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Lu not playing for GB after all?


According to Basketball 24/7, his contract won't be fully insured because of that back injury that kept him out a few games last year, so the NBA won't release him to play. Assuming this is true, I do feel bad for Lu because it seems really important to him to be able to represent GB. But there's that part of me that is also really glad he isn't out risking injury.

Thorpe's latest ode to Tyrus


(Link is to the insider chat from earlier today. Anyone who has read a Thorpe chat with the usual one liner responses will be extra-appreciative of the length and complete-sentencedness of this:) Richard (Las Vegas): Coach Thorpe, I got a chance to watch the Vegas Camp with the NBA players last week, and everyone was shocked at how great a person Tyrus Thomas was. He seemed so eager to learn and looked great on the court too. Thanks for helping such a talented player learn how to handle himself. David Thorpe: Tyrus is one of the most loving guys I've ever taught. He's truly a blessing. And remember, he's still just 21. We must allow all young people to grow up and find themselves. That he's finding his own stride now is great news for Chicago fans.

Bulls yet to offer Luol a contract

[From the FanShots. -ed.] Consider the source, but it includes this quote from Lu's agent: "And his agent insists that Chicago remains his number one choice of destination. He added: "I think part of that is Luol's determination to be part of a turnaround in Chicago. "Part of it is feeling excited about the new coach and his team mates and, also, part of it is that he has not been exposed to any other teams. "But there are other opportunities for Luol, it is just a question of the right fit because Lu is such a talented player and such a unique athlete and individual. It has to be the right fit. "Part of the process is educating Luol about other situations.""

Best and Worst of Orlando Summer League


Lowlights for the Bulls: Not a single player named to either the first or second team. Derrick Rose named biggest disappointment (although more for his knee only allowing the two games). And to top it off the "news" that DRose told CDR he is "frustrated in VDN's structured offense." (Shouldn't be a huge surprise, assuming it's true, given that Memphis was decidedly unstructured. And that quote is from the article, not a direct quote from DRose.)

Sonics and Seattle settle


I've been wondering if they'd settle since the experts I've been reading have said the decision was going to be a close one. Details still to come, but I'm guessing with a settlement that OKC gets basketball next season. Regardless of my opinions of the whole ordeal, add the Sonics to my list of teams Kirk can go to. ;)

Knick's PG pursuit will start with Duhon


Best part was this quote from Du's agent: "Chris' all-around game could blossom under an offensive coach like Mike D'Antoni. No one knows what will happen at this point, and who knows where things will end up, but the Knicks are a team we would hope would be genuinely interested. Chris is only 25, so he has room to grow."

What your favorite nba draft prospect says about you


Pretty cute, from Ridiculous Upside. Only 9 of the prospects are listed, though.

New Bullsbeat is up


This week's highlight - in describing last year as the "worst coaching in the history of the universe": "If I pissed in a cup and put it on the bench, it would have been just as good as Jim Boylan." As far as stuff relevant to the future, Doug says he's heard from multiple sources outside the organization that Rose is definitely the pick (although he then goes on to talk about Beasley being talented for a while anyway). Also, he has heard Bob Hill as lead assistant and is not thrilled with that.

Derrick Rose now scheduled to meet with the Miami Heat


That BJ Armstrong does a mean back-pedal. If you check out the poll, though, it looks like Miamians hold a grudge.

Bulls lobbying NBA for more time


"A source with the team confirmed to SSNN that the franchise has petitioned the NBA to move the draft back "just a month or two," to give the franchise proper time to make a decision on who to select with the number one pick. ... The source added Reinsdorf would also like to mull over the decision for at least an additional month after holding the workouts. Paxson was unavailable for comment, as he was stuck under Reinsdorf’s thumb. SSNN’s source said he’s not sure which player Paxson favors, because he has not heard the GM speak off the record for two years."

More famous than Becks and $50m is not enough...


Article about Lu in the Daily Mail, including some quotes from him. There's not much new, and it's more focused on the GB national team, but I think it's fun to read the hype over there.

NBA Satire: Bulls Expanding Coaching Search


OK, someone 'fess up to writing this.... Whoever it is has earned my undying admiration!

Catching Up with Aaron Gray


For Red, and anyone else dying to hear what Aaron's up to this summer. Warning - this is neither particularly informative nor particularly funny, and it's not even in a foreign language to add a little spice.


Open Game Thread #77: Bulls at Miami Heat

[Thanks to wjb1492 for today's game preview. Go Heat and Bobcats. -Matt]How great is it to cheer for a team that plays hard and plays together?  That makes its free throws?  That, when it stares...


Open Game Thread (Rant) # 67: Bulls vs. New Jersey Nets

[ed note: Thanks to wjb1492 for the game preview. This is great stuff. By the way, I'm one of the 'lucky' ones that's referenced at the end. -Matt]With more than 80% of the season gone now, and the...


Open Game Thread #62: Bulls at Boston Celtics

[ed. note: Thanks to wjb1492 for today's game preview. -Matt]I'm really not sure what to say about tonight after last night's win.  Part of me wants to be all excited and gung ho, but then I...


Open Game Thread # 58: Bulls vs. Washington Wizards

[Thanks to wjb1492 for tonight's game preview. -Matt]Yet another game originally slated for a national audience but now dropped in favor one between two good teams.  There's nothing quite like...


Open Game Thread #49: Bulls at Golden State Warriors

[Big thanks to wjb1492 for today's game preview. -Matt]Last night, the few Bulls actually available to play came close to beating the Blazers.  With Lu, BG and Kirk on the bench with injuries, and V...


Open Game Thread #44: Bulls vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

[Thanks to wjb1942 for today's game preview. -Matt]Everyone likes good news, right?  Well, part of the good news for the Bulls is that tonight's game is the front half of a home-and-home against...


Open Game Thread # 38: Bulls vs. Golden State Warriors

[Thanks to wjb1492 for today's game preview. If you want more, I was the 'A' in 'Q&A' over at GSoM. -Matt]Honestly, I have no idea what to say about tonight.  I'm still feeling pretty mellow...


Open Game Thread #32: Bulls vs. Sacramento Kings

[Thanks to wjb1492 for today's game preview. -Matt]Tonight the Bulls meet their near-twins from the Western Conference, the Sacramento Kings.  Both teams have a 12-19 record for the season, both...


If you like satire, or are pissed at Pax for not trading...

well, whoever you personally think he should have traded, I found this pretty funny:Paxson to Reject Numerous Trades for Gordon, DengMy favorite part: "I'm always on the lookout for ways to improve...


Open Game Thread #17: Bulls at Detroit Pistons

[Thanks to wjb1492 for today's game preview. -Matt]I'm guessing everyone remembers the last match-up between the Bulls and Pistons, which resulted in the first W of the season for Chicago.  Will...


Open Game Thread # 12: Bulls at Toronto Raptors

[Thanks to wjb1492 for today's game thread. -Matt]I don't even know where to start, or what's worth saying again about the team.  The Bulls' Saturday loss to the Knicks (the Knicks!) was yet...


Open Game Thread # 6: Bulls vs. Toronto Raptors

[Thanks to wjb1492 for today's game thread. -Matt]Chicago gets Toronto on the second night of a back-to-back.  Will this be win #2?The Bulls' early season difficulties have been quite thoroughly...


Bulls in the news (and for good stuff!)

[ From the Diaries. I won't lie, I really wanted something to push down that blogiversary post. But I admit these UK articles are indeed interesting. Maybe not as controversial as the news from...


We interrupt this draft coverage for a word from a current player...

Short article about BG in The Beacon News.  I didn't see this linked under the newsfeed; sorry if everyone has seen it.Apparently BG is a Yankees fan (I'll work on forgiving him) and doesn't plan...


Core's Potential for Improvement

[From the Diaries. Lets not turn this into another mind-numbing argument over what makes a 'superstar'...the point is, for any offseason move to make much of an impact, these 3 guys have to get...


Ben Gordon and turnovers

[From the Diaries. This is a pretty interesting study by 82games. Like it was mentioned in the comments, hopefully the stuff Gordon gets called for now won't be called when he gets christened a...


Upcoming schedule looks good for Bulls

I'm trying to not count chickens or any of those other cliches, but the schedule over the next 3 weeks really seems to favor Chicago to make a move in the Central, both in terms of number of games...

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