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love watching great games, i was at the miami vs chicago game in 1985, when i could not here my own voice. saw the bears come out on the field, then saw dolphins come out on field. clayton or duper jump about 40 in. in the air, man there was this roar from the crowd, great game! there also was this buzzing in my ear for the next 5 1/2 hours, (i'm sure) becouse i saw them the air horns but didn't here them. the next game that came close to that was when miami played the denver broncos john elways last game in miami! man i was Celabrating my birthday what a great night time both times. thx u miami dolphins

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The Texas Tornado "Arian Foster" there (Running Back) was considered a fluke.

At one time the RB Arian Foster was sitting in front of "his TV set" just like most all those hopefuls do in April, with extra situps pushup every morn. & nite. With verious times inbetween as...


TE's can be fiesty, why not draft one to cover one!

As much as i've seen from these players, throwing a right shive arm is not forien to these guys.Gronkowski is a very big kid, but surly theres a Tight End out there (Michael Egnew) that can...


If a man were to tell me he new where to or how it came to past, our "2008 season" came from i'd just say it was from worst to first.

But cuz our coaches, new very little of playoffs or Championship games. It stood out "visably" (2009 & 2010) it hardedly suxed, the only correlation that can or will be taken out of that time....


Done deal were gonna play a team (Texans) that thinks we're inferior in every-way.

As much as i think of it; we have never beat a team in the NFL, "not sure" but i don't think any other team can say that. I would love to see (Miami) execute a flawless Game-plan. Texans took it to...


We can't all be sure that a "coach or two" will never look at this site.

Sugestions abound, as the rookies get into shape. There was one thought that resinated in my mind through-out the season last year, that our defence was in all kinds of trouble at the end of the...


TD city; comming to a ball field near you!

The story is out, just how are we gonna replace all thoes touch-downs Brandon Marshall in one game (the pro-bowl) scraching head thats a tall order oh yeah he never did that for us & the corners...


Anything & everything on "Miami's new" head coach Joe Philbin!

Plans already in place, the convicted criminal Billycheat has spared no anomosity for going after information. If one of those (aerial photographic spy drones) you know the ones that fly 50,000 ft....


Tannehill should no matter what "start" at sum point this year?!?

If you call the Heart, the main thing that (a runner needs) when running stright into a wall of humanity. Sumtimes a really good QB. can be called a Magician by means of exscapeisum. The greatest...


Penny vs Henne; was bad "Tanne vs Moore or Garrard" is worse.

"Don't take reps. out of my QB's hand please" I've seen this before. I know i've said this, (Troy Aikman) went 1-15 in Dallas rite out of the box. There was a time when all was ok, with letting...


The owning of the AFC east; by the "Miami Dolphins" Its all one sided.

Forged by Human desire in the Quip of one mans thoughts, "Philbin's asperations" on into the future. But there again as one fan to another, the (darker the off-season) the brighter the draft. Into...


Attack attack attack, the days of the Lynn Swann catches are history!

There will be one day, we all will look back & watch the changing of the guard sorta speak & say yes i remember! I witnessed some-thing I was sure that in our life time we would never see, a team...


Carolina was garenteed Blackmon or Floyd, then opps they lost the coin flip to MIAMI!

******I Know a lot of folks here in dolphin-land, may remember very clearly that we (Miami) had a "golden oppertunity" to stick it to the Atlanta Hawks err Falcons. This was a guise, as we had a...



GOOD LUCK ALL! *************If your challange is to see what power raffeling mind Presence, or creativity talented general information one can exstract by watching these youghts sit in NY or music...


Congratulations reader you have re-entered da (twilite zone) of WZB.

First off would you care for a drink, take your shoes off, have a seat-lay down if you wish. But get comfortable put your laptop on your chest, relax. Cuz what your about to read may cause...


Congratulations reader you have entered the (twilite zone) of WZB.

First off wood you care for a drink, take your shoes off, sit down, lay down but get comphy put the laptop on your chest, relax. Cuz what you are about to read, may cauze discomfert in the meek &...


The Truth hurts But facts are facts, Matt Moore last years hero or goat?

Last years hero or goat, people get over your selves. With less time here & more results by a long shot, only haveing played 9 games total. Has more success then our intire "2008, season" & thats...


Miami has Tango, but what we need is a leader.

Happiness can set us free, even when times are laced with insecurities enuff to "choke a spirit" the m'en'ms will lift a body only so far. The conection i guess what i'm looking for is the...


Peyton's rellavence to the Miami Dolphins!

Question; i love the thought, but not in love with the idea. A new coach, same players, just add a QB, this is earily like something rite out of the macobb. Man if this was not as fresh in my mind,...


In reallity, we should have won 2-3 SuperBowls Late 80's early 90's

I mean we had the goods, 1 of the Very best QB. Wow it blows my mind to think Tony Paige & sammy smith got the job done grantit no Ricky Williams or Ronnie Brown. But with them U dont even make the...


The legend "Archie Manning" & the Apple Tree!

The seed doesn't land to very far from said tree, lets go back in my memmery as far as i my recollect. Turn a few rocks way over. I have got to very honest, all i got on the (Legend Archie) is his...


My pond runith over, The Ranting Beaver-the inside furry!

The bussel; of (a head coach) even our owner was side-swiped. By the whiles of a certain "Harbaugh" extrodanair QuarterBacks coach, that was set in "his own concepts" of how & why San Frans QB,...


O the other day "my nabor" had this pardy, i'm still rehashing everytime run past the soffa!

Not sure if this is for the smart or just the very LUCKY!Well to say the least it was great; rite down to the last (slow screw) drink. There were sum there you-no the type,shifty eyed, well to be...


Well Nolans in Atlanta,Took his 3-4 exciting defence, "I for one wont miss it" & Dansby will enjoy his new found freedom.

While others (Ireland), yet say it will be Koa Misi, manning the middle. Forgett all though's, mind boggleing checks, while in the post-manic 3-4. I mean every play the defence was in a huddle, but...


Cant wait for "Robert Downey jr." to get his hooks in us!

Shear-luck is all that can be hoped for, yet the vail err dawnning of another season is drawing closser. Let us presume if only for a moment, we did not win those four, or five, games in the middle...


The USC Mad-house of QB's

It's not what you see, it's what you don't see & i dont see this as a good school to search for your next QB. no matter what or how its said your first pick in any draft best not say USC QB. I have...


The Cheeze!

*Fisher* Bless my team; as a franchize we have no elite crust (QB), scraps by last front office mishaps (2) 2nd rd. picks for qbs. team castoffs. I've been watching the year, sitting on my thumbs...


I want a true head-liner QB. not just a wild card hots-hott!

This is the best summation that I can come up with. Not off said wall, not easier to screw (up) if your a carpenter, their was a grand QB. even before Dan Marino. His name was Vince Avilenny, I...


Misguided, but this was always part of the game!

Keep the kickoff at the 30 yd line, & i'll be fine with the ball being placed at the 25yd line. When the ball sails out of the end zone, on "kickoff's & boutch fieldgoals" inside the 20yd marker.


Well could it be Canada, I need my Football Fix!

If there is a lock-out & yes I think so, what's to happen to my game,  all those New & wonderful commercial's Canada can offer us. A new channel No more espn it might be called Canadian Espn Wow...


The Ultimate luck-out in sports!

I would love some help, mostly not with the order. Oh yeah i realize that there are more then ten, and I will look to keep my top 5, in the order that is only in my mind. But i would be more then...

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