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Ira Schoffel Leaving Democrat to Lead Warchant


Jim Henry will replace Schoffel as sports editor at the Democrat.

ACC Summer Hoops Preview


Joe Giglio picks FSU to finish 12th in the ACC next season - behind teams including Boston College, Georgia Tech, and Wake Forest. I think picking FSU 12th is a bit insane, but that's just me.

USA Today Report on NCAA School Finances


Very interesting chart. FSU ranks 13th in revenue.

Inside the deal: How John Swofford helped save the ACC


Plenty of discussion over Florida State. Reading between the lines of the article, it sounds like FSU, UNC, and UVA were the schools that needed to be convinced. Note that UNC and UVA had previously been the subject of rumors about being targets of the Big 10.

How Swofford Sold FSU on the Grant of Rights


The wooing of Florida State and its rich football tradition was vital to the recently expanded ACC’s ability to renegotiate a top-dollar, long-term deal with ESPN.... ACC Commissioner John Swofford needed buy-in from FSU, so he and the league’s TV consultant, Dean Jordan, made two previously unreported trips to Tallahassee...before the conference sealed its deal with ESPN last week.

ACC Expects Notre Dame to Add $1Mil Per/Considering Network


The expected additional money from Notre Dame isn't really news, as it seems to have been out there for a while. The more interesting aspect of this article is the news that ESPN is currently performing a study on a possible ACC Network and is apparently expected to come back to the conference with some sort of offer.

Pitt quarterback Tom Savage struggling in spring practices


"It's virtually assumed that quarterback transfer Tom Savage is Pitt's quarterback for 2013. Redshirt freshman Chad Voytik could overtake him at some point, but when the Panthers open the season against Florida State, it would be a bit of an upset if Savage wasn't under center. That doesn't mean he's impressing a ton in the spring."

Will FSU Be Hosting Notre Dame in 2014?


The rumor went around yesterday that FSU playing Notre Dame in Tallahassee in 2014 is just about a done deal. That would be one of the toughest slates in the country. Season ticket sales in 2014 would be no problem (although 2015 sales might be). Is this too ambitious (i.e., does it set FSU up to get screwed and passed up in the rankings by teams with easier schedules)? Shouldn't they play at Notre Dame in 2014 and home against the Irish in 2015 to have a game to pair with Miami for ticket sales?


Just How Does FSU's OL Recruiting Stack Up?

Given the rampant discussion about FSU's OL recruiting, I thought it might be helpful if there was some context for the discussion. So below are three tables, one each for FSU, UF, and Clemson. The...

Judge Denies Maryland's Motion to Dismiss ACC Lawsuit


No details of the ruling that I have been able to find, but Maryland's motion to dismiss was based on an argument that the North Carolina court lacked jurisdiction and the University has sovereign immunity, so apparently the court rejected both of those arguments. Note that this does not mean that the ACC has "won" or even that they will win. This just means the case can continue for now. Note also that immediately after this news was reported, rumors of the Big 10 poaching the ACC again started popping up on Twitter, and it seems like Maryland folks started this batch. Just saying: keep in mind the timing.

A day later, cooler heads have prevailed at Booker T.


An update on the situation between Booker T. Washington High School and Miami with respect to the Kirkland situation. Of particular interest to FSU fans may be BTW's coach revealing more about Matthew Thomas situation and fact that FSU has been the leader all along and that Thomas wouldn't even talk to Miami until his coaches begged him to listen.

Big 12 Says It is Exploring Partnership With ACC and Other Leagues


Haven't seen this posted on the site, so figured I'd add it. Looks like the Big 12 is not presently inclined to expand and is looking for other potential avenues to improve its positioning. Sounds extremely preliminary, but looks like several leagues are at least discussing some partnership arrangements for scheduling and sharing bowl inventory so they can arrange for the best matchups.

FSU Football Finishes In AP Top 10 For The First Time Since The 2000 Season


And number 8 in the Coaches' Poll, the first time in the top 10 of that poll since the 2003 season and highest ranking in that poll since the 2000 season.


A Potentially Last Minute Reminder On the Defensive Coordinator Rumors

The latest Twitter rumor is that Alabama assistant Jeremy Pruitt is interviewing for FSU's defensive coordinator position and may even be the favorite. For a number of reasons this rumor has me a...

The Big East May Be Dissolved In the Coming Weeks


According to ESPN, the seven non-FBS schools in the Big East are leaning toward leaving the league. They apparently are weighing whether to try and dissolve the league or just to leave. My own guess - purely a guess - is that the dissolution threat is just an attempt to leverage an agreement for the schools to leave without penalty and maybe to get a cut of NCAA tourney money that hasn't been paid out yet. Aside from just being of general interest for college sports fans, ACC fans will want to pay attention to this because it may affect Louisville's situation and availability. It may also have some effect on the ACC's lawsuit against Maryland if a Big East dissolution puts pressure on the Big 10 to speed up their own expansion plans.


How Should the ACC Align Divisions In the Future?

There's always a lot of talk amongst FSU fans about divisional realignment in the ACC. The two principal reasons for desiring realignment seem to be: (a) frustration that FSU rarely plays natural...

Hey SEC, You're Not That Good


Wherever you stand on the SEC media crush, this is a fun read.


What Will FSU's 2013 Schedule Look Like?

The ACC announced that they'll be sticking with the 8 conference game model for football. This is something that Florida State fans should appreciate for the long term, as it returns at least some...


What Kind of Talent Will Syracuse and Pitt Bring to the ACC?

With Syracuse and Pittsburgh announcing that they have bought their way out of the Big East for 2013, I thought it might be interesting to try and project out a little to see how Pittsburgh and...

Should the ACC seek out a scheduling alliance with the SEC or Big 10?


Jeffrey Fann asks the question and says that the ACC should try it "to ensure quality Out of Conference games for the ACC teams." My view: I don't see getting quality out-of-conference games being a problem. If the ACC has had an issue in this area in recent years, it is that it plays more quality out-of-conference games than some other conferences and gets no reward for it. If the new playoff setup guarantees that out-of-conference or overall schedule strength will be a major component and can find a way to reasonably measure teams that lose to good opponents against teams that just beat up on weak opponents, then maybe this is a good idea. But in the current system, the incentives really are not there for the ACC to make its non-conference schedule even tougher.

Texas Tech Considering Canceling Game To Avoid The Longhorn Network


Texas Tech is threatening to cancel their game at Texas State and play an 11 game schedule instead of having their game broadcast on UT's network. The Longhorn Network continues to be a problem for the Big 12. Not really sure why Texas Tech playing a road game at Texas State, either.


Five Things the ACC Needs to Do Now

Let's set aside for a moment the discussion about whether FSU should remain in the ACC. The simple fact is that FSU is in the ACC now. Until further notice, that means there needs to be some focus... Podcast: Ira Schoffel & Corey Clark


A great discussion featuring two of the Tallahassee Democrat's FSU beat sportswriters discussing realignment. They have an interesting perspective that is not overly tilted toward the ACC or the Big 12. In fact, they raise some great points about how many of the Big 12 expansion rumors curiously seem to be emanating from Big 12-related sources and are often framed as propaganda pieces about how FSU should make the move (Ira Schoffel describes the Big 12 as almost like a boyfriend that is trying too hard). They also provide some perspective on where the FSU fan anger with the ACC is coming from and some good commentary on FSU's power vacuum. Good stuff.


A Brief, Partial Review Of What Was Said/Reported During the Last Expansion Frenzy

A Brief, Partial Review Of What Was Said/Reported During the Last Expansion Frenzy. Conference realignment officially supplants recruiting as a legit science; on par with 7th-grade note-passing.

Barron Weighs In on Big 12 Rumors


Addresses his e-mail and criticisms. Says his mind is not made up on conference affiliation but just wants people to realize this is not a simple issue with a simple solution.


Florida State’s Angry Weekend – And, It Is Probably Time For Swofford To Go

So it looks like there is an insurrection at Florida State brewing that might lead FSU to the Big 12 (or to poisoning the well in the ACC). Over the weekend I looked on and participated as the...

Seth Greenberg Fired by Virginia Tech


1 NCAA entry in 9 seasons, didn't seem to be getting any closer to the Big Dance, and apparently a bad boss (all of his assistants bailed on him and were leaving for mid-major schools to get away). Probably the right decision. Might as well roll the dice on getting out of the NIT-zone.

Matt Hinton Signs Off From the Dr. Saturday Blog


Hinton ran one of the better non-team-specific college football blogs. He's been saying on Twitter that he's not leaving the business, just leaving Dr. Saturday. Just to throw out some material for speculation, I'd note that since losing Bruce Feldman and Pat Forde last year, has a pretty big need for a college football writer or two (and perhaps someone to fill Feldman's blogging shoes).

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