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Basketball IQ


Chicago Bulls players and basketball IQ

What if I don't want a Big Mac? (No offense, Brad!)


If the Bulls players were the McDonalds' menu...

Season Stats, Take 2


So borrowing yesterday's nifty little chart didn't work so well - it is, after all, difficult to make accurate comparisons when you start with inaccurate numbers.  Unfortunately for me, once I get...

Kirk has been a starting point guard since he's been in the league and this year, he moved to the...


Kirk has been a starting point guard since he's been in the league and this year, he moved to the bench," Gordon said. "I'm definitely sure he'd probably like to be back in that starting role and playing the way he's been playing in the past. So I don't know if (the lineup) has worked out that well. We still have a lot of guards that commanded a lot of minutes.

Crowded backcourt makes it hard to predict how Bulls will play hand

How Long till the Draft?


  So it turns out this is kind of hard.  Not that I ever thought it was easy for Matt to find stuff to post during the offseason, but it is harder than I expected.  The local beat writers aren't...

Swirsky interview with Portland radio station


Starts about the 15 minute mark - Portland was wanting to talk Kirk, so if you don't want to spend time listening to Swirsk sing his praises you may want to skip it. ;) He does talk a little Ben situation, too.


Blazer's Edgers Want to Know....

Hey guys, I know we've had multiple discussions about Kirk and Ben going on over here.  Well, turns out our buddies over in Blazerland are having them as well.  Someone asked me what we would take...

Bulls among Playoff Leaders in various stats through Game 6

Minutes Played 2. John Salmons 271 minutes 3. Derrick Rose 270 minutes 7. Ben Gordon 258 minutes Minutes/Game 2. John Salmons 45.2 3. Derrick Rose 45 7. Ben Gordon 43 Field Goals 6. Derrick Rose 50 3-pt Field Goals 6. Ben Gordon 13 9. John Salmons 9 Kirk Hinrich 9 3-pt FG% 1. Brad Miller .833 Free Throws 7. Ben Gordon 34 Offensive Rebounds 2. Joakim Noah 26 Defensive Rebounds 3. Joakim Noah 51 Total Rebounds 2. Joakim Noah 77 Rebounds/Game 3. Joakim Noah 12.8 Total Rebound % 3. Joakim Noah 18.9% Assists 4. Derrick Rose 42 Assists/Game 6. Derrick Rose 7.0 Assist % 8. Derrick Rose 28.0% Blocks 2. Tyrus Thomas 18 4. Joakim Noah 13 Blocks/Game 2. Tyrus Thomas 3.0 4. Joakim Noah 2.2 Block % 1. Tyrus Thomas 7.5% 6. Joakim Noah 4.0% Points 6. Ben Gordon 137 Points Per Game 10. Ben Gordon 22.8 Turnover % (#1 being the good end....) 1. Ben Gordon 4.4%

It's official - no discipline for Rondo

[From the FanShots. Not a real surprise, it's laughable what Rondo's gotten away with, obvious to the point where an argument isn't even valid. Don't rationalize, Celtics fans, embrace your savvy veteran championship whatever. -ed.] Well, flagrant 1 stands.

Rondo foul officially under review


Not that I truly expect anything helpful to the Bulls to come from it, but at least the NBA is bothering to look.....

Anthony Roberson, top PER in the playoffs at 104.91 ;)


True, it's in 4 total minutes of play, but the next closest garbage minute man with a ridiculously high PER is only at 55.55, so let's hear it for Roberson and his 1.00 ts% and 46.2% usage rate!


Concerning the alleged inconsistency of one Mr. Ben Gordon

The issue of Ben being too "inconsistent" came up again in a thread the other day, and this time I decided I wanted to know how he compares consistency-wise to other top SGs in the league.  IMO,...


Great/Bad Player Games and W-L Record

Really not sure what to call this, honestly. I've been having this discussion about how consistent (or inconsistent) the Bulls players have been this year, how often certain players show up or...


Game Preview #78: Bulls v. Knicks

[Note by your friendly BullsBlogger, 04/07/09 3:52 PM CDT: Thanks to wjb1942 for today's game preview. I'm Lovin' it Live tonight!!! -ed.] So the end of the regular season draws near, with the...

"I faked a pass and got the dunk," Noah explained. "That was something that Brad does all the time...


"I faked a pass and got the dunk," Noah explained. "That was something that Brad does all the time - he always fakes the handoff. He's so slow, but he gets to the basket all the time. I feel like I'm learning from him. His craftiness is unbelievable because there's not a lot of players that play like Brad."

Mike McGraw, Daily Herald (Soak it in, Joakim!)

Open Thread/Game Preview #74 - Chicago Bulls v. Indiana Pacers

[Thanks to wjb1942 for today's game preview -ed.] With 9 games to go in the regular season, the Bulls (35-38, 23-12 home) are back within sight of .500 and have actually climbed to the 7th seed...


Game Preview #69: Bulls at Oklahoma City Thunder

Bulls - Thunder preview.

Luol Deng ready to defy trainer by fulfilling national duty


Lu continues to make friends and influence people through his dedication to the team... Unfortunately, that team is not the Chicago Bulls. (Hat tip to RealGM) Seriously, is it so hard at this point, when he reportedly hasn't even tested the leg, to just say something generic like he hopes to play but will have to see how things go with the injury? (Note, however, there are no quotes from Lu, so maybe it was more of an internal battle for him than the article implies...)

Bulls go Bowling


God, he is Boyaln reincarnated.


Game Preview #64: Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat

Bulls vs. Heat preview


Pointless Post: Random Oddities from Player Splits

Just for fun - I've been completely bored this afternoon, so wasted my time enjoying some basketball stats from the world-wide leader in suck.  Plus, I'm tired of arguing about who should be...


Game Preview #57: Chicago Bulls v. Orlando Magic

[Thanks to wjb1942 for today's game preview -ed.] Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the 57th game of your very own manic depressive Chicago Bulls, a team with dizzyingly rapid highs and lows that...


NBA Player Development articles at 82games.com

Roland Beech is back with more fun statistical stuff to read - a 7 part series on NBA player development.  The first two parts are up so far, Expected Performance by Draft Pick Number and B...

Rudy Fernandez hits a 3, breaks Kirk's record


New rookie record for consecutive games with a made 3-pointer - stands at 30 and counting. He didn't have a basket for a long time, but came on strong in the 4th quarter.


Hey, this sounds familiar! Need4Sheed reaction to last night....

So I was semi-trolling the Detroit coverage of their loss last night to our (once again) beloved Chicago Bulls - semi-trolling in the sense that I'm there to mock them, but do so to myself instead...

NBA takes away Lebron's Triple Double


Why? It seems Lebron's 10th rebound should actually have been credited to our old friend, Mr. Ben Wallace. So the stats have been changed to reflect the games rebounds accurately - Lebron - 9 Ben Wallace - 2 This is the most I've liked Ben since he was a Piston. :)

Game-winning Shots, from 82games.com


Yet another really interesting article from 82games.com. For a 5+ year period starting with the 03-04 season, Ben is tied for 7th with 12 total "game winning" shots, which is defined as last 24 seconds, team is tied or down 1 or 2 points. He's made 12/34 of those for a .353 shooting percentage. Apparently he also has 1 game winning assist and 4 TOs in that scenario. Ben was among the top 5 in 04-05 (4/7) and in 06-07 (5/14), but not in the top 5 his other years in the league. I didn't see any other Bulls on the lists.


Game Preview #46 - Bulls at Los Angeles Clippers

[Thanks to wjb1492 for today's game preview. Top notch! -ed.] Wednesday, January 28, 9:30 p.m.  Darn West coast games and their late starts! What to write about this team?  Matt, our friendly...

Adjusted +/- Ratings: New and Improved for '07-'08


From 82games.com - for those of you who like this stat, this is a pretty cool article. They've used the previous 5 years of statistics to help control the error rate for last year's +/- stats. For the Bulls, this results in Lu posting the highest rating and Larry the lowest, so no surprise there. The link is sorted by team so that all the Bulls players are listed together, but it's sortable by offensive, defensive, and overall +/-, and by position.

There's pessimistic, and then there's Chris McCosky (Eastern Conference rankings)


14. Chicago: Even if Derrick Rose is as advertised and Ben Gordon somehow gets re-signed, can this team still win more than 25 games? Who out of this collection of brick-layers becomes the go-to scorer? Who do you like at center, Joakim Noah, Tyrus Thomas, Drew Gooden? (But hey, at least Detroit has beat writers writing about something!)

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