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I made a fantasy league..

I made a league on Yahoo. I know it's Yahoo but I really like their set up there and it was easy to do. Let's get 10 guys (or girls) who can come in and have some friendly fun and lets make this a...


The CB post to end all of the B.S.

Ok, I'm tired of all the CB posts asking questions, I am going over my thoughts. Bare with me please.


The backup QB situation should Kolb be traded.

I see a lot of people arguing over who we go after.. Favre, Hasselback, Wallace, McGrounder, Thigpen etc... Now here's a vote for a guy who's often times overlooked....


My analysis of the holes the Eagles need to fill, and what we can do.

While this has probably been done a 100 times this offseason I've just been thinking about the holes we have and what the possibilities are.. I'd like to go through a few things below before I...


My top 5 targets in FA.. and my 5 "no-go" guys.

Loooong offseason with nothing to talk about...   Well here's basically what this is.. A wish list for the 5 players I'd like to see in Eagles Green (in order) and why.. Now this doesn't mean I...


Quick Poll on CB's for you intelligent individuals

Ok, so as many of us know, Puffdaddy's a retard and know's nothing about shutdown CB's.


Could Avant be traded? If so what's the future looking like?

I know this is probably going to piss a lot of you guys off, but it's something I have been thinking about for a while now so just bare with me...


Who could be ready to emerge?

(Insert bitch fest about lockout)... so I'm going to write up some stuff on a few players I feel are ready to make a big jump for our Eagles.


My thoughts on this draft, our pick.(First round)

As all who have a simplistic understanding of the NFL draft and the normal workings it normally consists of we all know this draft was a weird one. Very weird. To many reaches, to many players...


Creative way to fix our Secondary.

First off this has been talked about in the threads. But I'd like to elaborate on it a little bit more and well I doubt this would ever happen, infact I'm merely writing this so we have something...


Who could be ready to step up?

So over the past few days I've been thinking about our positions of need, how there's not a CBA, how there might not be enough time to assimilate the rookies into the NFL and the FA Vet's into our...


For those who don't think Chaney will be a good MLB due to size.

Well BGN, this post is mainly directed towards Kevin M. who seems to think that Chaney doesn't have what it takes to play MLB in the NFL. And so I've decided to make a post to show why Kevin is...

This is actually pretty cool.. And the stuff he's doing is pretty difficult. I was a long snapper...


This is actually pretty cool.. And the stuff he's doing is pretty difficult. I was a long snapper periodically in HS, so I know how hard it is to just get it 10 yards back to the Punter.


Another OL post I've been working on all day before a

I'm going to go through who I think will be where next year in this post.

McElroy scored a 48 on the wonderlic


The Ex Alabama QB scored a 48/50, but isn't able to work out at the Combine due to injury. I forgot he was in this draft. He's one of the QB's I'd love to have here to. (though I think he'd be a career backup)


If you could have any prospect this year...

Eagladelphia had a great question in one of the other threads, but declined to make a fanpost about it while giving Electric and myself the opportunity to write it up and roll with it. So I want to...


2011 Mock Draft. wild_edition.

As you all probably know I am wild_eagle and I take my stuff seriously here. Jason posted his get your mock draft on the front page and so I figured "why not?" Below is how I feel the draft will...


Illegal Forward Pass: wild_eagle edition.

If you guys missed it, Uda and I are going to be taking turns week after week breaking down some of the most memorable plays in recent Eagles history. Uda will be doing the offense, while I'll be...


My Dream scenerio.

Now in this post I'm going to assume we have a CBA. So keep up.


Ok, lets get this out of the way one more time.

Okay my BGN friends, let's revisit what is going to be going on this offseason.. There is no CBA, we know that, there is no reason to mention it on every single "this is what I think will happen"...


High Risk, High Reward.

Ok, as we all know the news broke that Castillo is now our Defensive Coordinator and all I have to say is "FUCK YEAH". Below are some reason's and what I think we should do to help him.


So I'm angry so here's a rant.

As most of you all have probably heard today that Goodell has said that if there is a work stopage in the NFL he'll cut his salary to $1... Here are my (most likely) unorganized thoughts below... I...

This guy has some balls.


This guy has some balls.

Rape goes full circle.


Mendenhall rapes Rothlisberger.


Offseason moves...? We'll here's my best guess.

As we've all seen there's like 400 of these in a row since about .5 seconds after we lost to the Packers... I've posted some stuff.. But I think this is what will end up doing as of now


So, before we go super emo...

Well if you're like me, you now want to go get the sharpest object you can find, or the gun outta the closet and proceed to impale yourself in some way shape or form... But as I began my quest for...


My Gameplan for Sunday (Offense)

A few days ago I wrote one of these for the Defense, I had some mixed reviews and a few people said they'd like to read what I wrote about the offense. This time I think I'm going to try and keep...


My Gameplan for Sunday(defense).

Alright to be honest I'm writing this because I'm really bored... Kinda sucks being stuck at home b/c my parents have to keep an eye on me almost constantly.. So I have been thinking for the past...


May I have your attention please?

Although Sundays game was meaningless I was upset we didn't win. However here's what I've taken away from this game, and alot of it is positive.

Garrett has the "interim" label removed.


A source says Garrett is the Cowboys new HC.

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