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Nationals War Room

Our pick is about a Wilford Brimley lifetime away, but I'll be posting updates in the comments below throughout the day. Pick #68 – $820,000 - Strategy will be to target best player available...


Nationals MOD #3

Here are the links to MOD #1 and MOD #2 for reference. Draft day is almost upon us! 1 PM EST/12 PM CST can't come soon enough for the other 29 Minor League Ball mock draft participants...


Nationals MOD #2

Here is MOD #1 for reference. In MOD #1, I said that all things being equal I'd like to add some high ceiling talent, as it's sorely lacking in the Nats organization. From my rough list below, it...


Nationals MOD #1

The 2013 MLB draft is unfamiliar territory for the Washington Nationals. After having a pick in the top 16 of the draft each season from 2005-12 (including six in the top ten), the Nats will have...

NCAA 13 Teambuilder - Hokies


Hey everyone, If you're as excited as me for NCAA 13 and don't want to name the players on the Hokies yourself (or don't feel like waiting for named rosters yourself) you can download the teambuilder team I created. There were a few freshmen who I didn't know who to choose between, Nick Dew is still on the team and EA Teambuilder has a filter that doesn't allow Gayle, Wang, or Van DYke, so those names had to be spelled wrong intentionally. Open to any other suggestions-feel free to leave comments!

NCAA 12 TeamBuilder


I created Tech on TeamBuilder for NCAA 12. While I know we already have the real VT in NCAA 12, I added in the 2010 Pro Combat uniforms that you had to pre-order the game through GameStop to get as well as fully named players and tweaked ratings. If you see anything that desparately needs to be changed (David Wilson has 70 speed, Danny Coale is black, etc.) let me know. The 2 mistakes I know of: David Wang is "David Wand" and James Gayle is "James Gaile" since you can't put Wang and Gayle into the name filters. Good news: if you play offline, you can edit the names yourself! Add me on PSN if you want as well: man_beer_pig

Make sure to participate in the Nats community draft list polls!


The first one is up, and it is more of a test of the polling software than an actual poll (because we all know Bryce Harper is #1). I'll post links in the comments here as new threads open!

Ted Leonsis fined $100k by NBA


Ted's praise of the NHL's hard cap and public suggestion that the NBA could move towards one just cost him quite a bit. It looks like the NBA is going to have a hard cap in the next few years (not that I'm an NBA expert, just based on what I've read), but David Stern apparently wants to keep it on the down-low.

We're all going to hell


The Westboro Baptist Church's newest enemy is the NHL. The Kansas "church" is protesting today's Coyotes-Stars game in Dallas. The link is to the Deadspin article, but if you don't know who they are, go to their Wikipedia page.No use fueling their fire with hits on their own website. Here is the money quote: "WBC will picket your stupid, cold (you will truly pray for these days of being in the cold hockey games when you burn in hell for eternity) violent, time-wasting hockey game - your SPORT. You know there will be only a few more of these entertainment events before God lets Obama simply destroy this nation. God does not have anything good to say about your sport(s)." I'm going to hell for watching hockey? See you there then, Fred Phelps.


Late 90s/Early 00s Caps Jersey Concepts!

Okay, the title is a bit of a stretch. See, I've been cleaning out my room lately, which largely means going through boxes and boxes of baseball, football and hockey cards. When I was in elementary...

Laich on EITM


The link sends you to the audio of Brooks Laich's interview with Elliot in the Morning. I haven't listened to all of the interview yet, but it appears that it is over 20 minutes long.


Hypothetically speaking, who would you keep?

It has been almost 10 years since the last NHL Expansion draft, where the Caps "lost" defenseman Oleg Orekhovsky and forward Barrie Moore. I figured that pretending that there would be another...

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