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Is Wrigley Field the Cubs' Real Curse?


I thought that this is at least interesting to consider and debate, especially for the long-time fan.

Sammy Sosa mocked


I had to post a link of this on BCB. The first item is about Roger Ebert, and the second is about Sammy...

ESPN Rolls Out "Cub Occurrences" Trope


Jayson Stark analyzes the winners and the losers of the wheeling and dealing of the last few days, and gives the Cubs the bronze medal of Losers.

OT?: The Legend of Sam Fuld


Imagine my surprise, opening the newspaper to the Sports page (of the San Jose Mercury News) this morning, and the lead article was: The Legend of Sam Fuld.

Buckner to be color analyst for Cubs-Red Sox game


I think that this is pretty cool. Buckner was one of my favorite Cubs when he was with them -- he had a high degree of Clutchiness. I was pretty chagrined when he became a goat with the Red Sox later, because he never failed like that for the Cubs.

Quade is tough enough for the Cubs job


This was buried a few layers into the ESPN website, and it doesn't look like anyone has linked to it. I like the stories from his siblings - it takes me back.

The Best Worst Job in Sports: What else could it be?


In which even Kerry Wood allows that the Cubs wear on you.

OT: Curt Flood should be in the Hall of Fame


He changed the face of baseball, and he should be in the Hall of Fame. If you agree, join the Facebook group to support the cause.

OT: Selig continues to screw San Jose


Time is running out for the City of San Jose to get a ballpark initiative on the ballot this year. Selig's committee has no time limit. Argh. I agree with the SJ Mercury News editorial here.

Eric Byrnes Having Fun Again


I thought that this was a pretty funky article in the Mercury News this morning. Eric Byrnes still playing ball after being released, but mostly just having fun. I know, it helps when the paychecks keep coming, but still like the attitude.

Unwritten Rules Violations


I thought that this was very entertaining, especially Goose Gossage's commentary. He sounds like an ornery cuss.


OT: iPhone or Droid in Chicago?

Remember, this is OT, so I don't want any complaints that I should have posted this on my Facebook. I live in San Jose, California, but my oldest daughter is going to go to the School of the Art...

Crasnick on Hendry


Not a lot of new information here for BCB readers. More of a snapshot of how Hendry is perceived by the sports media.

Zambrano and Sandoval


Two wild-and-crazy Venezuelan guys... I read this article in the San Jose Mercury News this morning and thought that it was worth sharing. I did not know that Z and Sandoval knew each other, and would not have expected it based on the size of the country compared to, say, the Dominican Republic.

Mark DeRosa is mentally tougher than the next guy


I opened my paper (San Jose Mercury News) this morning to read Mark DeRosa describe how he was mentally tougher than the next guy when it came to playoff situations. WTF? The 2008 playoffs have faded a bit in my mind, but apparently not as much as they have for Mark.


Spring Training Roll Call

I am a semi-regular at Cubs spring training since 1999, but I won't make it this year.  I have my 20-year wedding anniversary, a minor medical procedure, and it is busier at work than usual at this...

Geovany Soto sheds 40 pounds


This sounds good...this sounds really good.


OT: car mechanics and how much you are worth

This is way off-topic, but I feel the need to vent a little bit and maybe save somebody from some frustration and, not to be too dramatic, loss of life. I have been working on an adventure weekend...


Thanks for the Bleachers advice

A couple of weeks ago, I posted asking for advice on sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley - here. I wanted to thank everyone who responded to that post, with a wealth of excellent advice.  I had...


Wrigley Bleachers - User's Guide needed

In one week, the game against Cleveland on June 19, I will be sitting in the Wrigley field bleachers for the first time in over 20 years.  I live in California, and have family members in downstate...


Into the Belly of the Beast

I am getting on a flight to Burbank in an hour and a half to go to the game tonight.  It might have been the martini last night, but I have already forgotten the horror of game 2.  I hope that the...


Chavez Ravine Recommendations?

I am a Cubs fan in San Jose, California, and I will be coming down to Dodgers Stadium for playoff game #3.  I have never been to Chavez Ravine.  Are there any local Cubs fans, or Dodgers fans...

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