball, stop talking about Kobe like he is as good or even better than MJ? Maybe never, which is sad because he never was, and never will be like Mike.


A plan for the Future.

The future, we are all thinking about it right now, what does it hold, who will the Blazers sign as a free agent, who will they trade, if anyone, and what can we expect from this team not just next...


The Most overlooked reason for Portland to be down 3-1

Watching the Blazers I am like any other fan, I scream at my tv when: -The refs call crazy fouls on Oden -Don't give Yao fouls when he hacks someone, -When Blake dribbles too much -When LMA...


Playoff PER

Just thought I would point out something that many on here might not have noticed. According to Hollinger's PER rating, the Blazer playing the best in the playoffs is Brandon Roy at 29.93. Ya ya,...

Mark Stein - Likes/Dislikes of West playoff teams


I never understand this guy, he seems to always just miss "it". In this column he states that "Complicating matters for the Blazers, who still have some holes in their defense and perimeter shooting,..." Ok maybe we can say the defense isn't great yet, (although the last 2 months of the season it has been great, allowing the team to finish 13th out of 30 with a defensive rating of 107.8) the blazers have been amoung the top perimeter shooting teams all season! It is almost as if Mr. Stein watch a Blazer game in October and didn't see another game. Maybe I am too sensitive, but his stuff just gets to me, because there is always something that is so off base it just makes the whole piece garbage to read, even if the rest of the column is decent, (which this mostly is).


J. Quick, Hating on BRoy?

Jason Quick put up his votes and reasons last night for all of the end of the seasno awards.  And boy did he take some flack from Blazer fans, here were the major issues. 2008-09 ALL-NBA TEAM...


New Chad Ford Chat: recap

So Chad Ford chatted again today, and he had a few gems about Portland, apparently the Blazers are going to be getting some press from now on. Charlie (Portland, OR): How far does Portland go in...


Blazers best defense in NBA over last month?

Mike and Mike made refrence to the Blazers holding opponents to the lowest point totals of any team over the last month, and Rebecca even asked a few players about that stat during the post game...


BROY for MIP**UPDATE** and JOEL for 6th man

**UPDATE** The Blogfather, with some help from Dave Berry throws Joel into the 6th man award watch. Or maybe they should think seriously about Henry’s candidate.  Table Two also reveals that...

Oden better than Shaq, Yao, and Howard?


Found this from the's pregame link post, it is a good piece talking about how the writer feels Greg has not only not been a bust this year, but a very good player, when he plays. Basically he uses per 48 min stats to see how Greg stacks up against the better centers in the league. One interesting note from the comments as this: "I think it's informative and encouraging to compare Dwight Howard's rookie season stats extrapolated to 48 minutes to Oden's: Howard (04-05) 17.6 points, 14.8 rebounds, 2.44 block Oden (08-09) 19.1 points, 15.4 rebounds, 2.56 blocks Looks pretty good good to me! Posted by: Dave | April 02, 2009 at 09:29 AM" Greg needs to foul less, but the stats don't lie about his effectiveness when he is on the court.

KP2 (Kevin Pelton) on Blazers Coming of age


"When the Phoenix Suns lost at the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, the Portland Trail Blazers clinched their first playoff appearance since 2002-03, ending the NBA's longest active post-season drought. Because the youthful Blazers have built by drafting and developing their own talent, most of their players will be making their playoff debuts in a week. In fact, just two of Portland's rotation players -- Steve Blake and Joel Przybilla -- have ever played a postseason game, and they've only appeared in 14 contests. Add in deep reserves Shavlik Randolph and Michael Ruffin, and the Blazers' active roster (excluding Raef LaFrentz, who has not seen action all season due to a shoulder injury and is not with the team) has played a grand total of 489 minutes in 35 playoff games." His conclusion? "A deeper look confirms the notion that inexperience is not a major hindrance for playoff teams. Three of the six least-experienced teams won at least one series, with one even reaching the NBA Finals. There are reasons to pick against Portland in the postseason, starting with the team's poor road performance, but a young, untested roster should not be one of them." Good piece all around.

Top 25 under 25


I didn't see this on the Edge back in Feb, but it might have been, so if it is a repost my bad. It is a good list, ROY and LMA make it is respectable positions as far as I am concerned.


UPDATED: Hollinger chimes in:::Does Roy = All-NBA team?

There is a good article out from the colubian, advicating B-Roy for the All-NBA team, now being Blazer fans most of us will say "YES ABSOLUTELY!" but maybe today on the day after a wonderful win we...

Joel #1 rebounder in the NBA


Click on the title for the link, but to save you the time, Joel is now the #1 rebounder in the NBA, yes even better than D-Howard. Rebounding Rate is calculated as follows: RebR Rebound Rate is the percentage of missed shots that a player rebounds. Rebound Rate = (100 x (Rebounds x Team Minutes)) divided by [Player Minutes x (Team Rebounds + Opponent Rebounds)]

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