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Long-time resident of Florida, professional librarian, amateur writer, huge sports fan rooting for his home team (Go BUCS! Go RAYS! Da BOLTS!) and college teams (Go GATORS! Go BULLS!)

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Observations of the Bucs-Chiefs 10/14/12 Feel-Good Game Of the Weekend

1) Yes, this was a game against a team - Kansas City - that was clearly worse than the Bucs currently are right now. The Chiefs were coming in with a backup QB - Brady Quinn - who never lived up...


Observations of the Bucs/Cowboys "This Was a BAD Loss" Disaster 9/23/12

1) For starters, it's official. There is no more Polling options on the Fan Posts menu. This means the wacky, half-baked polls I made to make my Fan Posts enticing for the Front Page are no more. ...


Observations of the Bucs/Giants Y U B Breaking Mah Heart Tearjerker 09/16/12

1) I was at the Palm Harbor Selmon's this afternoon - as I can no longer afford attending ANY sports game in person, my indulgences have been reduced to sports bars, but I'm not complaining as the...


Observations of the Bucs/Panthers Headdesking 09/09/12

Fan's observations of the Bucs/Panthers game Sept.9 2012.


Witty "No Punters Drafted" 2012 Draft Review (with poll)

I know that when I make my mock drafts, I taunt the other teams about not caring what they drafted as long as the Bucs did right by me. I would say "You all could draft punters for all I care." A...


Witty's "Holy Heck, What Do We Do Now?" Rest-Of-The-Draft Mockery 2012

Now that Round One is over, and we're stuck with bickering over the wisdom of the trade-down with Jacksonville (WHY DIDN'T WE GET MORE PICKS OUT OF IT?!), we need to take this break in the...


Witty's "If We Draft A Punter I'm Rioting, Who's With Me?" Final Mockery for the Bucs 2012 draft

This is it. This Thursday is the Big Evening Event for Bucs fans everywhere (including the sizable fanbase in the UK, whom I don't blame for those terrible London games (I blame the Glazers and...

Witty's "I Have No Idea What This Year's Draft Is Gonna Look Like" mockery (final thoughts)

Okay, so the draft night (Thursday) is less than a week away now. I'm pretty sure we've all got a good idea how the draft is gonna roll out, especially with teams like the Jets, Giants, Cowboys, R...


Witty's "What Do I Know" Mock Bucs Draft 1.0.1

Here once again is my attempt to pretend I'm the team's GM, able to browbeat both the Head Coach and the team owners into submitting to MY will BWHAHAHAHA. Which of course in Real Life will never...

Witty's April Fools Mock Draft 2.0.3

It's April 1. Day of Fools. And on this day, I have the Indianapolis Colts drafting... Bryan Anger, Punter, California. ...heh. Okay, seriously, here are my rules: 1) It all revolves around what...

Witty's "Insane In Teh Membrane" Mock Draft 1.0.0

I'm baaaaaaaack... For those of you who don't know, here are the rules of a Witty Mock Draft: 1) It all revolves around what Tampa Bay does. I don't care about the rest of you, your teams can...


Things to Consider During the Bucs Head Coach Search

1) There are no glamour picks out there, boys and girls. There's no Bill Parcells to tempt and taunt our ownership this time. The biggest name in HC is Bill Cowher and he's staying put in his...


Observations of the 2011 Buccaneers Nightmare

1) This has the feel of a post-apocalyptic world: the living envy the dead. It's a good thing Lee Roy wasn't here to witness this... 2) The season opened with such hopes: our secondary was...


Observations from the Cowboys Home Game at Ray Jay 12/17/11

1) The only good reason to watch the Bucs on television? The sideline shots of incredibly hot cheerleaders. I think we've got the best krewe of ladies in the league. 2) Meanwhile, our Secondary...

Tampa Bay Bucs: Serious Team Needs in 2012

Other than all-new coaching at Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and Secondary Coaching. Seriously. This has been a baaaaaaad year. Need listed by position from QB onward:


Observations of The Bucs' Auditioning Game To Qualify for C-USA 12/11/11

1) After all, the USF Bulls are looking to have a better season than the Buccaneers right now... and the Bulls SUCKED this year... So if Tampa Bay doesn't qualify for Big East status they might as...


Poll: Gonna Need A New Name For Big East Conference

Considering the Big East Football program is looking to add a set of schools that aren't even east of the Mississippi River - Houston, Southern Methodist, San Diego St., Boise St. - the moniker of...


Observations Of The Throwback To The Yuc Years Bucs/Panthers 12/4/11 Sighfest

1) Imagine you're Jimmie Giles. You're getting honored at this throwback uniform game for all the great work you've done as a 4-time Pro Bowler for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The current Bucs...


I Can't Give You Any Observations of the Bucs/Packers 11/20/11 Game

1) Mostly because I bummed out all afternoon.  My NaNoWriMo writing is going nowhere, I was busy this morning helping my brother with a flooded condo, and... other problems.  Sorry


Observations From a Guy Who Stopped Caring After the First Play of the Bucs/Texans Fiasco 11/13/11

1) I mean, seriously, the first play from scrimmage was Houston throwing an 80-yard touchdown pass.  Considering the Bucs' offense doesn't rev up until the Second Half, the odds were pretty good at...


Observations of the Bucs/Saints 11/6/11 Disaster

1) On the one hand, I'm perfectly content at this moment with having Josh Freeman as our franchise QB.  On the other hand, I know it's too late for the Bucs to go charging into the "Suck For Luck"...


Observations of the Bucs/Bears Tearjerker 10/23/11

1) I've got a simple solution for the 0-2 woes the Bucs have when they play in London. STOP PLAYING IN LONDON.


Observations From a Guy Who Didn't Even Listen to the Bucs/Saints Scrape 10/16/11

1) True story.  Every time I had the radio on, the Bucs played lousy.  So I turned it off, took care of some stuff around the house, then checked the Internet for the score to find the Bucs up...


Observations of the "Referees Want To Win This Game" Bucs vs. Colts 10/3/11 Comedy of Errors

1) So I get a call Monday morning, it's my brother who'd gotten tickets to the Colts game from a friend (hey, Denny!) and so I got a chance to witness first hand how a referee crew can nearly mess...


Observations of the Stop Putting Lumpkin In When You've Got Blount Bucs/Falcons Heart Attack 09/25/11

1) Why did I keep hearing Lumpkin's name in singleback sets well into the Fourth Quarter?  I'm okay with Graham as a singleback to some extent because he can get first downs, is a reliable safety...


Observations of the "Will You Idiots Take Your Second Half Playbook And Use It During the First Half" Bucs at Vikings 9/18/11 Heart Attack

1) One of the big hopes coming into the 2011 season was that our team's offense would have a year of experience under their collective belt, and with that experience the Bucs' offense would be more...


Observations from the Stands USF vs FAMU

1) You know, the FAMU football team ought to be grateful that the university's marching band takes them everywhere. 2) I know, that's not fair.  I shouldn't snark.  FAMU came up to play football...


Observations from the Upper Deck of the Ray Jay for the 9/11 Bucs/Lions Debacle

NOTE: Edited for some text correction and removal of freudian slips. 1) Yes.  I indulged in a ticket for today's game, pretty much the only game ticket I'll be able to afford all season long.  I...


Observations From the Stands USF vs Ball State

1) Big hello to the USF / Manchester England fan base that we got started tonight in Sect 239! 2) There was talk about how much Notre Dame paid out USF for their game last week.  Which was, by the...


Off-Topic: Realigning the NFL Conferences

This is an idea that's been bugging me the last two days, and not knowing anywhere else to post this I brought it here. With all the conference shuffling in college football going on at the moment,...

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