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I'm a speech therapist in the East Bay.

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Uniform changes coming?

First saw this on Uniwatch today:  In this article on 49ers.com there are some pictures of guys practicing wearing gray facemasks, like the ones used in the glory years.  Uniwatch speculates that...

How to sync TV and Radio Audio - no Joe Buck!

I hate listening to Joe Buck so I did some research to see how to sync the radio audio with the TV picture. I wrote about it - check it out.

Blog post about our celebration

You guys inspired me so much with the Phillies victory celebration that I had to write a blog post about it...

Question for Halos fans

I saw that Napoli had his jersey unbuttoned and tucked under the other night, and someone told me that he does this all the time and it never flaos out, as if it's fastened somehow. Is that true? Is there a story behind this? Asked in the uniwatch comments but no answers... thanks!

Would you do tournament semis

My friend has a blog that I write for from time to time and we're in the middle of the Would you do tournament. Big matchup today and it's close so far, so go vote!

We were talking about the possibility of the Giants going with pinstripes (not speculation, just...


We were talking about the possibility of the Giants going with pinstripes (not speculation, just curiosity of what it would look like) in this thread, so I made a mock up.

Ned calls Blake a "Gamer"

"Casey Blake is a gamer," Dodgers GM Ned Colletti said. "His experience and character will be a plus as we head down the stretch in the final two months of the regular season." But can he play baseball?

Mediocre MLB players of the 1990's draft

another plug for the blog I write for. good fun on MLB draft day. Vote for JMC!

Randy Johnson is Ugly

I write for a blog. It's immature. It's fairly funny. I know people here, especially Grant, love to make fun of how ugly Randy Johnson is. I wrote about it yesterday.


Lowry to have surgery

http://sanfrancisco.giants.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20080306&content_id=2409476&vkey=spt 2008news&fext=.jsp&c_id=sfSanchez time?  Apparently he has exertional compartment syndrome, whatever...


Happy VDay Bamm-Bamm

I would like to take this opportunity to declare my man-crush on Patrick Willis.  I love you Patrick, and I think you're the best.  I hope you anchor the 49ers defense for many years to come....


OT: Fun with photoshop / link dump

Since I have something that would go in a link dump, and there isn't one up, I'll make one.  I'm pretty proud of my latest photoshop creation so I thought I'd share with all of you what I did....


49ers - Rams: Dilfer starting Sunday

[EDITOR'S NOTE 1:20PM] - I picked this up from the diary section and removed the part saying "Give up now." My own opinion issue is that I'd rather Smith not further aggravate the injury during a...


Former 49ers Head Coach Dick Nolan Passes Away

[EDITOR'S UPDATE - 10:00PM]Denise and John York on Dick Nolan's passing:"The San Francisco 49ers organization is mourning the loss of one of our legends with the passing of Dick Nolan. Our thoughts...


It's Official: Omar Back

What we all knew was going to happen finally looks to be official.  Omar is back:http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/11/09/SPM8T9KGV.DTLAgain I say: WHY?


Nolan Approval Rating

Over on ESPN.com they have weekly approval ratings for the coaches.  I voted that I DON'T approve of the job Nolan is doing (because the offense has looked like total crap).  If I see some...


Roster Moves / Goodbye Jacobs

The niners made some moves today including dumping Taylor "no clue why I'm getting playing time over Lelie" Jacobs, and re-signing Bryan Gilmore. It's all covered over at Instant 49ers.Fine by me....


What was up with the concessions??

I know this is petty.  I know this is ridiculous.  I know this is probably a waste of a diary.  But my god.  It's the last game of the season and Barry's last game as a Giant.  You'd think...


More "insight" from the World Wide Leader

EDITOR'S NOTE - 3:10PM - I'm in class and was gonna mention this when I got home, so this is as good a time as any. Didn't really tell us much of anything we don't already know, but always amusing...


Would you rather... a philosophical question

Ok folks here it is, a question I often ponder, although usually in relation to baseball, but it works either way.Would you rather:a) have your favorite team be mediocre to bad for years and years,...


Nolan to wear the suit 8 times

In more uni-related news (Thanks Uniwatch), Mike Nolan will wear a suit at all the home games this season.  The suit is designed this year not by Reebok but by Joseph Abboud, and will apparently...


Uniforms - Throwbacks all season?

Two news items recently indicate the team is thinking about going with the old uni's all season, as a tribute to Bill Walsh.  There were rumors that Nolan was considering this change anyway, so...


Moment of Silence for Bill Walsh

RIP Bill Walsh.......................................................................................................


Wish Me Luck

Hey everyone,Just wanted to say thanks for all the kinds words and the outpouring of support.  I'm looking forward to the game tonight and trying to stay focused and not get too excited.  So wish...


Never too late to brag

Well, I just remembered that I never checked the final standings in our NCAA bracket pool on ESPN.  I was pretty sure that going into the final I couldn't be caught, and, right I was.  I WIN!!! I...


OT: Happy Birthday Poe! (complete with embarrasing picture)

Friends,It is the date of birth of my wonderful big brother Poe, the man who finally 3 months late purchased Grant's Xmas gifts.  In honor of his entry into his 30's I say Happy Birthday!Check him...


Goodbye Antonio

It's official.  49ers Release BryantIn his honor I will post this fantastic picture:I for one am unhappy.  He may be a bad teammate, but he was our most talented receiver.  Are we going after a...

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