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He could flat-out rake except his knees couldn't hold up. Me? Just a frustrated season ticket holder who -- unlike McGowan and GM -- knew the difference between Vlad Guerrero and Ricky Ledee.

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Trading for the LF bat, minor-league style

As any of us look over the major league outfield talent, or lack of it, that might be available for the Giants this off season (either through free- agency or trade), it's become clear that options...


My Corey Hart rebound

Let me admit from the outset that I've never been much of a Corey Hart fan. Dunno why, he just seemed kinda meh. But here we are with two more important spots to fill (starting pitcher #5 or #4,...


Gallardo, Ramirez & Gorzelanny for Belt, Hembree and . . . ?

Rosterbation Time This one makes sense to me. Take a look. At the bottom is each player's salary and 2014 & 2015 status. I would play Aramis Ramirez at 1B (possibly moving Panda there if his...


Standing still in quicksand

Once there was a pretty good team in San Francisco that could pitch their ass off and could win despite an anemic offense. They won two World Series in three years. Then something improbable...


Mark Trumbo in a Giants uni?

Okay, what would it take? And are you willing to go there? Sure there will be lots of suitors and, yes, the Angels are saying Mark Trumbo is staying put. But . . . The Angels need pitching...


Shoo for who?

I have always coveted Shin-Soo Choo and I have always disliked Casey Kotchman's skill set, but what do you think about this? (And I know many of you will hate it.): Cleveland is not prepared to pay...


Would you trade DeRosa, Tejada & Burriss+ for Reyes?

Let's take the long-term view. Let's say we could sign Jose Reyes to a 3-year contract after acquiring him . . .


For whom would you trade Jonathan Sanchez?

We know other teams covet him. It might be risky but we probably can afford to trade him (see: Dan Runzler and an improved MadBum). He might be more valuable now than ever . . .


True story: How I helped the Giants win the pennant . . . and you?

Here is how I helped the Giants get to the Series. I've been a season ticket holder so long I can't remember how long. This is relevant because I keep things. Things the Giants give me when I come...


and let's cheer Bengie . . .

This is our moment but let's not forget what he contributed, and he never complained. Batting fourth, absurd. He did it. And he produced a good part of the time. Handling the most up and coming...


Firstbase poll . . . could it be Lowell?

Mostly I'm sick of hearing Adam LaRoche mentioned because (a) he's not very good; (b) he's left handed and (c) he wants waaay too much money. So I thought I'd poll The Faithful. Who do you prefer? A...


Xavier anyone?

Tommy John surgery is serious, but Xavier Nady can hit. He's right handed and hits for a decent average and with power. He beats up on lefties, and hits righthanders just fine (lifetime .270)....


Would you trade . . .?

So many needs, so much dead weight. What to do? Since last summer I keep coming back to this: Dan Uggla and Jeremy Hermidia for Jonathan Sanchez, Freddie Lewis, Edgar Renteria (not in last year's...


How bout this bat . . . Hardy har har?

I can't shake the feeling that the Brewers would be perfect trading partners with us: they have bats , we have arms. I can't find JJ Hardy's contract info (how many years he has left), but he's...

Aubrey in the field?


Hey birdwatchers, I'm on the other coast with an eye on Aubrey Huff for a Giants/Orioles winter deal. Obviously he can hit, but how bad is his D at third base? Reaction time? His arm? How slow on the base paths? Your thoughts?


Giants 2008 Season Highlights

One hundred and sixty-two games makes for a long season -- especially for the hardcore Giants fan. Yea you, you're reading this.So in an effort to take the unpleasantries out of the 2008 season,...


Help me, I've lost my corners

It's gotten so night after night I imagine every trade, and I still can't imagine the third and fourth spots in "your" 2008 SF Giants batting order. If it's Bengie and Ray Ray or Randy and Bengie,...


Why you can be optimistic

I make predictions because they're easier than facing reality.No one can be surprised by this start, by the Zito and Ortiz outings, Pedro at the bat, or the lack of team offense. We wanted to...

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