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I'm Vicki. I like the Saints. That's all.

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Drew and Brittany Brees Expecting Fourth Child


Number four on the way... Hope it's a girl this time!

I was feeling really low...


just having one of those bummer days. Then I remembered ReidG75 tweeted about some SB Highlight links - so I checked them out. Which led me to Saints fans posting their reactions to certain highlights, (Hartley's kick, Porter's ints) - which then led me to this gem. It starts building at the 1:00 minute mark - but 1:17 is the clincher..."wwwwhaaat??" LOL "What just happened?" Ambush, b******. That's what happened. Now, I feel soooo much better!!

"We don't like the cowgirls..."


I really hope this hasn't been posted here before because this just made my day and I really wanted to share. This 2 year old knows his stuff...we don't like the cowgirls, the viqueens are whinny babies and the Saints are number one! LOL


Bar Rescue visits Bourbon Street in New Orleans...

So I'm sitting here missing my team, and the weekly game threads and hanging out with my fellow who dats when I stumble across a show on SPIKE called "Bar Rescue". If you've never seen it,...

Happy Super Bowl Anniversary Who Dat Nation...


Let the good times roll...right on back to us in 2013 (well, technically 2014, but you get the idea) has a short video of all of Drew's TDs in the streak. It was thrilling to watch and I...

+ has a short video of all of Drew's TDs in the streak. It was thrilling to watch and I really hope he gets to hang on to this for a while. Take a break Tom Brady...seriously.

SoundFX: Real Saints Got Swag... Ugghhh!!! I just can not figure out this video thing! Is there...


SoundFX: Real Saints Got Swag... Ugghhh!!! I just can not figure out this video thing! Is there no tutorial around here anyhere??

5 Details of Drew Brees' Game He Can Still Work On

Warning: Link Leads to Bleacher Report article. Now I know many of you aren't big fans of Bleacher Report, however, I did check this story out and I think, even with my somewhat limited football expertise, Mr. Featured Columnist, might have a point. Or 5. Because I value the opinions here much more than there (not sarcasm font!) - I'm curious what you think. I'm about to start the hour+ commute home - hopefully I'll have some thoughts to read when I get there.

Sean Payton can go to Canton, but not to Saints game.

Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that Payton was given permission to attend Saturday’s enshrinement ceremony to see former Saints tackle Willie Roaf inducted. A league spokesman confirmed to PFT that Payton would also be allowed to attend a reception for Roaf, but could not have any contact with his team while in Ohio. He'll have to call the special NFL suspension violation hotline within 24hrs if he accidently runs into someone in the hallway or something. Sigh...

Awesome Coach Payton pic!


And no, it's not the one of him with the chicks in the bar! Do your job!! Love it.

Saints Preseason Pep Talk from...Herm Edwards???


Ok - no offense but - I really don't like this guy. I'm not even sure why. Sorry, I found this less than inspiring and I think he should leave to the motivational speaches to Drew Brees.

NFL Top 20 Games of 2011: #5 Saints at Packers


"Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees absolutely tore it up on this night, a night filled with constant scoring and long, inspired marches right down the field. The Packers and Saints combined for 11 drives of 40-plus yards, with eight -- EIGHT! -- travelling at least 70. What makes the last number even more impressive is that doesn’t even include each team’s return touchdown. Thank you, Darren Sproles and Randall Cobb." Good times - even though we lost. Heck of a game.

Saints at Falcons: Week 10 ranks # 13 on Top 20 NFL Games of 2011


"Mike Smith might not have had Emmitt Smith, but he did have Michael Turner, a 1,300-yard power back in his own right. Pretty decent line, too. Give Turner the rock. Don’t give Brees -- the guy with a Super Bowl ring and a 5,000-yard season under his belt -- the ball in sudden death, unless you want your team to die suddenly." - Elliot Harrison Don't give Brees the ball in sudden death, unless you want your team to die suddenly. I HAVE to get that on a t-shirt. LOL

Florio is not tired of talking about this...


I don't know how to do this like the cool kids -where the video actually shows up in this space, but here is a link to Florio asking many of the same questions I was wondering about this whole Cerullo bit.... I might really have to send him a fruit basket or something.

Brees sells San Diego Home...


So now that he's got no where else to live, I'm sure he'll be ready to QB his team and make sandwiches and t-shirts in his new stores - Opening Soon! Go Drew! ;)

NFLPA files collusion claim against NFL team owners

2 mean we're somehow caught up in this crap too??

Who is the most indispensable in the NFL today??


Is there really any question? Seriously people. ;)

SI: Peter King Ponders what Brees is worth in "Monday Morning QB" column.


"But I'm going to show you some numbers, and then I'm going to make a point about why I think Brees is more in the right in this case of Saints vs. Brees in the big-money department."

Probowl might finally be taken out behind the shed and shot...


Wins my own personal award for best article title - but seriously - ditch the probowl all together?? I know HRH Prince Aaron of Green Bay did NOT approved of his subjects teammates performance this year but, can't we tinker with it a bit before getting rid of it completely?


Knowledge of the DOME needed!

A while back I posted about going to New Orleans for the whole Super Bowl / Mardi-Gras / French Quarter / food experience. I'm still hoping to work that out with a friend's timeshare, but actual...

Drew Brees is made of AWESOME. That is all...


Drew Brees is made of AWESOME. That is all...


I'd like to vacation in New Orleans...but I'm afraid.

Terrified, actually. I've never been there, but I have heard nice things. It's just that I want to make my first trip, during the first week of February, 2013. Mostly, I'm worried about being a...


Interim Head Coach - Bill Parcells?

In an article called "Thinking Outside the Box When It Comes To The Saints" - Brad Biggs at National Football Post suggested not promoting Spags or Carmichael due to the big jobs they already have...

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