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Playoff Race: Blazers that are stepping up.

As the calender turned to March many of us looked for the blazers to step up their game during the strech run for the playoffs. And as we are 1/2 way through the month some patterns are emerging...


Blazer/Laker hatred from LA's view

There is a good story from the LA Times about the hatred between the Blazers and Lakers, apparently they don't feel it is a 2-way street. I always felt we might hate them a little more than they...

Blazers top 3 seed in the West?


David Thorpe thinks so. Jimmy Oliver (Cleveland, OH): BUZZER BEATER! Top 3 seeds in each conference will be....? David Thorpe: Lakers, Spurs, Blazers Celts, Cavs, Magic


**UPDATED**The Blazers and the Pick and Roll

In my last post I made the assertion that the Blazers can not win a championship with Nate as the coach, unless he can change the way this team is currently playing the pick and roll on defense....


**UPDATED AGAIN!- J-QUICK CHIMES IN** Portland will never be a Championship Team with Coach Nate

Unless he can swallow his pride and bring in a defensive coach to help the Blazers learn how to play real NBA playoff level defense.  It is not simply learned by experience, the current Blazers...


Is KP Gloating?

John Canzano's article on Sunday about KP caught me a bit off-guard.  Apparently John has talked to some GM's around the league who really don't like Pritchard. Said one Western Conference GM of...


Blazers #1 in Offensive efficiency

The Cavs surrendered the No. 1 spot in offensive efficiency to Portland. This is an insider piece from John Hollinger, so for those who can't see it I will post the Blazer related info. 1. One...


Daily Trade Post thread.

I loved the idea of a daily trade post thread that was proposed and since I don't see one for today, I thought I would get it started with a way too thought out trade proposal with links to back up...


Oden and Quick

Normally I don't listen to 1080thefan much anymore, I don't always agree with Canzano, but I find him more interesting to listen to as the topics he discusses are more interesting to me. The guys...


LBJ Staying or going **Updated**

According to ESPN Lebron James has said,  "When I decide to make that decision, it's going to basically put me in a position where I feel I can win multiple championships," James said. "If it's...


Do Ref's really have grudges?

During last nights game, we heard Mike and Mike talk about Bod Delany's personal grudge against Joel Pryzbilla. True or not, it did seem to a Blazer fan that Joel was whistled for 2 very very light...

Blazer PER Rankings


The link just goes to the PTB team page on espn, which is where I found the PER's listed. Here they are based off of 3 games, for our glorious review! (remember the league avg is 15) 1. Rudy 24.87 2. ROY 24.54 3. Batum 20.69 4. LMA 16.91 5. Outlaw 15.41 6. Sergio 15.40 7. Blake 13.56 8. Frye 11.02 9. Joel 9.75 10. Bayless -5.93 I didn't do Greg, Web, Ike, or Raef for obvious reasons. There are some patterns I want to continue, (Sergio's good start, and enourmous assist rate, Rudy's TS% of 64%) and some I hope turn around, (LMA's shooting %'s and rebounding rate, Outlaws shooting %'s and rebound rate). I think we can all agree the suprise is Batum who at 20.69 is playing way over his head so far, lets hope he makes everyone believe that this is just how he is, and how good he is.


Denver to Trade AI!?   Espn is reporting that Denver is trading AI to Detroit for Billups and Mcdyess. "The Pistons have reached an agreement in principle with the...


Blazers 2008-09 Season Predictions

Now that the preseason is over, and Dave has done his final Preview of the team, it is time for us all to put down our Final, (meaning you can't change them anymore!) season predictions for the...

Oden Vs Bynum


EPSN did a vs comparison for Fantasy purposes, but it is a good read.

Awsome Video look at the 2007-08 Blazers


This might have been posted before, (it was made back in April)but I didn't see it then. It is long, (over 9 mins) and a awsome way to get ready for opening night. Have fun, and GO BLAZERS!

Blazer preseason thoughts


This is a really good look at the Blazers preseason happenings so far. Here is a tidbit about Greg. "Five things I liked: 1. Greg Oden in general- Yeah, his conditioning clearly isn't up to snuff and his offensive game is basically dunks and short hooks. However, A) he's finally on the freaking court in a Blazers uniform and B) his per-40 averages of 21.2 points and 12.1 rebounds are quite impressive. He forces opponents to double when he catches it down low which opens up everyone else, especially Aldridge. His defense is a little less than I expected at this point, but his offensive production and rebounding are better than I thought they would be. Once he gets his body conditioned and can play closer to 30-35 minutes (which is what I expect he will average in the regular season) he should be a double-double machine night in and night out."


Blazer FanFest reactions!

This is the Fan post for everyone who went to the Fanfest tonight to share their thoughts, experiences,etc... First, I arrived at about 4:30pm, the doors didn't open until 5pm, and that 1/2 hour...

OT: BE Court Rivals thread.


****I have just copied/pasted this from the last one which has falled off. Lets get this rec'd so we can keep in touch. Also I will be updating the Blazers edge Spreadsheet for all teams, so far I only know of Bedgers, Just Blaze, BlazersEdgers, and Boom goes the Odenite. If there is another team post here and I will add you.**** In keeping with Dave's new housekeeping guidelines, I believe the Court Rival postings go down here now. But if there are enough recs it'll get stickied I think. I guess I've never seen a fanpost with 5 recs... Anyways, the linked league spreadsheet is waaay out of date if anyone wants to update. I could possibly do it if the username / password was mailed to me (fewmit on CR). But the main news is that it appears we are down to 5 teams. Red Unit is gone. B Edge Odenizers and Blazing The Edge exist but are not being updated by their players so I assume those are "dead" teams. BE League Teams: BEdgers - college A BlazerEdgers - college B Just Blaze - college D Boom Goes The Odenite - college D Honka Playboys - playground It's getting almost time for some intraleague action, though! Should a date be set for accepting challenges? How about this Saturday? There is a twist here, in that this season teams can challenge twice! Should we have actual playoffs this season (with 5 teams) or play each other twice? Let the debate begin! Just Blaze looks forward to defeating y'all any way we can!



First, this might get very long, so be warned. Second, I was inspired by SamGoody's fan post about how the Blazers should look more at the division crown, than just making the playoffs.  Personally...


2012 Olympic Team without Roy/Oden?

Pretty interesting article linked from truehoop today. Truehoop said basically that tne New York Insurance company that insures all NBA contracts won't full insure L. Deng if he plays for his...


Fox Sports Article about KP   Mike Kahn, over at Fox sports writes a nice piece about KP stratagies, the Blazers promise, and a break down of some...


Rudy Prediction

With help from John Hollinger I have cruched the numbers (hopefully correctly) and came to a conclusion on Rudy's projected Stats are for next season, (not his 3rd season, but his rookie year).  I...



Man, I wish Comcast Sports Net was a done deal last year at this time.   According to the full...


Is Josh Howard available?

According to ESPN Insider he is. "Furture In Dallas? Josh Howard | Mavericks The market might be so barren for Josh Howard that the Mavericks can't find anything close to equal value. But that...


Denver/New Jersery Blockbuster?

Rumor has it that The Nuggets and Nets are in talks on a big trade. "Multiple league sources said the Nets and...


Blazer Brass impressions on Rudy

So KP and crew are back from their Euro trip having seen Rudy play and talked to him. They won't say much because Rudy is still playing for his team over there, but according to Mike Barrett, Rudy...


OT: New FM Sports Radio   It has finally happened, after being rumored for a few months a 2nd sports radio station is launching for...


Sergio Exit Interview The above link is an article J. Quick wrote about Sergio, his exit interview with KP and...



I know we are mostly biased here at the edge, but I just don't understand why the National talking heads, don't give more love to LMA for the most improved award this season. He didn't even get 1...

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