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5 RB's I'd rather have than McCoy.

Obviously we all know that McCoy just absolutely sucks, he's like so awful I could walk in there an take his job, he's just shit, scum, cant run, cant catch, and cant block, he's a waste of...


Play Lindley!

This is the official play Lindley post.. details below.


A rant by one wild_eagle.

I'm pissed about this game.. so I'm going to write, there will be no formatting, no rhyme or reason, just what I think.. Dont like that it's one big ass paragraph?? I dont really give a shit.


Merry Christmas to everybody here on BGN,

Hey guys, it's been an amazing year here.. Some noobs, the oldies taking over and as usual the norms kicking ass.. It's been a lot of fun talking Eagles and football in general with those of you...


So I do not normally look ahead to the next year, buuuut

I am struggling not to become an overconfident dick of a fan and ruin the good Karma we have for now.. So I've been dwelling about what could be next year.. And one thing that really excites me is...


wild_eagle's take on the game...

First off let me say SWEEEEEPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Secondly let me say... SSSSSSSSWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This game was a tough one, he's my good and bad...

Anthony Spencer fined for hit on Mike Vick.


Anthony Spencer was fined $12,500 on the late hit on Mike Vick which went unflagged.. Still would have liked the fine but this is a start. NOTE: This is not a fine for the sideline hit Spencer had on Vick.


Alright so I'm beginning to get angry at a few of you...

This is pretty much to those of you who are knocking on Bradley and Graham after they got hurt, you know who you are.


Defense Part 1: Defensive Line

Ok, as we all know our Defense is a bit up and down and we're hit or miss from drive to drive, game to game.. I've decided that I'm going to Break down the three units of our Defense. I'm going to...


Ok, I'm really starting to become annoyed...

Ok, this is going to be a little bit of a rant so bare with me.


My reaction/thoughts on the game and some questions..

Well I waited a day to write this because I just wanted to take some time, let it all soak in.. I didnt want to make a knee jerk reaction over anything so I just took a day... So here we go.


Good and Bad from the Eagles game...

First off I'm very happy about the Eagles winning, however I saw some things I liked and some things I didn't like.. So let's all be happy!


I'm not worried about the Falcons game.. PART 2!!!!!

Ok, so, I feel like I was the only one who had any confidence in our team going into this game... Let's take a look at my predictions/thoughts... Below is my original post, the bold is what...


I am not worried about the Falcons game...

Ok, so while most of you guys are flipping out about the Atlanta Game, I really am not worried about it. You might call me crazy, you might think I'm dumb, I really could care a less because it's...

No Lynch for the Eagles..


Ehh, atleast it puts the rumors to rest..


What the

Ok, how the hell can we sit there and play so well against Jax and Detroit yet we struggle against the Redskins??? Sure they have McNabb but we are the superior team and it definitely did not show...

Mike Vick opens up to Mora


Makes you respect the man a little more..


Some of wild_eagles thoughts..

Well today was a good day to be an Eagles fan, and I think we're all happy to see 2 out of 3 rivals go down to lesser opponents.. well here we go..


Before we get carried away with Vick, and my take on the team...

Look, I realize Vick had 103 rushing yards, 175 passing and a TD against the Packers, I realize he's the reason why the game was even close, I know that he looked like the Vick of old.. However...


How 2 REALLY fix the Eagles

Ok, so in light of that one punks shitty ass Maclyn and leshawn post I'd like to make a response in the form of a fanpost and go into actual detail...


Do we have 2 potential DROTY's?

As we all know we will most likely have 2 rookies starting on defense by about week 3(estimate on when Graham overtakes Parker) so this is what I feel about the Eagles have 2 potential DROTY...


Through the eyes of wild_eagle...

So, last night sucked dick... Enough said about the overall picture, here's some positives and negatives from last night and then some random thoughts.


My view of the Eagles...

First off It's been a while and its nice to get on here and put some stuff up, hopefully you enjoy it...


So, wild_eagle has returned...

Ok, So I, wild_eagle have returned from a long break, well I actually returned a few days ago but not at my usual strength... First off I'd like to explain my absence to you all... First off I...


The Ramblings of wild_eagle.

First off this is going to be minimally about football or the Eagles.. I just have some questions and things I'd like to share with those of you that care..


Oh god FS...

We all know that Marlin is gone for the season, we will most likely place him on IR late this week.. So I'd like to say that I hope Marlin has a speedy and healthy recovery and that he comes back...


Comparing the Eagles to their NFC East rivals(RB's, FB and OL)

I did part 1 a few days ago and I've spent some time thinking this one through and trying to improve upon my first one... So here we go...    


Comparing the Eagles to their NFC East rivals (QB's and WR's/TE's)...

First off this is most likely poorly done and will have many errors, just keep reading through and try to understand what I am saying. I'm going to compare QB's, RB's, FB's, WR's, TE's, WR's,...


Which Rookie has the best chance to make an immediate impact in 2010?

I have wanted to make this Fanpost for a while however I've been busy with my final month and a half of high school and I wanted to wait for our 2010 NFL Draftee's to all settle into our minds.....


Why I'm excited for the 2010-2011 season.

First off I like most of you would really like for the season to begin tomorrow.. however we all know that's not the case.. However since we have reverted to argueing between ourselves and all that...

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