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Interesting article on the NCAA's abdication of a universal concussion policy.


FSU is mentioned in the article. I didn't know that the NCAA let the schools set concussion policy.

The live debate over whether to Ban College Football


Buzz Bisinger and Malcolm Gladwell vs Jason Whitlock and Tim Green. I'm just piggybacking on the earlier post here is the actual debate. I haven't watched it yet but I'm gonna sit down here. I do think it's interesting how the poll results changed from mostly being against a ban to a majority for it after the debate.

An interesting indictment of college sports


"Should college students play sports? Sure, for fun. Not to make money for their schools, massage the egos of donors and alumni, raise up false idols like Joe Paterno—and deprive themselves of a real education in the process. According to the NCAA, to be a top college football player takes at least forty-three hours a week. There is just no way that even a well-prepared, devoted student can handle a full load of courses around the edges of such a brutal and exhausting schedule. Instead, they’re hauled through dumbed-down courses in gut majors like "interdisciplinary studies" and "social science" by an army of tutors and professors who know the drill: we need this kid, so he’s got to pass. One of my heroines, Jan Kemp, lost her job teaching English at the University of Georgia when she went public with the pressures that were put on her to pass the athletes in her classes. Even with all that help, the graduation rate of Division I athletes, 65 percent, is nothing to cheer about." Thoughts?

A really cool article on Tallahassee


My friend wrote this article to clear the record on T-town. Check it out spread the word I'm tired of Tally being dissed in the media.

Lebatard rips the NCAA a new one


I pretty much agree with the whole thing.

Football and the concussion crises


A pretty damning article on the effects of playing football. I'm just not sure the game is going to survive in its current form into the future. It's just too damaging.

Florida State. The best team since 84


According to Football outsiders. Not sure if anybody posted this yet.

Wait there's a Brandon Spikes sex tape? umm ewwwww


Deadspin breaks the important stories once again.

Danny Kanell will be doing color for ESPNU


Alas he will be paired with Pam Ward. She's God awful.

Jimbo's new rules of engagement


This seems so obvious I can't believe we did it the other way for years. I'm surprised we didn't have more injuries over the years.

Why don't people care about FSU Bball


What do ya'll think of this premise? It seems a lot of people care around here.

How to help Haiti


If you haven't heard there's been a massive Earthquake outside of Port au Prince, Haiti. Here are a few ways to help. You can also text Haiti to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross.


Doesn't it seem like we were asleep for a decade and are just now waking up?

Ok first try wasn't long enough.  Dang I didn't know I'd get a warning for posting too short a Fanpost I thought it wouldn't let you publish if it was too short.  Anyway.  My point remains. A lot...


What are the tangible benefits of UF's spending?

FSUn has said numerous times that the gap between UF and FSU's ability to spend is so great that we (FSU) will never be able to compete with them again.


I probably won't even watch the game

I can't be the only one.  I just can't take it.  It's too freaking embarrassing I'd rather not ruin my vacation. It might be this site is making me super negative cos in past years I would delude...

FSU BBall Recruits


Anybody heard of these guys? How is the class? Since we're a basketball school now I figured somebody would have a good perspective on our new class.


Bowden and the National Press

So I was listening to PTI and Around the Horn yesterday.  Listening on podcast because I'm out west and work when they're on but they both brought up Bowden's presser.  It seems as if the National...

Our athletes read at a second grade level.


Apparently my last shot got deleted. Didn't know we couldn't use profanity. Oh well it still sucks and it's still embarrassing that this stuff comes out in a national paper.

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