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"We're Number Two!" (Top 10 coaching jobs in football)


Texas offers the best job for a head coach in college football and is second only to the Green Bay Packers overall. Interesting comparisons...

Big 12 lands 11 on Maxwell Watch list


With a "link fail" on Malcolm Brown...

Prospects in Texas may appear bigger than they are


Interesting article from ESPN (I know, sorry) on the success Texas kids have in football beyond high school...

Cayleb Jones makes plays on and off the field (ESPN)


Sounds like the young man has parents who have tried to put football in its proper perspective...

Leonard Davis signs with Detroit


Thought the big man was done! With free time to pursue his real passion, playing bass in a heavy metal band (Free Reign). Guess that the NFL gig still probably pays a little better. Welcome to another "Big D" Mr. Davis...

Roy Williams...just a little awkward


Ok, Roy needs a little help. A taped marriage proposal, an expensive engagement ring that was mailed, a bold "I'm not like a lot of people, I don't need the ring back" followed by an insurance claim to recover the value (so the girl wouldn't find out that he was like a lot of people and he DID want the ring back). Like no one was going to find out?

Shane of the best


The article confirms that he suffered from CTE. I guess it's no surprise but reading of the effect the disease had on his wife and kids really brings home how serious and tragic it is. I loved this guy as a player, sounds like he was a hell of father and husband as well.

NCAA probes Oregon's Texas pipeline


Well...this should be interesting

ESPN fires announcer Ron Franklin


Ok, I've always loved this guy. And I understand it's not the first time that he's gotten sideways with a sideline reporter or even a female sideline reporter...but this? After the network promoted the Adam James show last year? Perhaps if I were female, I would feel differently about this outcome but I'd like to think that I wouldn't.


How many of us are getting "punked" for Christmas this year?

So I'm sitting at home, minding my own business today when the doorbell rings.  I step outside to see a UPS guy waving, as he's walking away in the snow, and I look down to see that Santa has sent...

Texas regents debate coach candidates

When asked why the regents would want to get involved in who Brown hires for assistant coaches, board spokesman Anthony de Bruyn said "it's their prerogative."

Silverdome sells for ... less than a house


Wow. The city was hoping to get at least $13 million for it.

Brian Orakpo: Ready For The Combine


Brian Orakpo: Ready For The Combine

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