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Mustache Pek

I love Pek. He is probably one of the most likable NBA players I've seen. I was watching the Wolves/Thunder game and the TNT announcer clods were really mocking Pek unceasingly. It is true Pek...


Easy way to make a Wolves GIF

I've been making GIFs for years, but it has always been a bit of a struggle. There was never a really easy way for anyone to make one. But recently I found a new workflow that makes it really...


Big Props Thread to Derrick Williams for having a Great Attitude

I think we should all give a big shoutout to Derrick Williams for having a great attitude and representing the Wolves in a positive way.

Ricky Rubio song by Yung Teddy. Ricky Rubio is the most badass skinny white adorable kid ever to...


Ricky Rubio song by Yung Teddy. Ricky Rubio is the most badass skinny white adorable kid ever to get a song like this made about him.

Rubio Desktop Wallpaper!


This is actually kind of interesting.

Vote For Derrick Williams on ESPN to win Dunk Contest!!!


ESPN is running a poll to see who the nation thinks will win the dunk contest!! Go there now and vote for Derrick Williams! Support our Troops!


Is Pekovic the Answer at Center?

Nikola Pekovic is playing out of his mind. This is exactly what people hoped for as a best case scenario when he came over from Europe.

Timberwolves interested in J.R. Smith, Feeling Not Mutual


The Wolves have reached out to Smith and are very interested in acquiring him, but the prolific scorer seems to have his eyes set on a different team.


A Message to Any NBA Players, Relatives, Friends, Etc...

This is a message to any actual NBA players that might read this site. It is also to any of their wives, girlfriends, relatives, friends, and associates.


Video Collection Section Suggestion?

Can we get a little section on the side somewhere where we can put links to Wolves' vids?


Is it possible to overstate how important Adelman is?

Sure, Rookie Rubio is already one of the best point guards in the league and it is only his first year. And sure, Love keeps getting more and more superstarry. And sure, the entire team seems to...


Kahn Pressure is Finally On

So people have been continually kvetching about Kahn for the past several years. They have meticulously pored over every move he has made and dissected and attacked everything he does from the...


Isn't Our True Nemesis The Rockets?

We might be physically close to Buckland, but I just can't get excited to play them. It seems like Stern is trying to drum up a Vikes/Packers type cross border rivalry to give some flair to the...

Cousins Causing More Trouble


Demarcus Cousins has demanded a trade from the Kings and he is not being allowed to play anymore. A gigantic mess.

Bynum's Punishment Reduced!!!


We all know Bynum is a chump-ass sucka. He assaulted Barea last year when the Lakers were getting blown out by the Mavs and he also brutally fouled Beasley, injuring him seriously. In previous seasons Bynum had put a guy in the hospital with his severe cheap shots. After the last incident, Bynum was suspended for 5 games. But now the league seems to be feeling sorry for Bynum and they have reduced it to a 4 game suspension. I wonder what Barea thinks about this?


The Wolves to have all the league stat leaders this season?

So think about this. Adelman is a coach who encourages players to play to their strengths, right? So then think about this.

Shaun Powell: With a sharper understanding of how the game is played on this side of the Atlantic...


Shaun Powell: With a sharper understanding of how the game is played on this side of the Atlantic and a stronger body, Ricky Rubio does have a long-term upside appeal to him. He’s still young and his outside shot is under construction, and those twin obstacles can be minimized or eliminated. So yes, in five years, with a game made for Broadway, Rubio will look awfully good throwing no-looks in front of Spike Lee as a member of the Knicks.

Rubio to Williams Windmill Dunk!!!


Rubio to Williams Windmill Dunk!!!


Where/how to watch TWolves game?

I really love the TWolves. I would really love to watch them play basketball. The advertisers would really love for me to see their ads. I would even love to pay money to watch the TWolves play...


So... a question.

If the Wolves start playing well and finally heading up from the league's gutter, will we give credit where credit is due?

Summer League Vegas Derrick Williams!!! His shot is super sick and he clearly has great handles for...


Summer League Vegas Derrick Williams!!! His shot is super sick and he clearly has great handles for his size (or any size really). Great pickup.


Deep down we know Adelman isn't going to help.

Come on guys.  Stop kidding around.  Can't you see the silhouette in the upper left corner of this page?  That is a wolf silhouette.  That means our team is the Timberwolves.  And that means we...


Rank Your Dream Coaches for the Wolves

People are saying Nellie is not the answer, but the reality take is that he is the best we can get.  Sure Adelman would be better but so would Phil Jackson.  Neither of them are likely to come...


Canis Hoopus broken in Chrome?

Just thought I would put this here to see if anyone else is experiencing this.  Canis Hoopus is completely messed up in Chrome browser.  I opened up my internet explorer and it is fine, but in...


Predicting a Year From Now

Kahn is saying that next year we really need to see some progress.  A lot of people are thinking that next year we have to see Rambis improve this team and get us closer to the playoffs....


The Failure of Wolves Sports Journalists

As a frequenter of various Wolves blogs I see some very salient points brought up again and again.  Often there are some very savvy questions raised by blog-goers that never quite seem to be...

Best TWolves Sequence of the Year


3:20 in the third quarter of the Jazz game on March 11th. Big Al uses his skills to beat Darko but Darko recovers and blocks the shot, gets the ball, throws it up to Beasley, he passes to Ridnour who goes up for the layup but gets pressure so he dishes super sneaky style to Beasley who even more sneakily passes around to Love who jams it. Amazing sequence and great Bball.


I Believe I Can Flynn

I know lots of people have been down on Flynn recently, and not so recently.  This includes me.   But my brain has been absorbing a lot of new info and percolating around up there and I think that...


A Thank You to Corey Brewer

Someone else could probably do this better but I just thought I would throw this up to thank Mr. Brewer for being a great Timberwolf.    (UPDATE: SNP here.  I'm bumping this up to the top and...

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