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Long-time resident of Florida, professional librarian, amateur writer, huge sports fan rooting for his home team (Go BUCS! Go RAYS! Da BOLTS!) and college teams (Go GATORS! Go BULLS!)

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Witty's 2011 Predictions for the Bucs Regular Season

Let's just see how off the mark I get... Week 1 vs. Detroit: The Lions are coming off of perhaps their most positive season in years.  Yes, they went 6-10, but the second half of their season was...


Do The Football Bulls Have a Rival?

Florida has Georgia. Florida State and Miami have each other. Auburn has Alabama. Army vs. Navy. Ohio State vs. Michigan.  Texas vs. Oklahoma.  Oregon vs. Oregon State.  Notre Dame vs. Expectations...


OTTOTD 6/14: Send It Up The Flagpole...

And see who salutes: In the United States, Flag Day is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened that day by resolution of the Second...


Witty's Unavoidable Review the 2011 Bucs Draft

Yeah, I stopped doing this on my own HTML-based website when I realized I can confirm annoying people here with my assessments. My rules:  1) Does the Pick Fill A Need  then 2) Does the Player Make...

Witty's Impulsive I-Grade-Like-A-Third-Grade-Teacher Review of First Round 2011 Draft

The values I assign to the picks are completely arbitrary and are in no way based on reality, facts, or future potential.  So there.  Read on...1.  Panthers - Cam Newton, QB Auburn While this draft...


At Selmons, In Tampa, Thursday Night Apr. 28 - Draft Mocking Party

After the handful of mock drafts I've done, and that some of you have done, now is the time to go to a sports bar and mock the draft altogether. And what better place to do it than Selmons off of...

Witty's So-I-Made-A-Few-Mistakes 2011 Mock Draft 2.0

This is not rocket science.  It's actually quantum physics.  Because everything can change before, during AND after you observe the event.  Schrodinger's Cat... AIN'T GOT NOTHING... ON ME! Do not...


2011 Draft Party: is this a possibility this year?

Is there an opportunity to call together the fans here on Bucs Nation to a sports bar to watch the Thursday evening NFL draft on Apr. 28th this year?


Witty's Kamakaze-Scotsman Mock Draft For the 2011 Bucs

  I'll make it a good 'un, Captain!  (jumps to his death)   (Hmm.  Embedding the video isn't showing in previews.  Darn) So, who wants to read a half-crazed, poorly-thought-out Mock Draft for the...


Witty's Why-The-Hell-You-Messin-With-Me-Talib List of Needs for 2011 Bucs Draft, Part II

You know, it's a good thing I divided up my Draft Needs into two parts - offense and now defense - here on BN, simply because if I had posted a full list of needs before Aliq Talib went gun crazy...


Witty's Arbitrary And Unprofessional List of Team Needs for 2011 Bucs Draft, Part I

Normally I'd be putting this up on my html website, the section dedicated every year to the Bucs' NFL draft.  But this year I decided, Forget It.  I've got you wonderful people to annoy here on...

Witty's Not-As-Researched-As-He-Thinks-It-Is Mock Draft 1.0

After some review of the materials out there, and considering some of the mock drafts I've witnessed from fellow draftnik fans here at MTD, I went and formed my own mock draft... and pretty much...

I Require More Research Before I Mock

And yes, while my previous attempts at Mocking a Draft have been worthy of mockery, I don't like going in completely blind (just completely mental.  Totally different head). Above all, I need...


Witty's Its-Too-Early-To-Predict 2011 Bucs Draft

Yeah, well, I got nothing better to do while I job-hunt... This is a draft with a few variables to it: The Bucs have a trade with Kansas City - that garnered DE Magee - involving a switch of draft...

Tampa Bay 2011 Draft Needs

Now that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are out of the playoff picture, the only things to worry about now are 1) the CBA talks, 2) Free Agency, and 3) The 2011 Rookie Draft.  I have no input on 1), and...


Observations of the Bucs/Saints 1/2/11 Victory For The Ages

1) There was I think just one guy on the planet who had the Bucs winning 10 games this 2010 season. If Raheem Morris does not win the Coach of the Year award for coaching the team to those 10...


Former Buc Chris Colmer died a few days ago...

I didn't see much in the papers or on the news about it, only saw it when I checked the Wiki Deaths updates to see if anyone famous died on New Years yet...  He was drafted out of NC State back in...


Observations of the Bucs/Seahawks 12/26/10 Sanity Clause Game

1) Right now, let us consider that at the beginning of the year, every NFL scout and beat reporter picked the Bucs to finish this year 3-13 or worse.  That no one had faith in the Bucs' offense or...


Observations of the Bucs/Redskins 12/12/10 WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT Game

1) I dunno if I ever made this clear, here or on the alt.sports Usenet where I used to post these observations, but the Bucs playing in Washington is never as easy or as fun as it looks on paper. ...


Observations of the Bucs/Ravens 11/28/10 Reality Check

1) Reality Check: the 2010 Tampa Bay Bucs are improved from 2009.  They just can't beat the good teams (Atlanta, Pittsburgh, New Orleans, now Baltimore) yet.  At least keeping the score respectable...


Observations of the Bucs/49ers 11/21/10 Shutdown

1) Good Lord.  The Bucs haven't had a shutout game since 2004?  Must have had a few games where we gave up a field goal or something... ;-) 2) Another thing that was great about this win: the Bucs...


Seven Games Remaining. Can The Bucs Make the Playoffs?

Playoffs?!  PLAYOFFS?!?!  You wanna talk about PLAYOFFS?! Yeah, sure coach.  Because it's mid-November and the teams are starting to separate between the pack of winners and the pack of losers,...


Observations of the Bucs/Panthers 11/14/10 Yomp

Yomp is a word.  It's for you British fans out there (and yeah the Bucs have Brit fans!) 1) This wasn't a Signature win: not a win that we could point to as a sign to the rest of the league that...


Observations of the Bucs 2010 Midseason

1) I did not have the Bucs at 5-3 at this point.  I had them as more 3-5.  Silly me. 2) There are a lot of Good News / Bad News to be had.  The Good News is that for a young team the Bucs are...


Observations of the Bucs/Falcons 11/07/10 Collapse

1) All good things must come to an end...  The Bucs' rather nice 5-game road win streak couldn't keep going, after all.  And at least it was against a solid opponent who looks to be the top NFC...


What's this about expanding the Big East?

Have read the article on ESPN, and I do take them to task by suggestion Central Florida as a "possible rival"... considering we've beaten them all four times we've played.  Western Kentucky has...


Observations of the Bucs/Cardinals 10/31/10 Scarefest

1) (Insert John Carpenter's Halloween theme song here) 2) Okay, new rule: no trick or treating on a Football Sunday until AFTER the Bucs' game is finished.  Stop ringing that doorbell...! 3) The...


Questions: 2010 Postseason

Since I'm not the statistical expert, perhaps I can ask the questions so we can get the stats all piled up and sorted so we can get a good idea how the Rays are going to fare in the 2010...


My Problems With the Attendance Debate

Even as the Rays clinch a playoff spot (now we need the division title and home field!) the dark beast known as Attendance Woes consumes most of the fans, the players, and the media's attentions. C...


Where does Garza's No-Hitter rank in Tampa's Greatest Sports Moments?

Started arguing this issue with my brother as we walked outside the Trop.  The top two moments are pretty obvious, but everything from Moment Number Three on down are up for debate...

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