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How Napoli Was Seen As A Prospect


John Sickels is a revered analyst, right? "his scouting reports weren't too good, and even rating him as highly as I did was criticized" While the article is revealing, the comments afterward start tellling the rest of the story.

Lachemann: "You've Got To Be Kdding Me."


I'm ecstatic that Lachemann is back with the Angels, hopefully to finally get his World Series ring. '86 and '95 bring back a lot of bad/wonderful memories.

Spring Training Begins In Tucson


I had absolutely no idea that Korean Professional Baseball teams trained in Arizona.

Boras and Amaro, Jr: At Odds Over Madson Contract Offer


There's no doubt in my mind who I believe. Wonder if Madson thinks he's a winner, here? Papelbon signed with Philadelphia at $50MM/4years w/$13MM vesting option in 2016.

Brad Lidge?

Stats Spending over?

Pujols Guaranteed $240MM.


I like the sound of the structured contract better. I'm not sure how this adds up to $254MM, but what's a few million among friends?

Moreno's Franchise-Altering Move


Who is Ramona Shelburne, anyway? Three weeks ago, Ramona wrote this. I was so busy with all the other media frenzy, I missed it. Great article. Loved the info regarding Carole Moreno. This makes my heart flutter all over again.



Yesterday, Ervin (Black Magic) Santana turned 29 years old. I cannot understand why so many embrace scenarios for trading our great young pitcher. We're damn lucky to have him.

"Napoli Was A Better Defensive Catcher Than Iannetta"?


It's been bugging me for a while that this guy stated that Napoli was a better defensisve catcher than Iannetta. dmhead thought he was "talking out his ass." Looking closely at the beginning of the video, we see that the analyst is Joe Sheehan of Baseball Prospectus fame. Mystery solved, but more questions arise.

Clemens' Son Banned From Int'l Winter Ball


Interesting tidbit...I'm sure we'll soon hear a perfectly "good" excuse.

Takes Only Two-Year Contract To Get CCapuano


Mets toss Chris Capuano due to his desire for a two-year deal? Sheesh! Must be a dog. Wonder if he's considered relieving?

LaRussa Retires


Proof Positive that Pujols leaves St. Louis. Do the Cubs have a new manager yet?

DiPoto: "He’s Baseball 24-Seven"

"It’s beyond a passion." I'm reminded of Stoneman's farewell, desperately trying to hold back tears, saying that he, "Had a mistress".

Winter Baseball


What OUR GUYS are doing while everyone else is stressing over the new GM.

Lackey to Padres?


Say it ain't so. I like Lackey best as a member of the Red Sox. Petco and Bud Black would probably do him good, though.

AFL: Scottsdale Scorpions

It's on! So far, Trout's leading the team in Ks.

A View To A Collapse...Boston


Whoa! Reading this article chronicling events inside Boston's collapse are revealing.....and depressing. "The owners also indicated in postseason remarks they were generally unaware of how deeply damaged the Sox had become until after the season. They denied being distracted by their expanding sports conglomerate - from the Sox and NESN to Roush Fenway Racing and the Liverpool Football Club - but they professed to have no knowledge about players drinking during games, among other issues."

Can't Get Enough of The Napoli?


Sean Rodriguez channels Erstad. Napoli channels Scioscia(?) Eight views of hard-nosed (Angels) baseball. Napoli and Rodriguez use the same barber.

Conspiracy Theory: Ordonez and Guillen

The conspiracy theory in Detroit is that the Angels are sticking it to the Tigers as payback for Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Guillen showing up Weaver by celebrating excessively after hitting home runs against the Angels on July 31. GREAT!

No Kidding: Yanks Never Wanted Crawford


"New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman admitted Thursday that he feigned interest in Carl Crawford last offseason to drive up the price for the Boston Red Sox to sign the free agent". Damn! Who'da thought it? For all those who want to bitch about Arte's not spending wildly, think about it.

Tom Krasovic Talks DePodesta, Moneyball, and Scouting


Not the easiest article to read, but... Fairly Fascinating... "Moneyball aided him, White said many years ago, by encouraging other clubs to draft college players and leaving him a wider choice of prep players, among them future Dodgers stars such as Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Chad Billingsley and Jonathan Broxton."

Billy Beane In LA?


I'm assuming that's meant to be LA Dodgers. A couple of good informative links in this article...

Bob Nightengale Says Weaver Left $60MM On The Table

"But the necessity to stay home was compelling." More from "Now, he's just the latest marquee starter opting for security over eventually testing the market. Given the collection of tendons, ligaments and muscles jeopardized with every pitch, it is hard to blame any of them." "You want a decent starting pitcher? Better grow your own."

Clemens Likely Out Of Legal Jeopardy


"Mr. Clemens faces charges of perjury, obstruction of Congress and making false statements, all stemming from his testimony in 2008 to the House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee. He denies all the allegations." "...the former pitcher already has spent a lot of money defending himself, lost much of his reputation and may never be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame." The tacit comments from the ex-congressman that "He has suffered enough" may dampen the state's appetite for prosecuting him again. However, in my opinion, he's guilty as sin, and I don't feel that compassion for him right now.

"Angels Began To Erode The Day Reagins Became GM"


"The Los Angeles Angels began to erode the day Tony Reagins took over as general manager and began undermining the scouting department. The team that seemed in line to dominate for a decade has decayed, and it hasn’t helped that major financial additions, such as Vernon Wells, were made without input from pro scouts." This is NOT my usual cup of tea, but I'm surprised to see this in print from a national writer. Then again, being at the top of the heap always makes that person a target.

Randall Grichuk Lives!


Apparently, everyone but the All Stars took the night off in Arizona.

The Pain Of Free Agency, As Felt By Others


"More often than not, the question with free agent contracts is not whether there will be wasted money, but how much. Certainly, that has been largely true of the Sox’ dip into such waters." Poetic justice that this article comes from Boston. "The jury remains out on three players (Crawford, Jenks, Lackey), even though the initial returns on all three have been below career norms. "

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