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Lillard for MVP!!!


Not of the league silly, something much better..... Social Media

Bucks having a fire sale?


Ilyasova, Henson, Sanders and Branden Knight all on the block!

Hot hand isn't dead (yet)


some new info on the oft discussed issue of getting "hot" This is the money quote: players take significantly more difficult shots when they get hot, and they shoot a tiny bit better than they’d be expected to on those more-difficult shots. It doesn’t necessarily prove that the hot hand exists, but it provides much-needed evidence to support the theory. It’s a great first step to properly understand the hot hand. And it exposes the inherent assumption in the previous hot hand research, ensuring that future research doesn’t make the same mistake. And let’s not overstate it -- it wasn’t a big mistake, at least not on the part of the researchers who wrote the original paper. They presented their findings and properly stated their assumptions. The big mistake lies in the mass proselytization of their hot hand disproof. Scores of intelligent people shared their findings as gospel without properly understanding the limits of their finding. It’s a mistake that’s far too common among the statistically-minded. Vote for the Blazers


Vote for the Sprint Fan night game to be shown on NBA TV. Lets get the Blazers in there.

Problem with Chrome?


Problem with Chrome?

I've been using google Chrome for more than a year and have never had any problems accessing BE. For the last week, however, when I open BE the formatting is all crazy. I figured it was some issue with SB Nation or something and have been using firefox while I wait for it to be fixed. But it's been a week and still the same. Is this happening to anyone else? Maybe it is something with my computer?

good *family* place to watch the game

My Parents live in southern Africa (Zambia) and have been home for a week for a funeral. They are long time Blazer fans. We are taking them to the airport on Saturday evening  and thought that it...


Oden looks good in tryouts!!

Just read this on ESPN.    "It's also a chance for Oden to finally impress the USA Basketball leaders who invited him to play in 2006 and '07, only to see him pull out with a variety of injuries....


End of the conspiracy theory