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Gary Harris to Enter Draft

According to a story on ESPN, Gary Harris will be heading to the NBA next year. I'd rather he stuck around as I don't think he's quite NBA ready, but he's gotta do what's right for him. With any...

Bringing the Payne

Adreian doing what he does

MSU Fight song in Christmas Lights

Thought this would be kind of cool to share.

Doesn't matter to Cliff

Sounds like Cliff Alexander wants to be his own man. I like that.

Best Summer Ever?

Pretty solid praise from Izzo. Bout time we had a good offseason.

It's a Spartan Thing!

Great article the showcases what I love about Izzo, Spartan basketball and March Madness.


Alex Smith to KC?

According to this report it's all but done. What does this mean for the Lions? Well, I would guess that just about all but locks up Luke Joeckel being the number one pick. Small things like this...

Star Lotulelei sidelined with heart condition

Looks like a potential top 5 pick is in jeopardy of not being able to even play football.

Did Zeller Frame Nix?

Not saying this was the reason we lost, cause it's not. But I don't think it's fair for Nix to be villainized for something he didn't do. You be the judge.....

Valentine turning a corner?

This article really shows what a good family make up Izzo has developed with his program here at MSU.

Calvin gets some love from Jerry Rice

"Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, who holds more records for wide receivers than anyone, said that Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions might one day be considered among the finest to ever play the position."

Green wins NABC National Player of the Year

Nice to get some more good news back in the program!


Baseball Trade Advice Needed

I just got offered Drew Stubbs and Kyle Farnsworth and I'd give up Brennan Boesch and Jose Valverde. I'm obviously giving up the better closer. Is Stubbs that much better the Boesch? Brennan is...


Baseball Keeper Help Needed

Got myself a dilemma. I'm in a league that can keep 3 players from last year. I've got Joey Votto as a lock. But the next 2 I'm less than sure of. Here's the list of guys I'm considering: D...





Interesting Twist in the Lockout

So according to This Article retired players filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the owners similar to the NFLPAs suit.  Big difference is this suit includes players coming into this years draft. ...


Could the players jump leagues?

I know this was kinda brought up before, that the players pool their money and start their own league if the work stoppage is a long drawn out one.  But as This Article points out, "The NFL has...


Cam Newton going #1?

Been hearing some buzz today on the radio and saw This Article stating Carolina could go Cam Newton #1 overall.  I was at Newton's Pro Day at Auburn last week, and the Panthers sent six ...


NFLPA plans to decertify

Been hearing a lot of news about this desertification process and thought I'd bring some of that to light here.  Here's a link with more info.  So what does it mean?  Well, basically it allows the...


Chad Greenway Tagged

I know there was a lot of talk around here about the possibility of the Lions pursuing the services of Chad Greenway from Minnesota to help fill our needs at LB.  Well looks like that option is...


Football Keeper Advice

I've got a dilemma in my keeper league.  I can keep 3 guys.  I'm pretty much set to keep Chris Johnson and Tom Brady.  My 3rd player is a bit of a toss up though.  I've got Wes Welker and Greg...


5 Ohio State Players Suspended Next Year

Just heard on ESPN radio that 4 of OSU's players (Pryor, Mike Adams, Daniel Herron, Devier Posey and Solomon Thomas) will be suspended for their first 5 games next year for accepting improper...

Derrick Nix returns to team

Not sure why he was gone, but glad to see what ever the reason, he's back with the team.


Baseball Trade

So in a standard 5x5 h2h league, no keepers, I've got the following trade on the table.  Who do you guys think fairs better in this one just at face value?  I know its hard to say based on team...


What do we really need out of our #2 and #3 WRs?

Got to thinking the other day, with the Lions having a top end WR in CJ and (hopefully) a top end TE in Pettigrew, how much production do we really need to see from our #2 and #3 WR?  So I decided...


Heyward's Value

So in a standard 5x5 head to head 10 team league, I drafted Jason Heyward.  Now, I'm not usually a big fan of the next hot prospect especially in a league thats only 10 teams.  So my question for...

2010 UFA List

The NFL released a list of potential UFA. Interesting to see some of the names. I'm sure a lot will be resigned before the deadline though.


2011 - Could there still be football?

    Yes there could, but as This Write Up up from over at mockingthedraft puts it, we could be watching some piss poor football.  From the sounds of it, any UFA and anyone coming out of the rookie...

Reggie Bush to become free agent?

Just rumor right now, but looks like the Lions might be interested?

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