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Fellow BILLS fans, I am writing today to inform you that we have already surpassed our road win total from last year. I am impressed by our teams perseverance to rebound from Spiller's Loss at...

Reggie Williams To Miss 6-8 Weeks


Can the whining stop now please? I swear the negativity on this website makes me refrain from visiting at times.

Sac. - GSW Trade Proposal


This is my first trade post, so keep that in mind. I think Sacramento would do it to rid themselves of Francisco Garcia's long-term salary (they are shopping him for that reason), and the fact that Landry has already said he will sign elsewhere. Gives us some low post offense, and an extra ball handler and shooter off the bench. What do you guys think?

Six Good Teams Flying Under The Radar.


I can't believe Hollinger is giving us dabs. Copy and pasted for those who don't have insider. Golden State The Warriors are 15-22, but they've also played just 15 home games -- the league's fewest -- and 22 road games. Given the considerable advantage they enjoy in Oakland, that should give them a big boost in the second half of the season. As should the fact they're healthy for the first time in eons. David Lee was playing hurt when he played at all in the first half of the season, and Louis Amundson, Stephen Curry and Andris Biedrins also missed time. Golden State should put up slightly more defensive resistance now that the frontcourt is intact and, as a result, is capable of playing .500 ball or better the rest of the way. In fact, you'll be surprised to note the Playoff Odds see the Warriors with a 14.4 percent chance of making the postseason, giving them better odds than rapidly fading Phoenix and roughly the same chance as Houston. It's unlikely the Warriors will surge quite that strongly, even if Denver takes itself out of the picture … but the fact we're even having this discussion is a welcome change after the team made a laughingstock of itself the previous two seasons.

Top 5 Teams Likely To Surge


We are starting to get some publicity. Whether you believe the article or not, we all have to agree that January is the key to our season.

Warriors Looking To Make A Deal.


I like that he's looking for help in-season, looks like Riley knows what he's doing and is going to shop our expirings after all...

Ellis Likely to Stay in Golden State


It gives me unbelievable joy to post this link. Everyone that was calling for a Monta trade in the past, please stop posting hypothetical trade scenarios for inferior players. Hell NEW Management says neither Iguodala or Josh Smith would be enough to pry Ellis away from us. Let's focus our energy on actually watching the games and willing our way to a playoff run. LGW! LGW! LGW! Ellis and Curry best backcourt in the league, intelligent Warriors fans know it and soon so will the rest of the league.

Could Bills beat a UFL Team?


First time post here. And I'm sad that this is my first post, for those of you who haven't read it, please do.

Blazers Hopeful Oden Can Play 60 to 65 Games.


"However, he's still young. He's only 22. And the Blazers are smart to move things along slowly. There's no reason to try and rush him to be ready for October when Portland will actually need him later. So if that means he's out until December, so be it. Yao Ming is being put on a basketbal pitch count, so why can't Oden be on a game count?" Yao's and Oden's reduced playing time hopefully coupled with Anthony's departure to the East Coast makes a playoff appearance more than a pipe dream. What do you guys think? Like I've been saying Fellow Dub Fans we will make the playoffs, We Believe 2011.

Damn Carney!


I hope they do it soon, Carney and hopefully Amundson would bolster our bench greatly. Go Warriors!!!!!!!

Curry Plays the "What If" Game


Great article on Curry and the Warriors. I'm really excited for next year, and I think we'll make the playoffs, call me crazy. On a related note, do you think there's any chance Nene will want out of Denver with Anthony's impending departure? Hoopsworld says he has an ETO next year. I hope we sign M. Gasol or Nene, with our salary room and forget making a play for a 3.

Top Shooting Guards in NBA


Beware Monta Haters, he's on the list, and I agree with the writer's assessment.

Best Free Agents Left


Thank God the sale finally went through! Now that Udoh is out for 6 months, we need another big man to help us through that time. I personally like either Lou Amundson, Craig Smith, Sean Williams (for shotblocking), Josh Boone, or Anthony Tolliver. What do you guys think?

David Lee Highlight. A fun highlight of David Lee, I've never seen this done before.


David Lee Highlight. A fun highlight of David Lee, I've never seen this done before.

Ryan Gomes Anyone?


I know this has been brought up before, but now that he is officially a free agent what do you guys think of bringing him in? Listed at 6-7 250 (he weighs more than all of our power forwards) solid defender, and can stick the 3 point shot. I would love to have him with part of our MLE.

From DraftExpress: Also heard that GS has a trade offer on the table to move Gadzuric and Biedrins...


From DraftExpress: Also heard that GS has a trade offer on the table to move Gadzuric and Biedrins to Denver for Kenyon Martin. Can't be done till August 22nd.


Monta's Shooting Adjusted For Pace.


An interesting take on Monta's field goal attempts and shooting percentage.

Ellis and Biedrins to Miss Road Trip.


Wow, I want to at least see the Ellis-Curry backcourt for 20 games, and want Biedrins to boost his trade value but that's not going to happen. Oh well, Curry will put up even more stats to boost his R.O.Y. campaign.

Warriors Shoot Down Trade Offer


I'm so glad they shot this down, although I think all the Monta Haters, and USC Homers are crying in the corner.

Study Clippers and Warriors Have NBA's Most Loyal Fans


Thought this would be interesting to my fellow Warrior Fan.

Good News: Warriors' Franchise Value Reportedly Declining


Bad news for the 10 people that don't want Cohan selling. I hope he gets scared into selling on this article alone. Larry Ellison come save us.


Expiring Contracts

Does anyone have any idea what we are going to do with Claxton's or Law's expiring contracts? I have seen absolutely no talk about the Warriors with any free agents or trades, does anyone in...

Ric Bucher Twitter


Answers to two questions we have been asking the last two weeks. Amare and Cohan.

Stephen Jackson Out for the Year.


How come noone is reporting this anywhere, I thought this would be the very first post I saw especially since Stephen Jackson has his fair share of advocates and haters. It now is full tank mode but I say what do we have to lose (other than more games). Anyway here is the link our friends at have trumped GSOM once again.

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