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Notre Dame joins the ACC... Kinda

In all sports other than football and hockey, though they'll be sort of adjunct member in football, playing 5 ACC foes per year. Here's the story, breaking today. I think this shuts the door on...


Football Outsiders on the Big 12

To me, the actual beginning of football season is the day that Football Outsiders publishes their almanac. That day was yesterday. If you don't know ... get to know it. Those...


The Season in Rock

Once upon a time PB nominated me this site's resident music critic. Who am I to argue with the boss? As I look back on 2011, I can't help but thinking my twin obsessions had remarkably similar...


Aggies - Horns in Texas Monthly

I'm surprised no one has posted about the recent Texas Monthly cover story. I might have missed it, but also it's paywalled. Regardless, it's a pretty fair and measured discussion of a situation...

Are we truly a national program?


According to this fascinating breakdown in the New York Times, we are. And guess who else is? Little Brother. It's worth reading in its entirety, but based on a national survey, UT is the fifth most popular program in the country, with 2.25 million fans -- just below Notre Dame and just above... Texas A&M. Some great insight here into why some programs are players, and others are getting played, in the current conference chaos.

Two major programs are about to have QB problems


LSU is the big one since they were in the preseason national title conversation. But the hammer's about to come down on Miami, as well: Remember, Miami plays Ohio State in Week 2 in the NCAA Violations Bowl, our friends from Manhattan, KS in Week 3, and are a potential spoiler for Florida State (provided the Seminoles get past OU, which I don't see happening but that's just me). Also this should serve as a reminder to my BON friends that college football intrigue is happening outside of Texas right now. I'm ready to move on.


2011 Longhorn Football Pop Quiz

Please show your work. Grades will be announced in January. This is an open-book test, so feel free to use any resources at your command.


As The Aggies Turn

Bumped from the Fan Posts. Despite bitching in many quarters about Rick Barnes' $200,000 raise -- deserved or not, this is how the game is played in big-time college basketball -- we should be glad...


Build Your Own Big XII

Time to put on your Commissioner Cap. Imagine if you could create a new Big 12 Conference from scratch, without regard to politics, television contracts, prior conference affiliation, or hurt...

Win Your Office Pool by Picking Texas


Interesting take from a place I don't usually get my sports news: The upshot is that if you want to win your pool, pick the Horns because they're the best "bargain:" cold statistical analysis loves Texas (KenPom gives UT a 5.8% chance to win it all) but the pundits and pickers don't (only 1.8% of ESPN bracketeers like Texas as champs). It worked for Duke last year. I don't buy it (as I don't buy the Horns getting past the hated Dookies, to say nothing of Oakland) but I don't get paid to write about sports.


Should the Horns open next season in the Top 25?

It's my contention that pre-season Top-25 lists are next to useless. And by extension, such lists which are created the day after the MNC are, in actual fact, useless. However I live in the real...


This is the year...

Because every day until kickoff is another 24 hours of football fixation, I thought I'd kill some time with a season  prediction thread. (Sorry PB if I've stolen your thunder.) Rather than just the...


Most hated OOC program

  Inspired by the "Legends of the Fall" fanshot, I humbly offer another off-season, pre-practice time-waster for everyone else who goes to sleep at night thinking about college football. My...

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