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Some Thoughts on Signing Day for the Rest of the ACC

I won't claim to be a recruiting expert, but, since I didn't see it anywhere else, I figured I'd post some thoughts on how the rest of the ACC did in recruiting today. If nothing else, perhaps it...

How Insiders Use the College Bowl System to Loot American Universities


"Thanks to an alliance of unblushing incompetence and corruption, college football long ago decided to outsource its most valuable asset — its post-season earnings. The scheme plays out each year on the ostensibly pristine fields of amateur athletics. Bowl executives grant themselves breathtaking salaries. The games, meanwhile, provide coaches, athletic directors, and the suits who nominally supervise them with an unending stream of bonuses. Everyone else picks up the tab."


Thank Clemson for a Little Extra Cash?

Congrats to Virginia Tech for landing a surprise bid to the Sugar Bowl, marking the ACC's first at-large BCS bid. I believe the payout for a second conference team is currently $6 million. Since...


Just A Little Dose of Perspective

Like everyone else, I was extremely unhappy with the events against Virginia. Believe me, I have plenty of issues with how things went and I am frustrated with how things have gone this season.With...


The Loss to Wake: The Good, the Bad, and the Inexcusable

Personality-wise, I'm not one to panic or to jump to meltdown mode. But today's loss to Wake Forest - or rather the way FSU lost to Wake - has me about as close to a meltdown as I get. So I figured...


To Establish the Run, It Helps to Run

The struggles of the FSU running game have been much discussed. And there's no doubt that the offensive line and the running backs have not performed well in creating an effective run game. They...

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