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Bogut goes through entire practice


Via Steinmentz Surprised no one posted this, this is big news. We may start the year with a full lineup


Poll: Comparing the Current Team to the 2007-08 Warriors

I was having a discussion with a friend about the signings of Brandon Rush and Carl Landry, and we both seemed to agree that this was the best team the Warriors had put together in a long time. ...

Some highlights of our newest Warrior Carl Landry. He can definitely score


Some highlights of our newest Warrior Carl Landry. He can definitely score

Marcus Camby joins the Knicks


This will be a sign and trade too, Houston gets Toney Douglas, Josh Harrellson, Jerome Jordan, and a couple second rounders. Looks like they aren't giving up on getting Howard. This has been a weird free agency with several players returning to their former teams

Trade for Gooden and Udrih?


Trade for Gooden and Udrih?

"According to Frank Madden of, the Bucks could now look to deal Gooden for a swingman with a similar contract ($6.68 million). Madden throws out Phoenix's Josh Childress ($6.5 million) as an example, and it's a decent one because both players still have three years remaining on their deals. This is pure speculation, but another possible trade partner could be Golden State, which seeks a backup to David Lee at the four. A trade that involved Gooden and the expiring contract of Beno Udrih for Richard Jefferson and the expiring contract of Dorell Wright works in the ESPN Trade Machine and would benefit both parties. Milwaukee would add two much-needed shooters, while Golden State would add two solid veterans as backups at point guard and power forward." - Joe Kaiser From ESPN's Insider. What do you guys think of this trade? We dump RJ and we also get the backup big and PG we need

Kelenna Azubuike returns to the NBA; signs with Mavericks


Its really nice to see the former Warrior make his way back into the league after that brutal injury. If he is as good as he was prior to blowing his knee, the Mavs made a great signing.

Marvin Williams wants out of ATL


I'm curious to know if anyone here thinks it would be a good idea to trade for him. On one hand, he seems to have talent that is just not meshing with the ATL roster, as well as good size at the 3. On the other hand, as the article points out, Williams has gotten regular starter minutes since his early years in the league and has yet to truly do anything with them. This trade works in the trade machine: DWright and Andris for Williams and Pachulia. The Warriors gain nothing in terms of cap relief, but they gain Williams who at the very least would be an equivalent to Dorell with better size for his position, and a solid backup center in Pachulia who could solidify the need for a big off the bench(even if he starts his production would most likely far exceed Beans). What do you guys think?

Kwame Brown has surgery; his season seems to officially be over


This sucks, I had actually grown to appreciate the size and defensive presence he brought to us even though he had hands made of stone. On a side note, this development makes me wish the Fesenko signing had been completed. He could have filled the big hole at backup center

Former Warrior Stephen Jackson Holding out for contract extension


Here's another tidbit to add via ESPN: "According to Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times, Stephen Jackson hasn't been practicing with the Bucks for the last several days. And though the team is saying it's due back spasms, a different story is also taking shape. "There are growing whispers that the 33-year-old Jackson isn't content with his current contract," wrote Woefel. "League sources said Jackson sought a contract extension last season from the Charlotte Bobcats and that was one of the primary reasons they shipped him to Milwaukee ... There is growing speculation, though, that Jackson is upset the Bucks haven't approached him about reconstructing his contract and that he was now going to approach them." At 33 years of age and still having two season left on his deal, it wouldn't appear to be the strongest move for the Bucks to tack on any extra years or cash for Jackson at this juncture. And if Jackson were to demand a trade, there's no guarantee any other team would extend him, either." -- Ryan Corazza I was always torn about booing him when he visits Oracle, but now not so much.. This guy can act like a complete punk sometimes.

CP3 trade to Clippers is off


Will the Clips now think twice about matching our offer to Jordan?

Lakers trade Odom to Dallas, give up on CP3 deal


Insane whats going on in the league right now. LA better push hard for Howard now because they're in trouble if they dont get him (though the idea of the Lakers imploding is a dream come true lol)

Brandon Roy to Retire


Looks like the knee injuries finally got to him. Feel bad for the guy, he had a lot of talent

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