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Jayson Werth Signs With Nationals

Doesn't really relate to the Pirates, but I figured I'd link it due to the magnitude of the news (and the out-of-nowhere manner in which it came).

Theriot Traded to Cardinals

For Blake Hawksworth. According to this link, this means that Brendan Ryan will either be traded or moved into a backup role. Anyone think he'd be worth getting?


Bucs Dugout Community Prospect List

Hey, all. A couple months ago, us folks at Bucs Dugout (the Pirates' SBN blog) did a little series of polls, similar to the one you guys are doing now. Obviously, ours covered only the Pirates,...

Jeff Carter Signs 11-Year Deal With Flyers

Reported to be worth $58M, or slightly over $5M per year on the cap hit. What do you think the (likely, very fun) consequences of this deal will be for Philly? For one, it certainly looks like Zherdev won't come back next year, unless he plays for league-min. Also, this will probably wind up pushing either Giroux or van Riemsdyk out the door after next season, which would be hilarious. Anyway, discuss.


Pensburgh League A Draft Recap

After seeing Sid the captain's awesome write-up for the rotisserie league, I decided to follow suit and do one for the 12-team, head-to-head Yahoo league I'm in. In contrast to the roto league,...


Community Prospect List

Well, it seems we've come to the end of our Community Prospect list. Without further ado, here it is:   1.  Jameson Taillon 2.  Tony Sanchez 3.  Bryan Morris 4.  Rudy Owens 5.  Stetson Allie 6...

Steelers Try Out 3 QB's

Via NFP, the quarterbacks are John David Booty, Levi Brown, and Jarrett Brown.


Community Prospect #15

In light of how close the last poll (and runoff) were, I think this poll should probably be the last in the series. I wouldn't mind if someone else continued it, but I'm probably going to stop...


Community Prospect #14 (Run-off)

After a couple of days, there's no one separated from the pack in poll number fourteen. In light of this, I decided to take the three guys with at least 10% of the vote (Mel Rojas, Exicardo...

Barret Loux

Hey, first-time poster over here at Bonus Baby. I was just wondering if anybody had heard any news regarding Barret Loux's status as a FA. I can't imagine there aren't any teams interested in him -...


Community Prospect #14

Chase d'Arnaud has 60 votes at this point in poll 13; nobody else has even ten.  I think d'Arnaud is definitely the winner. Beginning with this poll, though, I think it gets really interesting....


Community Prospect #13

After about a day and a half, Justin Wilson has a 40+ vote lead over Chase d'Arnaud in poll number 12.  Looks like it's time to move on to thirteen. Here is your list so far:   1.  Jameson...


Community Prospect #12

Well, Colton Cain captured 76 votes in the #11 run-off, while Justin Wilson reeled in 54. Cain is clearly the winner, so let's move on to poll number 12.  Since the last poll went to a run-off,...


Community Prospect #11 (Run-off poll)

Well, at this time, Justin Wilson leads Colton Cain by exactly one vote in the Community Prospect #11 poll. Being a Wilson guy, I'd love to just hand him the win, but that's not how it works, is...


Community Prospect #11

As of the writing of this post, Zach von Rosenberg leads Chase d'Arnaud and Justin Wilson by over 60 votes each for the top spot in the tenth poll.  In light of this, as well as my incredibly busy...


Community Prospect #10

Andrew Lambo hauled in over 50 percent of the vote in the last poll, while the rest of the vote was split between several candidates. That means two things. One, that Lambo is the clear #9, and...


Community Prospect #9

To my slight surprise, Luis Heredia only managed a measly 71% of the vote in the number eight poll (I had him pegged for 90%). Regardless, he is the clear winner, and it's time to move to the next...

Joe Martinez Recalled

I'll set the over/under on his rest-of-season ERA at 5.50.


Well, that was fun. (Nats-Bucs, 9/3/10)

Well, I finally made it to a game at PNC Park this year. Needless to say, it was a pretty darn good one, with the good guys ultimately coming out on top. After the jump, in no particular order, are...


Community Prospect #8

All right, it looks like Jeff Locke has beaten out Luis Heredia, so let's move on to number eight. Here's your list so far:   1.  Jameson Taillon 2.  Tony Sanchez 3.  Bryan Morris 4.  Rudy...


Community Prospect #7

Well, after a fairly long delay, I give you the seventh poll in our series. You know the rules by now, so I don't think we need to go through them again. Clearly, Starling Marte was the winner of...

AFL Rosters Announced

Today, the 2010 Arizona Fall League teams rosters were announced at The Pirate minor league position players participating are Andrew Lambo, Jordy Mercer, Josh Harrison, and Tony Sanchez. Discuss. EDIT: Per DK, three pitchers will also be selected. I'd guess they'd be guys who missed time this year, and could use some extra innings. Colton Cain, perhaps? Trent Stevenson? Is it possible that Taillon goes also? UPDATE by Charlie: I think Cain, Stevenson and especially Taillon are all very unlikely - usually AFL picks have a little more experience than those guys. I bet Brett Lorin will be there, though.


Yahoo Fantasy Football Keeper League

First off, if this is considered spam or is against the rules, please let me know and I'll just delete this post. If not, well, read on.


Community Prospect #5

After Rudy Owens opened up a 17-vote lead over Stetson Allie, and the deadline for the poll passed at 5 pm, I think it is reasonable to name Owens as the winner. Now, it's time to vote for #5. As...


Community Prospect #4

Eh, what the heck. It's obvious at this point that Morris is the uncontested #3 guy in the system, so I guess we might as well move on to prospect #4. I've got my money on Rudy Owens, but whom do...

Sabres Sign Rob Niedermayer

He's no longer an option for the 3C spot on the Pens. I wasn't all that keen on him anyway (Test-Tube!), so I'm not terribly disappointed.

Flyers Acquire Andrej Meszaros

For a 2012 second-rounder. Meszaros, 23, is under contract through 2014 at a $4M cap hit.


Pirates vs. Cubs, 6/28/10 Overflow Thread

  Let's go Bucs! Nyjer sucks! Let's go Bucs! Nyjer sucks! Let's go Bucs! Nyjer sucks! Let's go Bucs! Nyjer sucks! Let's go Bucs! Nyjer sucks! Let's go Bucs! Nyjer sucks! Let's go Bucs! Nyjer...

"We stunk in every aspect. Two stupid mistakes spoiled a very nice start by our pitcher. You can’t p...

"We stunk in every aspect. Two stupid mistakes spoiled a very nice start by our pitcher. You can’t play like that and expect to win." - John Russell, following the 6/27 loss to the A's.

Via Yahoo recap.
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