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love watching great games, i was at the miami vs chicago game in 1985, when i could not here my own voice. saw the bears come out on the field, then saw dolphins come out on field. clayton or duper jump about 40 in. in the air, man there was this roar from the crowd, great game! there also was this buzzing in my ear for the next 5 1/2 hours, (i'm sure) becouse i saw them the air horns but didn't here them. the next game that came close to that was when miami played the denver broncos john elways last game in miami! man i was Celabrating my birthday what a great night time both times. thx u miami dolphins

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  • MLB Chicago Cubs
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  • NFL Miami Dolphins
  • NCAAF Miami Hurricanes
  • NCAAB Miami Hurricanes
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • Golf lefty phil & tiger w.
  • NASCAR brother andretti's
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Man where to start

The QB position; Man are we in for a world of chyt if this gets broke. Clearly we have no starter type, As back-up if this fails to in the remotest of chances. Unless certian things can rectify...


The NFL Experience.

Get it out to the public make more money for the NFL Goodell. Every time we have a Superbowl down here in Miami they have a "beautyfull thing" called the NFL experience. Where we go down to the...


Inquire just supose we had Picks #1, #5 & #19 What would you do?

In this order (The Miami Dolphins) secured the rites to all these # what would you do?First Miami trades DE.Vernon & QB.Moore To the Raiders, boom #5. Then Dolphins Trade QB Tannehill to Houston...


De' Anthoney Thomas aka (THE BLACK MAMBA)

Here at the Phinsider; i'm bringing you'ens something special this, that, & the other have all left the building. The kid, the legend, the Black Mamba. Shear excitement from running the ball again,...


We can't keep giving all of our attention to the to the play makers or can we.

Oh I've seen just how bad we looked against the Jets, and i will admit i puked several times after watching the game. What i disliked the most was "watching Ryan" jumping up and down like a...



We already know that all the top team's err the worst team's at the top of the draft are willing to trade down. We also know that the QB. talent, is not that of a (Grade A) talent. Out of a jean...


Trade Partner Houston P.#2

Earlier i posted this is one way we can go and i had us trading Tannehill, up (with Houston) for two #1's and a second rd pick this year. So i could be on the edge of my rocker but you all know me...


This is one way we can go, trade partner Houston

Tannehill for Houston's #1 overall add there #2nd rd pick plus next years #1st rd pick. Really the whole draft this year will need to fall rite once again. Tannehill is an established QB, if you...


Super-Bowl is the goal.

Mental Game and preperationsI'm a fan and i sincerely want my team to win a super-bowl, i wood dearly love to here my Coach say these words just in that fashion. A Super-Bowl is in our near future,...


Out of all the free agents, we should overpay New Orleans (x) TE

Yes We should overpay the likes of a TE Jimmy Graham, as far as i'm concerned (he) Is a key player and should have been wearing Dolphin colors all along. If Tuna; had not had his head up his BUTT...


Miami Dolphins The dark world & the new players

The Start of the Season Was the best part of last year, a bit of a roller-coaster ride to tell the truth kinda like the Cardiack kids of the late Clevland Browns along with Bernie Kosar at the...


Chicago's attack 4-6 defense we have the parts, all we need is a strong Mike linebacker

Early as it is (before the combines) begin, I look at some of the better defenses of the past (Buddy Ryans) Bears defense was a stout weapon to play against and sticks out more then other's. They...


We have not been in double digits in Victory's for about a Million years

This is not my full bucket list but a few laughs are called for. 1.) When i see in person owner (Ross) holding a Miami SuperBowl trophy, high in the air as the smile on his face. 2.) people to...


The day the Mesozoic Died

Offensive Dinosaurs; & there Cretaceous Period's that posed one of the greatest upheavals in our time, have come to a end. Are offensive futility Mike Sherman=fossil belonging in a museum. A...

Wake we missed you & your production. Destroy Tampa Bay!


Safty this!

When the Hat comes off & the hands touch it's so cool!

Cheerleaders VS Holloween

  1. Just pictures
  2. Different teams
  3. Just lots of smiles
  4. Mix of fun & suprize
  5. sum look as if they need jackets

We have the Power (Miami Dolphins)

No one wanted to listen to me when i talked about Poaching, McNutt is now history and trading seems to be the craze at this point. Then i give you the best i can think up. Yes we have the money,...


Prime Candidates for poaching, but we haft to keep them on our roster.

For up to three weeks, but yeah there is "some beef" out there. With (Special teams) covered and yes we have a propensity err tendency for recuiting players, that can play different positions on...


You say lose i say win, it's Resolve and Heart.

I (can't) keep reading all this Negativism that is out there, without dropping my two cents. This is the same Miami Dolphins that started the season. When everyone and his sister was putting at 1-4...


Miami holds a Superbowl slot this year.

The Dolphins; are the Elite in the AFC east and should be handled as such, only the loyalest of fans need hook your band wagons up to our train. I usually don't write this late into the season, as...


Dallas Texas-Hollywood just lookin for sum Tush

The experts in the know are picking US too also lose at the Browns, then the Colts are going to soundly put us in our crypt by way of shell-shock. I refuse to conform to there ideals, there...


I have a Dream (Miami) Champions Again of the NFL.

The winter is gonna be cold again, the Ozone is making a strong comeback, Countries will turn to love, just to see if it will make a difference. In our communities practical success is derogatory...


The right direction.

Why; would some-one say that about an NFL team, Sounds repressive & great at the same time. But how to take it with or without a grain of salt. Your team has firmly entrenched in all fazes of the...


The Good Guys VS The Evil Doers

Miami against the League; watch to comprehend & make your choice count. Heroes are placed in deleterious situations as a result of the Machiavellian maneuvers of there opponents. One Unconscionable...



He's Red hot rabid & concise with Impeccable accuracy, these are the words i would spew speaking of my QB. But the start of his second season, & 2/3rds of his recanted core of wide-outs seam a...


Set it on fire; Pieces to a SuperBowl(s) aren't supposed to be this easy, little-own created in the second year.

Don't let a Wr. for (the Miami Dolphins) get a "TD on you" cause it may be attached with a card, you have just been had by a better team. 7 TD's the first game, (3) in the first Q, alone our...


Exult your mind, exploit the possibilities, as one delves on the dexterity alone. Miami SuperBowl champs not that far of a stretch you just got believe!

The Miami Dolphins will win there division, Handily maybe not but it will be pure masterly & decisively to disseminate the (history of the Patriots) would be so constipated, that the foul smelling...


Culture shock; just enjoy one-another!

There are truly similarities in the team & free agency or what ever you call it, (WR) Paul Warfield, was considered elite back in late 60's, early 70's, as much as i see in Wallace. Hmmm Wallace -...


This is total tuneage

Well for one; the Coaches that we've had here, when we played against sum i used to think that Shula could take there players & they (coaches) could take Miami's players & Shula could still beat...


"They wont be able to stop him, they can only hope to limit "his production" Ryan Tannehill

There will be an up-welling this season the likes few have ever noticed, now there are gonna be some teams you should not be able to throw against. But with seams that open, TE occupancy will be...

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