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I like the Colorado Avalanche and tolerate the Toronto Raptors.

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  • MLB Los Angeles Angels
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User Blog

April 19th - MHH Vancouver Meetup

So as it's been discussed elsewhere, a couple of us in and around Vancouver are going to meet at St. Augustine's (Commercial and Broadway) this Saturday to catch Game 2 against the Wild. Give us a...

Delicious Icing - Corsi in Context


An introduction to team Corsi in even strength situations and how it applies to the Avs. I've touched on this idea before commenting on other posts, but wanted to give a full in-depth explanation to a) actually justify why the numbers I was using are relevant, and b) show that I'm not just talking out of my ass. The Flames turned out to be the perfect team to frame us against, so looks like it was my (statistically) lucky day! This post also has a chart, so it's practically a scientific paper.


Don't Panic

So the Avalanche just fucking blew my mind last night with an absolutely ridiculous trade that immediately convinced me that Pierre Lacroix has gone completely insane. How in the world could we...


Western Conference Man-Games Lost

Ignoring the east because seriously, who even watches those teams?


All-Star Voting

What's an All-Star game without a joke write-in campaign to accompany it? A lifeless, boring exhibition game that nobody watches. But if we come together as one, we could make it into something...


How Not to Run a Power Play II

10/11 vs Philly1. 1st Period, 10:27: Flyers - Too Many Men The Avs started this man advantage with a strong cycle. Duchene had two decent looks but elected to pass both times, the second of which...


How Not to Run a Power Play

As we're all aware, the Avs have been atrociously bad up a man this season, handing out breakaways like free candy and allowing more goals than they get. Because I'm probably a masochist or...

Drury Out for Monday's Game


6 weeks, to be exact. Which is a shame, I was looking forward to seeing him again. It's also too bad how his career's gone so far downhill after that ridiculously overpriced contract. You know, just like every other free agent who signs with the Rangers.


Fantasy Hockey 2: Electric Boogaloo

Posting a quick reminder because the first FanShot has sunken to the briny deep and the draft's in about 20 minutes!

Behind The Net's Avs Eulogy (via Puck Daddy)


I was kind of hoping for some M&G or C&B vitriol here, since this one just amounts to pointing out the obvious. Give into the hate, Gabe! Let it consume you! That said, I'm surprised at how quickly everybody's forgotten that the Avs were actually the better team in Game 1, and if Blake hadn't deflected in the game-winner, Galiardi certainly would have. Oh well. Next year, our Corsi is gonna kick ass.


Another Playoff Preview

DISCLAIMER: The following is all uninformed conjecture and stale jokes and I really know nothing about any of these teams. Please don’t hurt me.


Hey There Avalanche

Alright, here’s the score. The rest of the league sees a team with a hellish final stretch that’s managed just 1 win in its last 8, has allowed 32 goals in that span of time, and is just barely...


10 Reasons the Avs Signed David Koci

After his controversial hit on Mike Green, David Koci has reached his lowest point with the Colorado Avalanche, clearly unpopular with the fanbase and having been a healthy scratch three games...


A Budaj Christmas Carol

To the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: Budaj the backup goalienever had 'rebound control',and if you ever watched himsurely he'd allow a goal.All of the other playershad respect (except the...

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