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I am a Canucks fan....one of the crazy ones that thinks we will win the Cup. How soon is the next question!

I love the discourse here at SBNation. Even the ones I disagree with. At least you are strong in your beliefs.

Keep those sticks down though. Its supposed to be fun. A communal thing. Thats what keeps us all coming back, I think. Sometimes we all can get passionate. My apologies if I have ever offended. It is all from a good place.

"...nothing put love for ya..."

Life is too short for getting worked up about others' opinions, no?

Now get that smelly glove out of my face...

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Seattle Mariners
  • NBA Toronto Raptors
  • NFL Seattle Seahawks
  • NCAAF Washington Huskies
  • NCAAB Gonzaga Bulldogs
  • NHL Vancouver Canucks
  • Golf Weir
  • NASCAR Gordon
  • MMA GSP ( yes, still ! )
  • Boxing Arturo Gatti
  • Soccer Whitecaps
  • Tennis Agassi since he wrote the book!
  • FIFA Canada ( masochist!)
  • EPL Man United
  • MLS Whitecaps
  • General BC Lions
  • Winter Olympics Gold baby! Canada #1 !
  • Summer Olympics Canada
User Blog

An " Are You Serious? " Game Recap ( 3-1 L )


Sometimes there is just a feel to a game, and regardless of who got more rest on a back to back start, who benefited more from the referees' largesse ( hint, not the Canucks, and no, it wasn't a...

A "Missing Marquee Matchup" Game Recap ( 4-3 L s/o


When Pavel Bure first dazzled against the Jets all those years ago. About 100 K of Vancouverites will tell you they went to that game! So, those of you outside the regionall markets, watch the highlights, and just say you saw this great game too!

"Total Torts Effect"...engaged


I'm going to love following this guy's machinations all year long, and I get the feeling the players will too. John Tortorella came with the rep of a guy that "gets the most out of his players" and we saw the nuts and bolts of that tonight.

A "Them's The Breaks" Game Recap ( 3-2W )


For the longest time, it looked like the Flyers would ride a clearly illegal goal to victory in the first of the seven game road trip our heroes are on. But hard work makes it's own breaks!

Forward, Not Back


The long and winding roadtrip...

"Not For Lack Of Trying" Game Recap ( 5-4 W o/t )


Doing it "Torts Style". We got to see Eddie Lack, AND what a team with a pair of Twins not playing together looks like under John Tortorella. I liked the lines that came out of the "split them up for a spark" strategy, how about you?

"Enjoying What Torts Brings" Game Recap ( 4-1 L )


Why yes hockey fans, the Canucks did lose tonight, by a 4-1 count. It's been a while ( I think that is 9 or maybe 10 times, but REALLY, what kind of person counts the two preseason games in that...

So You're Saying There's A Chance?


A somewhat lengthy treatise on why perhaps the Canucks are not as "doomed" as the pundits think they will be competing in the Pacific division. And why, just maybe, the Oilers shouldn't be suddenly be the Pacific division "golden child" either.

An "0-3 Means Meaningless Games are Half Over" Gam


It's "the effort " man, not the results right now!

#Tortz, Lineups, And an 0-2 PreSeason Already?


Saturday Night on CBC ( maybe for the last year? ) and there are oh so many questions that oh so many Canuck fans have OH SO MANY differing opinion about. A little nip in the air, making a hoodie...

Young Stars Tourney Kicks Off The "Season"


Not the actual season. We're about two weeks from the pre - season opener on the 16th, but this tourney has become the "soft launch" of our Provincial Obsession. Penticton gets to look pretty,...

Mask Musings and Pre Camp Thoughts


Why, yes, Roberto Luongo is the #1 goaltender in Vancouver and defending 2010 Gold Medal Olympic Champion. Why, did you hear something different? Just making sure...there's a lot of that going...

The Roberto and James Show


What, you thought it was all about humorous "great guy" stuff with Duthie and Lui?

Kids These Days


Why yes, we did see that in the internetz. 27th you say? Oh, that was before this year's draft? Well, OK then!

Big Boy Hockey : The Re-Imagining


"You never let us have any fun". - Kids to moms everywhere. Also, perhaps John Tortorella to the referees as he confronts the myth of "the refs hate us in Vancouver". It's a Two-fer.

#EmbraceTheHate Redux


THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!!! ( WARNING : This article contains a few rants and may be hazardous without a 604 or 250 area code to truly get where the author is coming from. Hell,...

Canuck Player Autopsy : Cory Schneider


The Chosen One commeth!

Canuck Player Autopsy : Roberto Luongo


Thanks for the memories Roberto. We'll enjoy watching you elsewhere next year.

Canucks Sign Joacim Eriksson


Someone else joining the crease?

Big Boy Hockey : Young and Restless, Part Two


2776 words of prospect goodness...

Big Boy Hockey : Young and Restless


Size is supposed to matter now, Bubba...

Big Boy Hockey ; The Reimagining


As I try to explore my off season project this season, this "do it until it feels done" series will explore how the Canucks will move on and forward in the ever elusive quest for the chalice that...

Big Boy Hockey


As we sit navel gazing in Vancouver and await our execution in the "best place on Earth", maybe we can learn something from the pain. At least it is absolutely beautiful out once again!

Canucks Copulae


I am reminded in this game of that line from Bad Boys, when Martin Lawrence finally gets it when driving Will Smith's car in the climactic chase scene "THAT'S HOW YOU DRIVE!. From now on, that's...

Canucks Copulae


Skill versus Brawn. Big Boy Hockey versus The Beautiful Game. Or choose your own narrative...

Canucks Copulae


The hell with a blurb to tease the article. Today, we are all from Boston. Maybe we aren't all Bruin fans, that might be asking a bit much. But we are all thinking of you and pulling for your city...

Canucks Copulae


Just a few things that may have had a bearing on a surprisingly decent game for the home fans. Well, not the HOME home fans, though they were entertained by some bright young lights and 41 shots...

Canucks Copulae


The past week for the Vancouver Canucks has been a pretty positive one. Solidifying a playoff position as The Wild "regress", looking more like a team on a winning streak. What's that you say? ...

Canucks Copulae


You know how this works by now. A few numbers that might help tell the tale of games played and to come. Sometimes they fall just in that sweet spot where we can touch on a whole bunch of games...

Canucks Copulae


What the hell. Obviously they got the win this afternoon because I got involved and did a Post Game Canucks Copulae, so why not do another? On a day where there was supposed to be all these...

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