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Creativity Requested...

We are not in a typical situation this trade season. In fact, our situation is extremely unique.  First of all, we can't be sure if Schafer is going to keep it up and be as good of a CF as we'd...


A radical look at division shuffling

Alright, so I have seen several attempts to reshape the leagues. Personally, I think they are pretty alright as they are, but I still thought it would be fun to take a stab at it.   One of the...


How bad we want Schafer to thrive

Some might be thinking that the biggest hole in the lineup is center field, and that it's the place to upgrade with a trade regardless of Schafer's performance.  However, many of the available...

Wagner - 2nd lowest career ERA in the live ball era


Mariano Rivera's career ERA is 2.22 Wagner's is 2.31 No one else in the top 6 pitched later than '90 (meaning, none of the other guys besides these two had to dance around the steroid era). Hall of Famer? YES

Freeman in May


Thus far it seems the prediction that he would take some time to adjust to the league has proven true--So too has the prediction that he would be able to do so successfully. In April he hit 225/324/393 In May he hit 282/351/400 before his 2-4 day today. Lookin good Freddie. He hit one more homer in April and a couple more doubles, I'm looking for a big month of June, keeping the average up and adding some extra base hits.


There should be a forum

for users to communicate directly with the moderators.  And when a moderator attacks a user,  the user has the right to know which moderator it was,  and should have the opportunity to respond.  If...


is there a pitching stat for SO +GB?

I would love to see the following stats SO + weakly hit ground balls + in field fly outs + foul ball fly outs SO + GB outs SO + GB Do these stats exist? Where Can I find them?  The first stat would...


curveballs to a flat forum

There hasn't been a new fan post in days now, and what we've got haven't received a lot of responses.  A couple curveballs came to mind that I thought might stir it up, so let's see what yall...

Utley's knee


First I wanna say, by no means do I want to celebrate an injury to anyone.. I just wanted to throw this out there and ask some questions.. Obviously Brown is out till at least May, and they are saying he won't have much power all year even still. I would be surprised if there weren't further complications either. What I want to ask about Utley's knee is, if he is struggling with tendentious before the season has gotten going, how likely is it that it won't bother him throughout the season? Is this the kind of thing that is going to demand extra off days? Will it decrease production when he plays? Is it going to limit his abilities as a defensive 2Basemen? Any docs or trainers here at TC wanna chime in? I would consider it real bad news for the Phillies to see these injuries. Without Utley, their thinning offense is substantially less imposing.


Biggest Stories in Baseball - 2011

Some of yall must have seen this dream job opportunity with MLB ( One of the questions in the application is what we think will be the...


so Bobby Richardson is coming to my church tomorrow night

what would yall say to the guy if you were at a dinner with him? Golden Glove second basemen for the Yankees for five strait years, and...

Pujols to the Braves - its worth dreaming about


Say whatever about bleacherreport, it's a fun question to play with... and I am all about freddy.. but come on, this is pujols, we gotta talk about it.. could the braves be just that team where he would play for a little less because our image isn't the money bags? Because that's what people are going to be saying about him for leaving in the first place.. if he goes to the yankees he is a strait sell out, or the mets pretty much. Coming to the braves might be the best move! How much would our revenue go up? In merchandise sales, and televised games, and playoff appearances?? I'd say some millions.. 11 year 280 mil contract


Clutch Hitting, Myth or Magic?

I thought since we don't have a lot to talk about relative to our players, that we might debate some of the more debated abstract issues around right now..  This could be a series, but let's start...


hopes for spring training?

I thought maybe we could find the least stale rosterbation if we framed the question this way.  I hope KK pitches dominantly so we can trade him I hope Conrad kicks Mather's ass because he deserves...

shaolin monk throws needle through glass


damn, try this one! sign him up! i hope a mod deletes the other one haha

Cabrera on bench


can you believe it? Cabrera has even been bumped to the Royals bench!

Payroll summation The Braves seem to have about $3-$5 million remaining to spend. This figure could...


Payroll summation The Braves seem to have about $3-$5 million remaining to spend. This figure could change if they are able to move Kawakami or possibly secure a multi-year deal that would provide a little less than the $10 million figure he's projected to receive via arbitration this year. whattttt? kk is going through arb. and will get 10 not 7?

How does Uggla shape our game plan?

I think we all have some ideas about what this signing might mean. Obviously Prado moves to left. But what else? I would like to see us all take a stab at what this means for team shape.  I want to...


what's a bigger need, left or center field?

Alotta people are calling for a star left fielder, but I think before we do we have to evaluate how that would impact our outfield as a whole. It seems a near consensus that mclouth will be with...

wagner and saito


the last section is on the incredible strikeout rates of our two back end pitchers.. We could throw a masterpiece with our bullpen I think 9. Wagner 8. Saito 7. Venters 6. Kimbrel 5. Moylan 4. Oflarity 3. Dunn 2. Farnsworth 1. Christian Martinez Say what you want about farnsworth, he is pretty good for the eighth most reliable reliever in the pen... Just pllleeeassseeee never in a crucial situation

Tommy Hanson enters Monday's start against the Marlins at 10-11 with a 3.51 ERA. He is the only...


Tommy Hanson enters Monday's start against the Marlins at 10-11 with a 3.51 ERA. He is the only Braves pitcher in the modern era (since 1966) to make at least 30 starts and post a 3.51 ERA or better. Warren Spahn and (1952) and Denny Lemaster (1963) are the only members of the franchise to do so since 1950.¬ebook_id=15107082&vkey=notebook_atl&c_id=atl

Howards massive wedgie after spraining his ankle


Howards massive wedgie after spraining his ankle


What's our best outfield?

Out of Heyward, Diaz, Hinske, Cabrera, Infante, Blanco, and Clevlin what's our best outfield and when? For me, it hinges around making infante a more regular outfielder. He is a consistent hitter,...


How to speed up baseball w/o accelerating the game

50 years ago people thought the future was about flying cars, but really its been breakthroughs like the internet... So my question is this: is the way to speed up the game really expanding the...


death and rebirth - '10 mythical braves

First of all, as a mythology grad student ( check it out, theres no school like it), I am looking at yesterday's retirement talks and conversations with wren/cox as a symbolic death...


unmentioned advantages of our switch hitting bench

2 scenarios: 1) their closer throws with the same arm as the starter 2) their closer throws opposite the starter     if their closer throws with the opposite arm as the starter, our versatile...


lineup quandries

does anyone think we will see a relative platoon of glaus and mccann in the 4 and 5 spots based on the pitcher? I am in favor of glaus and mccann platooning at 4 and 5, it will benefit chipper...


leadoff hitters

if mclouth continues to prove he shouldn't be leading off, what do yall think about batting him second and platooning Diaz and Cabrera in the leadoff spot?  Cabrera bats around 300 when he leads...

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