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I am a Canucks fan....one of the crazy ones that thinks we will win the Cup. How soon is the next question!

I love the discourse here at SBNation. Even the ones I disagree with. At least you are strong in your beliefs.

Keep those sticks down though. Its supposed to be fun. A communal thing. Thats what keeps us all coming back, I think. Sometimes we all can get passionate. My apologies if I have ever offended. It is all from a good place.

"...nothing put love for ya..."

Life is too short for getting worked up about others' opinions, no?

Now get that smelly glove out of my face...

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Seattle Mariners
  • NBA Toronto Raptors
  • NFL Seattle Seahawks
  • NCAAF Washington Huskies
  • NCAAB Gonzaga Bulldogs
  • NHL Vancouver Canucks
  • Golf Weir
  • NASCAR Gordon
  • MMA GSP ( yes, still ! )
  • Boxing Arturo Gatti
  • Soccer Whitecaps
  • Tennis Agassi since he wrote the book!
  • FIFA Canada ( masochist!)
  • EPL Man United
  • MLS Whitecaps
  • General BC Lions
  • Winter Olympics Gold baby! Canada #1 !
  • Summer Olympics Canada
User Blog

A "Not Even Mad" Game Recap ( 3-1 L )


The Canucks came in with even more injuries ( Higgins and Hamhuis out of the lineup ) and were the hard against it, with 4 youngsters on the blue line. They had all the effort, and little of the results however, losing 3-1.

A "Pass The Whisky" Game Recap ( 2-0 L )


I don't drink much, as a rule. Haven't really hit the hard stuff for a long long time. But a game like this one might be sending me to the store to ask whether single or blended malt is better! !

A "Painful" Game Recap ( 4-3 L )


The Jets played well enough to win. In fact, they DID win. The Canucks didn't play well enough in their own end to win. And they didn't. They did play well enough in the third period to deserve a better fate. Hence, the "pain".

A "Win One For Torts" Game Recap ( 2-1 W )


After the craziness of Saturday at home, the Canucks went on a quick one game roadie to their home away from home, Rexall Place, got a strong performance from Roberto Luongo, and a winning goal from "Edmonton's Most Wanted" Zack Kassian for a 2-1 win

A "Slumpin'" Game Recap ( 1-0 L )


You know how it goes. The team looks good, or bad, as the case may be, but the puck just won't go in. A break cannot be had. That is how it goes when your team is slumping, and the Canucks are slumping.

A " Yeesh" Game Recap ( 9-1 L )


The Ducks. It is this team, not the Hawks or Blues, that is the #1 team in the West. They have not been beaten in regulation at home in this season. So, how did our Canucks do tonight? Do you REALLY want to know?

A " We'll Take That" Game Recap ( 1 - 0 L )


In a hard hitting, sometimes violent, relentless game at Staples Center, the Kings got solid goaltending from Quick, took advantage of a mistake, and made it count. In a game where the Canucks may have won the bigger battle, the Kings took the 2 pts

A "Really Guys, You Shouldn't Have" Game Recap


Eddie Lack was the best player on the ice, the Canucks' truncated lineup wouldn't quit hold the fort, and with the injuries suddenly piling up all at once, the Canucks fell to the Pacific leading Ducks on a last second goal from Corey Perry

A "You Make Your Own Luck" Game Recap ( 3-1 L )


Roberto Luongo faced a season high 48 shots in his first game back from injury, and the Canucks matched the Kings' intensity throughout a hard fought and entertaining game. Jonathan Quick was great when he had to be, stopping all but one of 28 shots

Original Six New Years Are The Best Open Thread


Sorry if all the "facts" made that headache hurt more, and you're welcome if the distraction from the throbbing helps. Just trying to do our part here to help you recover and enjoy the day of hockey...

A "Get The Job Done" Game Recap ( 2-0 W )


The Canucks rode a dominant first two periods, some timely saves from Eddie Lack, and the Kesler line was simply too much for the Flames in a 2-0 shutout on the road.

Luongo's injury insurance arrives,Hunter's surgery


It's a shame when a prospect's season ends with surgery, but just think. His recovery is just in time to be an end of season "Black Ace" surprise. Let's hope the news with Roberto Luongo is of a more positive nature, and Eriksson's visit is brief.

Torts and The Twins


So, which is it? The Canuck Twin Superstars are still producing at career levels while being used more, and in different ways. That is how you get better. Just find what you weren't doing and do it! All Sedin hard work makes coach a happy Torts...

A "Just Like Old Times" Game Recap ( 3-2 W s/o )


If you told me in 2011 that Chris Tanev and Eddie Lack would lead the Canucks to victory in Chicago, you'd have gotten a blank stare. The Sedins saving the game with a tying goal?Sure. But it was a rookie and a sophomore who made a difference tonight

A "Frustrating" Game Recap ( 4-1 L )


Sometimes, it doesn't matter what your record is, or what happens before or after. Sometimes that other team is just frustrating to play against, and sometimes it's all in your head! Sometimes, that is what your opponent wants you to feel...

"It's a Thin Line between love and hate"


and winning and losing. The Canucks play one of their best in a while at the Excel Energy Centre, and just can't finish it off against an improved ( this year for sure, Coyle's awesome ! ) Wild team.

An "It's Two Points" Game Recap ( 3-2 W o/t )


In a game against a hard working opponent, the Canucks went up by two, gave two back in the third, and won this game in overtime. Two points won, one point lost...

An "It's Two Points" Game Recap ( 3-2 W o/t )


In a game against a hard working opponent, the Canucks went up by two, gave two back in the third, and won this game in overtime. Two points won, one point lost...

A "Heart of Rock And Roll" Game Recap ( 3-1 W )


The Canucks become just the second team in the NHL to get to 10 road wins, and go three for four on this latest trip, with a 3-1 win that was more will than skill. Funny how Ryan Kesler seems to excel in those types of games.

A " Rough And Tumble" Game Recap (3-2 W )


I forget the movie title, but the line "sometimes you just have to say WT#",and make your move". The Canucks rode their top ranked PK to a win they totally earned. And don't tell me how much the Canes' power play sucks~

An "It's a Thin Line" Game Recap ( 5-2 L )


The Rangers executed better, and were full marks for their win. But the Canucks could have made this one a better result. Despite the score, the Canucks just did not do enough to win in Torts' return to New York.

A "Thank God the East Is Around" Game Recap( 5-2 )


Canucks win their 9th game against an Eastern team, using a 4 goal second period to power their way to victory against their Heritage Classic opponents.

A "Screw You Guys, I'm Going Home" Recap ( 3-1 L )


The line between winning and losing is a thin one sometimes my friends. At least we can take solace in the fact that the team worked hard, even if they did not work smart, or get rewarded for their toiling.

An "Objects In The Mirror..." Game Recap ( 5-1 L )


Sometimes it looks worse than it is, sometimes it is a moral victory. Sometimes you just get your a** kicked. This one was probably a bit of all of those things. The Kings rode some hot early goaltending to a "better than it looks" 5-1 victory.

Canucks Definitely Best Team in 4-2 Road Win in SJ


The win on the last road trip against the Blues was pretty impressive. But the Canucks set a new road standard, shaking off a "it's just a flesh wound" goal with a dominant in all areas win where a lot of players looked good. Secondary scoring ROCKS!

A "With A Little Luck" Game Recap ( 3-2 L s/o )


It's a funny game. Chasing around a hard rubber disk with sticks on ice ( and some ice is better than others )...sometimes you get the bounces. Sometimes you don't.

After Rocket's night, it was Rockem Sockem hockey!


The teams both played with a lot of emotion, but it was the home team that took the pre game ceremony to heart. Tonight was a game that would have been just as germane about twenty years ago! Not as much clutching and grabbing, but lots of "jam"...

Canucks Impressive In Win Over Blues, 3-2 in O/T


In a game where the "odds were stacked" against the road team, the Canucks took both points out of St Louis by playing smart, disciplined, and using a simply stronger game to beat a team that might have still been on vacation the first two periods.

Canucks grind out a 3-2 shootout win


John Tortorella has had a positive influence on his hockey club, with everyone seeming to be giving a lot of effort. In a game where injuries once again forced a shortened bench,his team ground it out, got great goaltending, and took home the points

A "Just Win Baby" Game Recap ( 5-4W o/t )


Who knew? Actually, we did if we cared to look. The last four of the games against the islanders went to extra time. They seem to always end up as these insanely up and down, entertaining games. Works for me!

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