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Remembering "THE SANDLOT"


Really good article on Yahoo about some of the characters/behind the scenes of "The Sandlot". And, brace yourselves, the movie is now 20 years old. Peffercorn!!!

MLB.com's top 100 prospects


Pirates have 6 on the list and I'm guessing just missing on #7 with Josh Bell. Also, click on the link for the Pirates top 20 and this is the deepest list of prospects that we have had... ever.

Best. Bobblehead. Ever.


Anyone who disagrees loses their baseball priveledges for a year.

Forbes releases 2012 MLB valuations


The Pirates have jumped 2 spots up to 28th after being last the year before. However, the debt/value ratio is still pretty high at 38%. Only three teams lost money last season including the Mets who lost a whopping $40MM. The Phillies and the Angels lost money because of contract signings. Surprised that the Tigers didnt lose money for a change but that may be a different story in 2013 when Fielder's contract numbers really begin to kick in.

Landon Powell? Anyone?? Anyone???


looks like Powell has been released by the A's. could he be worth a shot as a backup since McKenry has an option remaining and Morales has an oblique injury, which can linger especially for a catcher. Powell hasnt hit in the majors even though its been sporadic samples, but hes good defensively especially with his throws, plus his minor league stats show a patient approach

No matter what anyone says, we're still punting.


No matter what anyone says, we're still punting.

Guess which 2 prospects are heading to the Yankees...


Both players are not currently on the 40 man which I have linked above. So lets guess which 2 players are leaving in the Burnett trade. Bonus: name the current player on the 40 man which will get dropped for AJ

Barry Larkin elected to HOF


I want to meet the one guy who voted for Eric Young... and then pull his own foot out his azz.

Rydell trades Rizzo... Rizzo blames Kenickie for feeling like a defective typewiter!


Rydell trades Rizzo... Rizzo blames Kenickie for feeling like a defective typewiter!

Loney goes Looney


Here I am preaching about aquiring a guy like Loney to be the Bucs 1Bman, saying hes exactly the kind of hitter we need. And the only thing he's hitting in the offseason is other vehicles in his Maseratti.

Marlins' ballpark under federal investigation, finally!


Nice article with some extra info about McLane and Enron Field, from Rob Neyer

BASEketball nearly predicts new Marlins uniform


It is kind of neat to see the resemblance, and any reference to an underrated movie like BASEketball gets a thumbs up.

Still no mention of Maholm on MLBTR about interested teams.


Now everyone knows that I talked smack about Maholm's value, or talent, but even this surprises me. Not one single mention about any team being interested in him. I don't think its a slight against Paul, because he WILL get signed, but even guys like Teagarden were getting some buzz before deals went down. The last mention of him is the link above mid October.

top 10 AFL prospects list from BA...


I'm not a paid member; anyone know whom is on this list? Did Grossman join Cole ?

Bucs inquired on Willingham and Kouzmanoff


The link above is from PiratesProspect and not Langosch, but I wanted everyone to read what Tim has written. I dont mean to single Tim out on the Jones love fest, but saying Willingham is the same kind of hitter as Jones is way off base. Willingham hits RHP just as well as LHP, and is still better than Jones against RHP exclusively.

Baseball America's top10 lists schedule is now out.


looks like Nov 21st for our beloved Buccos. Check out the top10 for the Braves which was just posted. Pastornicky makes the cut yet last years #1 pick Lipka doesnt make the cut.

No Bradenton Players In BA Top 20 Florida State League Prospects


Nope, not even Robbie Grossman, the Pirates' minor league player of the year. UPDATE by Charlie: Jim Callis explains: "Stats > tools, not sure he's even a solid regular." I've been on the Robbie Grossman Skepticism Committee all year, and even I think this is a bit much, especially when one considers the improvements he made throughout the year with making contact and hitting for power.

Bubba Starling cited for underage drinking!


way to live up to your nickname, Bubba. (if there are any Bubba's out there that are offended, I apologize)

TOPPS selects 2 Pirates prospects as top players in their leagues for the month of August


no big surprise whom one of these prospects are, yet its always a mild shock to see the other one put up great numbers.

question for the Bucs Dugout faithful.


youre the manager of the Bucs and your pitcher comes to the plate with the bases loaded and less than 2 outs. Do you: A- let the pitcher swing away B- not swing at all 3- bunt I ask this question because the scenario has popped up in the last couple of games. Both McDonald and Morton have batted with the bases loaded and less than two outs. IMO, i would make our pitcher keep the bat on his shoulder and either get a walk, or get a strikeout. this theory wouldnt hold water if Lincoln were at bat, but I think you get the gist. should the team cross their fingers and hope the pitcher batting .047 gets a bloop hit or do we avoid the double play and get the leadoff hitter into the box?

What if McCutchen doesnt sign a long term deal?


Okay, this is just a thought that ran through my nogin. If McCutchen doesnt agree to a deal, that may lead to the Pirates eventually trading the face of the franchise. My question to all is this: what kind of return would Cutch bring back to the Burgh? Yes I realize this is a dumb post, but Im bored. Plus everyone is surely tired of my "Jones is being Jones" rants.

Shelby Miller suspended by Cardinals


Just thought I would pass along some news about the player that many on BD wanted the Pirates to draft.

okay, enough with the science in baseball... this is getting ridiculous...


I know the last thing I should say is that a bat weight does work because I played the game, but dammit, I played the game!!!

Derrek Lee's comment on his trade to the Burgh


Pretty much the same comments he made when traded last season

really nice video of an up and coming McKenry, over a 3 year period, via ;RUMBUNTER


really nice video of an up and coming McKenry, over a 3 year period, via ;RUMBUNTER

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