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Mock Offseason, post combine.

I made a Mock Offseason a few weeks ago and since the combine has come to pass and there are more reports on which players are truly going to be available in Free Agency I figured I'd go ahead and...


The Desean Jackson situation...

It's pretty obvious we as Eagle fans have a fairly large issue with Desean Jackson and his contract issue. Everybody has been throwing their two cents worth in so I figured that I would also...


Here to eat some crow and talk football.

As you guys know I'm an Eagles fan and before my long vacation away from life and the internet I was pretty much "allowed" to comment here and many of you (thankfully) treated me well. I am not...


My Mock Offseason (Pre-combine and FA)

I know d-jackfan10 made a thread called "The Make-A-Mock Thread" which was a brilliant idea.. But as I was typing out my mock offseason I realized quickly that it was to much and that I'd need more...


Some changes I'd like to see moving forward.

Alright guys, I know it's been a while and I truly apologize but I've just been really busy between school, working 2 jobs and trying to catch sleep between the 3 while somehow balancing a little...


Eagles vs Cowboys.

The game was amazing, the Eagles seemed to have put it all together both on offense and defense (aside from that 1 miscue *cough Coleman cough*... Let's take a closer look at what the Eagles...


NFC East Breakdown: New York Giants

I know I've been away for a while guys, I've just been crazy busy over the last 3-4 weeks because my classes have been insanely difficult. However I wrote this over on BGN and figured that you'd...


NFC East Breakdown: New York Giants

We have this crazy bye week and everything so I figured I would do a team by team breakdown of the NFC East over the next few days. Now I'm actually not sure if I can do the whole 4 part-er myself...


Who Could Be Potentially Dealt Before The NFL Trade Deadline?

instead of talking about Sundays game or the upcoming game against the Cowboys I'd like to write something up on some Eagles players I can see getting traded and some guys I can see being available...


My thoughts from the game.

I'm going to go into my observations and my opinions on the game.


How the Defense could be fixed level by level.

Pretty much with the exception of our DL our D is in shambles, so I decided to write a fanpost about this and I'm going to go through what we can do with our DL, LB's, CB then Safety's and then...


Hey, you idiots blaming Washburn.

I've noticed how many people on here have been blaming Washburn for our D having trouble. Let's get a few things clear and that's all I'll likely say when you people end up complaining about the...


Thoughts on the game and Eagles as a whole.

1-3... That's the reality of this situation. I don't like it, you don't like it (Shut up BBI) and it's going to get better. Here are my thoughts on the game after the jumpy thing.


Should Vick play this week?

As we all know by now Michael Vick has a contusion in his right hand (a contusion is a deep bone bruise and doesn't feel to good). Now the question going forward is should we start Vick against the...


LeSean McCoy, The best offensive player we have.

The loss was bad, that's all I'm going to say. Moving on now. McCoy is an absolute animal so far this season, I decided that it's worth talking about him on a night of doom and gloom, he's single...


A look at the game from the opponents perspective.

[Note by Ed Valentine, 09/22/11 7:19 AM EDT: Rather than remove this, as 'wild_eagle' thought I might I am front-paging it. This is terrific work from an Eagles fan, a solid game analysis well...


Lost in the hurt of the loss there were positives.

Everybody is focused on us losing, and all the bad but there was plenty to be excited about, it's not like we had a shitty game.


Keys to beating the Falcons and Key match-ups

So since everybody has their own views on how to beat another team (in this case Atlanta) I figured I'd write about mine. I may have some you agree with, I may have some things you disagree with,...


My thoughts on the game, some notes and I admit was wrong

I just want to let you guys know I had a looong night last night, I may not have everything spelled right and my grammar may be off. Was with my buddy in the ER from like 1030 last night til 6am...


A Philadelphia Legend has been lost today :(

As we all know today is the day that all coached dread. I'm sure very few coaches take pride in telling a young man, or a vested vet that their career is likely done.. Today we will see many names...


wild_eagles's 53 man roster.

I've seen all these 53 man rosters so I figured I'd make one since I've always had 1-2 disagreements with all of them, that's not a knock on anybody's fanpost or anything it's just there are some...


What I'm looking for against the Browns

Alright so last week I made a fanpost about what I was going to look for out of the Steelers-Eagles match-up. I enjoyed writing it so I figured I should do it again, maybe you will like it and I'll...


Did I get what I wanted to see out of this game?

I wrote a fanpost earlier today on what I would like to see out of this game, lets go take a look back and go over what I saw. And for those interested here's the link to that post.  I'll go...


Eagles Vs Steelers, what I'd like to see...

Ok, so I'm going to take a look at some of the things I'd like to see from the Eagles when they play the Steelers. It should be a good game, the physicality from the Steelers will be something this...


Oh how wonderful it is....

So I'm going to take a look at our offensive line, I'm very excited about what we have along the front lines this year I really think if our Unit comes together we will have the best OL in football...


The essence of class...

Well, since the Giants fans over at BBV (with the exception of a few) tout around calling themselves classy and kind, and sit here and condemn us for things Eagles fans did decades ago... Let's...

This is our Backup QB... I like it.


This is our Backup QB... I like it.


The Eagles defensive line.

As many of you people on here know I love the Offensive and Defensive line. I probably spent as much time watching McGlynn and Herremans wreck people on screen plays as I did McCoy actually running...


Guide for the new BGNers.

This is something I wrote as a suggestion (take it seriously) for the new guys who keep posting... So for those of you who are new, please read this whole thing.


I apologize for this.

Ok, well I wasn't on BGN much yesterday and I missed the signings of Ronnie Brown, Ryan Harris and Jarrad Page.. And I really would like to share my thoughts on them all in one place..

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