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It is good to express a thing twice right at the outset and so to give it a right foot and also a left one. Truth can surely stand on one leg, but with two it will be able to walk and get around. - Neitzsche

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Colts acquire LB-Cam Johnson from San Francisco for conditional draft pick.

It appears Johnson will be in the mix at OLB. Cam has had an impressive preseason so far. He is credited with 8 tackles, 3 sacks and a blocked punt and td. At the least, it sounds like the...


The "national media" thinks last years team is better!

Who is better? The 2011 or 2012 Colts? The "national media" seem to think the Colts will finish with 1-3 wins this year. I feel like 5-7 wins are possible. But, the national media aren't buying...


Where do you expect to see the biggest improvement?

There has already been enough said about the 2011 season and how poorly the Colts played. I want to know where we should expect to see the biggest improvement. The choices are endless, since our...


What would you consider a bad season?

I have already wrote a fanpost asking what would you consider a successful season. In the poll attached, Stampede Blue made it clear, a 7 win season would be considered a successful season. What...


What is a successful season?

Someone famous once said," The times are a changing", that statement is point on for our beloved Colts. The Colts have scrapped everything, gone are G.M., Vice Chairman, Head Coach, COordinators, P...


Do you believe in Donald Brown?

The Colts are going into the season with Donald Brown as the workhorse running back and 2 mostly unproven running backs. I don't know that Brown can stay healthy for a full season. Delone Carter...


To open? or, not to open? That is the question.

The question I have been thinking about lately involves the Luke. I believe the Luke can offer an interesting homefield advantage. The retractable roof and wall of glass that opens on one of the...


We are this close to a new NFL season.

  Take your thumb and first finger.  Then, put them as close together as you possibly can, without actually touching each other.  That is how close we are to having football this year.  It is also...


Leverage. Peyton has it more than anyone in recent history.

  The Stampede Blue Nation is in a buzz today.  News surfacing about Peyton Manning and Drew Brees asking not to be included in the franchise tag has everyone in an uproar.  Peyton isn't going to...


Jon Jones, the Pied Piper of American MMA.

  The accolades are flying, the praise is being sung and the reports of the superhuman feats of Jon Bones Jones are starting to circulate the MMA landscape.  Some people are saying Jones is the...


Is K-1 bad for kickboxing?

  It is being thrown around these message boards that Zuffa has a monopoly over the MMA world.  Right or wrong, many complain that the fighters are going to suffer as a result of the Zuffa purchase...


A quick question or two about the buyout.

  There are a few questions I have been unable to answer in the wake of Zuffas' purchase of Strikeforce.  After the jump I will present the questions and seek any input from the BE community.  


Go ahead, call my bluff! (NFL Owners and NFLPA)

 I would like to express one point to both the NFL and the NFLPA.    If you stall, cancel or shut down the 2011-2012 NFL season, you have lost a fan.   I love football, but a work stoppage will...


JMMA's pending demise?

There have been many posts, fan shots and articles about the pending death of JMMA lately.  The Japanese mob seems to be a common cause in most death of JMMA posts.  The American exodus hasn't even...


What's next for the Indianapolis Colts?

   The 2010 version of the Indianapolis Colts is in the books.  This was an up and down season.  A season with high expectations, big comeback wins, major injuries, roster moves, roster moves and...


Q's and A's? The depth chart and 53 man roster.

  Every September Colts nation are glued to the waiver wire.  Like clockwork, Bill Polian and company throw us a curveball.  This year doesn't appear to be any different.  There are many questions...


Big Trouble in little Chinese expansion?

 With the recent talk of the UFC opening an office in China, it begs the question.  Who is leading the charge in China?  Lorenzo?  or,  Is this Flash Entertainment's moment in the sun?   


Officially starting the hype machine 2010 season.

 It is my opinion that the 2010 version of our Indianapolis Colts will be the best version yet.  I believe the team as a whole on paper appears to have depth, explosiveness, experience, youthful...


What direction will the offense take next year?

  I was looking thru the recent draft picks, free agent signings and UDFA signings and thought to myself, "All signs point to a new offensive philosophy."  But, then you look at the existing talent...


What is next for Lyoto Machida?

  Lyoto Machida is 16-1 in his MMA career, 8-1 in the UFC.  Who would be a worthy opponent for The Dragon?     Should Lyoto get a rematch?   Maybe a fight with the loser of Rampage vs. Evans?  A...


The UFC WEC merger and why it isn't as difficult as it seems.

There has been alot of talk regarding the potential merger of WEC and UFC.   Currently UFC have about 200 fighters on it's roster, WEC have about 65 - 75 fighters.  So, Zuffa would have to find...

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