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I am a Canucks fan....one of the crazy ones that thinks we will win the Cup. How soon is the next question!

I love the discourse here at SBNation. Even the ones I disagree with. At least you are strong in your beliefs.

Keep those sticks down though. Its supposed to be fun. A communal thing. Thats what keeps us all coming back, I think. Sometimes we all can get passionate. My apologies if I have ever offended. It is all from a good place.

"...nothing put love for ya..."

Life is too short for getting worked up about others' opinions, no?

Now get that smelly glove out of my face...

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Seattle Mariners
  • NBA Toronto Raptors
  • NFL Seattle Seahawks
  • NCAAF Washington Huskies
  • NCAAB Gonzaga Bulldogs
  • NHL Vancouver Canucks
  • Golf Weir
  • NASCAR Gordon
  • MMA GSP ( yes, still ! )
  • Boxing Arturo Gatti
  • Soccer Whitecaps
  • Tennis Agassi since he wrote the book!
  • FIFA Canada ( masochist!)
  • EPL Man United
  • MLS Whitecaps
  • General BC Lions
  • Winter Olympics Gold baby! Canada #1 !
  • Summer Olympics Canada
User Blog

Canucks Copulae


Because someone has to, and because I miss the fun of reviewing the proceedings... But mainly because someone has to put a shine on that game. Its amazing that a game that featured a major...

Oh Come All Ye Faithful


Forget about the numbers for this one. Another Canucks Copulae will be in the offing, but its time to get a little something off my chest. Its time for everyone to chill the heck out. Sure,...

Canucks Copulae


Positively speaking, finding the numbers that speak to the positive. Or some such...

Canucks Copulae


A chock full of fun compendium of fascinating facts from the titanic tilt in Nashville and looking forward to Sunday's tilt versus the Red Wings.

Canucks Copulae


A special, rivalry inspired look back and ahead. Although after last night it might be tough to be 100% positive THIS time! In fact, I can almost guarantee that this one WON'T be all positive!

Canucks Copulae


Henrik Sedin has 9 hits so far this year, three times more than his brother to date. A statistical confirmation of what you weren't sure your eyes were seeing. In fact, I think thats low, and a...

Canucks Copulae


What did you think it said? Get your mind out of the gutter and use it to look at some numbers!!

Canucks Copulae


Looking up in a down world...

Canucks Copulae


There are always two different ways of looking at things.

Back To The "Best Game Around"


After an self enforced hiatus, its time to somewhat forgive and who are we kidding, forget. So, with a fond probable farewell to a favorite player, and some unsolicited advice for the stewards of...

Are you excited for hockey yet? Yeah,me neither...


As the hopeful eyes of a grateful pensive hockey nation turn to New York, our hopes rest on a couple folks who should inspire positive aspects AND fear and loathing...

At a Certain Point....


A fan's view of the current labour impasse in the NHL, with an emphasis on humour, impatience, and, yes, love for the game of hockey

Vancouver still has hockey during Canucks' lockout


Well, there is at least one team playing in the city of Vancouver!

Where There's a Will, There's a CBA


Everyone is wringing their hands, and they may be right. But this hockey fan, at least, can see that there is at least some reasons for optimism.


Get 'Er Done..A Fan's Input Into CBA-ness

If you are like me, the idea of this Sept 15th deadline on our fix, and the idea of no puck for hockey addicts has been cause for a bit of angst. OK, more like a raging wildfire of hyperbole at...

#KassSmash !


"I still have a sour taste left in my mouth not playing in the last game," he said Thursday following an informal skate at UBC that included teammates Manny Malhotra, Dale Weise and Jason Garrison. "I remember those things and I want to prove myself. You’re mad and upset, but at the same time you know if you’re not playing good someone else is going to come in. It’s in the back of my mind and makes me hungry."

Morning Buzz : Donald Fehr Earns His Bucks


Morning Buzz with lots to talk about and links to click on. CBA, NHLPA, NHL, acronyms up the wazoo!

Mask Musings : Luongo And Winding Road


He;s funny, he is talented, and his is more popular in Vancouver, with some, now that he is leaving. Roberto Luongo.

Free Agent Frenzy, Happy Canada Day Open Thread

Ah, our favorite day. There is something quintessentially Canadian about having the day when our national obsession is on our national holiday. Not quite sure how I feel about Justin Schultz....

2012 NHL Draft : Canucks Get Bigger


Its always fun during the draft. We all try and project, burn up Google looking for info on the guys that our team picks, and tell our friends that cheer for the Oilers, Flames etc how much their...

Canuck 1st Round Pick is Brendan Gaunce

I'm sure we'll get all sorts of info soon, but here are a couple links on your newest Canuck. The kid is already 6'2" and 215 pounds, is a good Canadian kid from Markam, and he'll eventually be...

Where Are We Going?


Type the title into Google or Youtube and you will find everything from treatises on Israel and globalization to Marvin Gay and Kate + 8 . But Donald Byrd has it right in this super cool jazz...

Canucks Fan's Favorite Moment


It is of course tough to watch another team win the Stanley Cup when Canuck fans honestly feel that we deserve it. Its been over 40 years now, and close but no cigar has been the order of the day...

Canucks Player Autopsy : Dale Weise


Who Is This Guy? Dale Weise, Weezy. Some of the folks on Twitter either love him or hate him, I am not sure right now. Position: on the 4th line. Shoots: Right, on the right side, usually. H...

Canucks Player Autopsy : Sami Salo


Who's this guy? Sami Salo Position: D Shoots: Right Height: 6-3 Weight: 212 lbs. Born: September 2, 1974 ( thats right, '74! ) in Turku, Finland Drafted by the Ottawa Senators in the 9th round...

Canucks Player Autopsy : Jannik Hansen


Who is this guy? Jannik Hansen He nickname history is long and convoluted, but from the time we heard him speak, he was Beaker to a large number of Canuck fans. Also was and is called the...


#EmbraceTheHate ; It Got Weird Edition

The final missive from the file is a little more circumspect that we hoped, thats for sure. Watching playoff hockey and not having a game today, I thought it time to wrap this little series up in...

Kings At Canucks Game Five Recap ; Thanks For Coming (2-1Lo/t)


Kings At Canucks Game Five Recap ; Thanks For Coming (2-1Lo/t)

Canucks At Kings Game Four Recap ; One (3-1W)


Canucks At Kings Game Four Recap ; One (3-1W)

Canucks At Kings Game Three ; Quick Steals One (1-0L)


Canuck At Kings Game Three ; Quick Steals One (1-0L)

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