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Keith Bogans available


Do we jump on this? He is certainly an upgrade over what we have. I would love to see him as our starter, but I'm sure he would be wiling to take a backup role as well. How much will he cost?


Projecting Derrick Williams 2

I made an earlier attempt to project Derrick Williams (here), but rereading that post I am not entirely happy with it. I don't mind the Luis Scola and David West comparisons that I arrived at,...

Ed Weiland on combo-forwards


Not only does Weiland not see Derrick Williams as the #2 prospect in the draft, he doesn't even see him as the top combo-forward. Few scouts can claim as good of a track record projecting draft prospects as Weiland. Ignore his take at your own risk.


Projecting Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio   PG 6'4"  180lbs 20 years old   via Ricky Rubio.  The Spanish phenom who began playing professional ball in Spain at 14 years old, was an international...


Improving from within

It's that time of year again.  Everyone has their pet idea for how to turn our horrid franchise around.  Swap this mediocre asset for that mediocre asset, go all in on this overpaid veteran, open...


Projecting Alec Burks

Alec Burks   SG 6'6" 200lbs 19 years old   via Burks was an unheralded 3-star recruit out of high school in Missouri.  He wasn't included in Rivals' top...


Projecting Bismack Biyombo

Bismack Biyombo  C 6'9" (7'7" wingspan), 240lbs 18 years old (this analysis assumes this is true)   via Bismack Biyombo moved from 1st round curiousity to upper-echelon...


Projecting Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams PF 6'8" 235 19 years old via Derrick Williams had a great sophomore season.  He built on his good freshman performance and became one of the best players in...


Projecting Kyrie Irving

  I will be posting my analysis of the top draft picks over the next few days.  My emphasis is on investigating players' statistical record, player comparisons, and looking at how different levels...

The Tragedy of Kevin Love


The numbers show what we all saw in person. Our team is historically terrible outside of Kevin Love and our organization's talent assessment and subsequent minute allocations leave little room for hope. Just think how much worse it would have been if Love's 30/30 game didn't force Rambis to start playing him. EDIT: After posting I realized that my editorial was depressingly negative..... let me add that Kevin Love is awesome, Kyrie Irving!!! Bismack Biyombo!!!! HOPE!!!


Can Kevin Love be the PF in a running offense?

I know, I know... Could I pick a more over-discussed topic?  The canned answer is, "Well of course he does.  He may be slow getting down the court, but there is much more involved in successfully...



I did not like the first round of yesterday's draft one bit.  I am in the camp that sees Cousins as the fat angry son of God sent to earth to smite the surplus of soft dandies that occupy the paint...


An alternative interpertation of recent FO behavior

Do me a favor and don't take this too seriously.     Theory:  The Timberwolves determined early on in the scouting process that DeMarcus Cousins is at least the 3rd best player in this draft.  The...


DX adds +/- statistics for all players in the mock draft   Sloppy stuff.  All of the problems that...


Dave Berri recommends fleecing the TWolves of Love   Check out the company that Kevin Love is associated with: Charles Barkley Larry Bird Kevin...


Dave Berri's midseason analysis

Here it is. Two wolves are notable, and not in a good way. "Turning our focus to the least productive players in the game we see that Ryan Hollins (-1.9 Wins Produced) is leading the way.  He is...

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