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May Nick live the rest of his life happily in heaven.

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This thing called a winning streak...


And if we win tomorrow, and the next day, we'll have an even bigger winning streak.

Feels good man.


Feels good man.


OT: Mike Trout and the All-Star Game

The answer will be mostly yes within HH, but do you believe Mike Trout deserves to be an all-star this year? If so, do you think he has been good enough in 2012 to warrant him a starting spot...

Reds' Madson out for season


It's slightly OT, but good thing we didn't sign him, eh?

No more lasagna for Mike


Soth decides to shed some pounds during the offseason..

Scout's 2012 Prospect Rankings


Not much love from with two guys on the overall list at #2 and #22. Trout is obviously the former, but nice to see Jean get the honor for top spot among 2B prospects...

OT: MLB Network trolled by earthquake


"I've been in two- that's an earthquake." Classic.


We are Gunna be Owt of the Race in 2010

Ya guys, we are so scrooed next year. Figins and Lakey is the gones, and Vladey is gonna be out the door. We are gunna suk some Mariner bawls. Why even hawpe we get to the playoffs in 2010? I have...

Well... good luck in Seattle!! :/


Well... good luck in Seattle!! :/


Angels Motivational Posters 2009

The motivational poster fanpost by Zoe Necrosis (LINK TO 2008 FanPost) last year was one of the greatest posts in HH of all time. In order to celebrate our ALDS sweep, I think it would be fitting...

This is why ESPN loves him. :P


This is why ESPN loves him.  :P

Little League Field named after the late Nick Adenhart


The official name of the stadium will be Nicholas James Adenhart Memorial Field. The field will be in Halfway, Maryland.

Angels looking for Relievers


Heath Bell has been waived, but may not be traded to anyone, but there is also a chance we pick up Francisco Cordero.

Kendry on Pace for 30!


K-Mo is on pace to hit 30 HRs. Suck that Teixeira!!


Does Change in Haircut Lead to Hot Streak?

Well, this isn't proven, but Vlad chopped off the rattlesnakes, and we all know what he did Wednesday. Also, Magglio Ordonez shaved his curls off to attempt a Vlad-esque game on Thursday. He hit a...

Cousin Oliver Attacked by Bees as a Rockie


Apparently, Matt Palmer is not the only one swatting bees......


S-Rod's Potential

Whether his nickname is S-Rod or Sean the Baptist, I can't realistically believe that Sean will ever be a "good" Major league ballplayer. Why? Well, his stats ( except HRs) are not off the charts...



The Black Mamba will be gracing the cover of NBA 2K10. However, there is a twist to it......

Torii's Gain in Votes


Thanks to an outburst of votes, Torii is now 6th among outfielders in the AL. But, we must keep on voting!


Ducks Game Thread

 mini sirloin burgers  mini sirloin burgers  mini sirloin burgers  mini sirloin burgers  mini sirloin burgers  mini sirloin burgers  mini sirloin burgers  mini sirloin burgers  mini sirloin...


The DL God has Struck!

Are you serious? Any starter, Dustin Moseley, has been sent to the DL. Another pitcher hurt. So let's see: 4 pitchers on the DL, and one, well, you know what happened. Anyway, I have never seen so...


Let's Do This for Nick!

  After the tragic loss of Nick Adenhart, my face is covered with tears. He was a great talent, and didn't give up after having a so-so season last year. He will always be remembered in the...


What If?

As spring training comes to an end, I have read countless amounts of negative crap about the Angels. What if the starters don't come back soon? What if Abreu has a horrible season? What if...



Being in red floyd's bracket in yahoo, I'm what predictions you guys have. Ionder who your picks were after the first round  Champion 1 Louisville  16 AL St./Morehead St.  8 Ohio...


Fantasy Help

With my fantasy draft in around 30 minutes, I need help. Not being a great drafter, I need a lot of help. Who to get in early rounds? please help me.  2nd season of fantasy draft and didn't do so...

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