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1961 Angels Highlight MLB's "Greatest Year"


I never before knew that: "And Ty Cobb, who threw out the first pitch for the Angels' home opener in April, died in July." Pete Donovan is a retired former sports writer for the LATimes who also worked for the LA Rams for 15 years.

College World Series: Pitching, Defense, & Timely Hitting Wins Games

Angels' #2 pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, LHP John "Nick" Maronde, was the losing pitcher in the first game of the double elimination Championship Series of the College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, Monday night (#37 in the video). I missed the first half of the Angels/Nationals game while watching a star first baseman playing with a broken hand bone (remembering Erstad), a closer coming back to pitch two days after throwing 95 pitches (remembering SShields), and dramatic plays involving runners being cut down at home plate. So many times during the game, I envisioned our Angels' players in these exact same situations. Watching whatever games have been broadcast on TV during the Regionals, Super Regionals, and now the CWS, has been an exhilarating turorial for anyone interested in great baseball. Boxscore. The proclaimed "hero" of this ballgame, Scott Wingo, is the 11th round draftee by the Dodgers. Cody Dent, son of Bucky Dent, was the Florida player gunned down at home plate; he also drove in Florida's only run. Between these two teams, there are literally -- dozens of 2011 MLB draftees. Comments during the game by Oral Hershiser and Robin Ventura were good: Predictable and informative, and allowed me to believe that I know something about baseball.

Dodgers Bankrupt!


Oh, well... Picked it up on CNBC this morning... Had to "Search" to find it on the internet.

Pettit Accompanies Carpenter to AA. Fish to DL. Baird to IE.


While everyone was oooh-ing and aaaah-ing over David Carpenter's being moved to Arkansas because Robert Fish was sent to the DL, I personally missed the fact that Chris Pettit was also sent there from SLC.....probably to right his ills while Dillon Baird was finally sent back to IE; the Baird AA experiment hasn't worked out yet.

Napoli To The DL...Texas Is Done


Just kidding about the "Done" part. My memoy of Napoli, both in the minors and majors, includes recurring questions about his ability to stay healthy due primarily to strains to shoulder and/or torso muscles. You'll note in the linked article that Michael Young is now tied as the Texas all-time leader in games played...pretty cool.

Boras Blurb Too Good To Pass Up

The A's are among the teams that sometimes steer clear of Scott Boras clients because the high-powered agent's players typically command large signing bonuses. Oakland took USC second baseman Shane Boras on Wednesday, and Scott Boras chuckled when asked if he would handle the negotiations. "His mother is representing Shane," Boras said of wife Jeanette, who is also advising the couple's other son, Trent, picked by Milwaukee in the 30th round.

Baseball's Family Ties


To me, two of the most interesting drafts in the later rounds were the Nationals taking LHP Bryan Harper from South Carolina, and the Mariners taking HS catcher Kevin Cron. Somehow, I wished both of them on the Angels. The Angels are always in need of a 3Bman. Can you imagine Trent Boras having his dad watch his every move from his suite?

Trumbo's May 30 Homer vs KC Went 472'


Somebody commented in an earlier thread that his guesstimate of Trumbo's HR was ~460 feet. HitTracker updates only every 6-8 days....(sometimes every day).

Good Palmer, Bad Palmer


Go figure: Less than two weeks ago in AAA, it appeared that Matt Palmer was demonstrating to Scott Kazmir how to permanently exit MLB with a flair. Last night, he performed his second consecutive Jered Weaver/Dan Haren impersonation. Interestingly, he performed each of these last two gems after he witnessed the Kazmir meltdowns the previous nights.

Sadly, Kazmir's Toast


This has been a foregone conclusion for a while, but it's sad to watch it happen... Simple Boxscore.

Justice Is Done...MLB Reverses Haren "Hit Allowed" to Aybar Error

".... Major League Baseball, which backed an appeal by the Angels to have Michael Young's May 14 game-tying single changed to an error on Aybar, who let the ground ball run up his arm and into center field. As a result Young lost a hit and an RBI, and Angels pitcher Dan Haren had an earned run taken off his record, moving him to fifth in the American League with a 2.13 ERA."

Angels 25-25. On To 97 Wins


In 2009, the Angels finally broke past a .500 record in their 59th game on their way to a 97-65 season. Sit back and smoke a cigar. Have a glass of Chivas. Everything's gonna be fine.

Joe West: Bad Call -- Joe West: Bad Call


Maybe this info was reported elsewhere, but I found it at this site first. I don't like Joe West, or the union that lets him get away with his shtuff!

Matt Palmer Doesn't Like The PCL


I hope that's all it is. If not, he's the next to be released.

Remember That 0-6 Start By The Rays?


Well, lookee here. The good news is that the Angels have a (4-1) record against the Rays, Cleveland (4-2), Texas (2-)l, Oakland (2-1). No sense mentioning our record against Kansas City (1-3), or Boston (2-6).

Year of the Pitcher II


"Together, by most analytics, they (Weaver & Haren) are the most effective twosome in the game"

Trout Raises Average To .327


In an afternon game today, Mike Trout went 3 for 5, 2 2B. It's almost as if he knows we're talking about him. Trevor Reckling, (0-5) was the losing pitcher again today. I see some positive signs here.

Mariners DFA Milton Bradley


This is one long-anticipated soap opera that has interested me since the day the Mariners traded Carlos Silva for him at the end of '09. I remember telling a Mariners' fan in a bar beside Safeco Field that it was only a matter of time before he would blow up.


Scioscia's 1000th Win on Mother's Day

Someday, hopefully, many of us will look back to this day, and this game, with pride, realizing just how good we have it as our newest crop of young players mature into what we hope is another...

Angels' Castoffs.....How Are They Doing?


The title link shows the same as this for Position Players. This link lists Pitchers. After looking at ERAs, check out GSs, Ss, BSs, etc. Check out OUR Cy Young Award winner, and our favorite sixth starter. Neither of them would quit, regardless what the "experts" said.

Lackey's Head Shakes Fine Side To Side


Lackey has become my favorite "quote machine". "If I pitch the way I can pitch, it doesn't matter how they approach me". "I think my lack of execution, my lack of pitching well, definitely hurt morale, or whatever you want to say." "I pitched bad. My head shakes fine from side to side. If I throw it, it's my fault." Asked about Lackey’s performance, Francona said, "You’re never disappointed in Lack. I’d never say that". It is what it is.

Don't Look For Kazmir Any Time Soon.


"Kazmir's return is not close, Scioscia indicated" Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! He's toast. "His velocity is up, but his command is still an issue," Scioscia said. "He has to work on some stuff."

Brandon Wood the Hero in His Pirates Debut


BWood doubled in his 2nd Pittsburgh AB, driving in the go-ahead and winning runs as the Pirates defeated the Washington Nationals 4-2 Monday evening. Now "2Wood", Brandon's face and video adorn the Pirates' website tonight. Clint Hurdle seems like the right guy. Go, Brandon!


Manuel Flores Auditioning for The Show?

Late Saturday I saw a news blurb from Stephen C. Smith at announcing that LHP Manuel Flores was being called up from the (A+) IE 66ers to the (AAA) SLC Bees for a probable start of...

Maxine (Nola Pearman) Throws Back Bourjos' HR Ball


I can't imagine anyone not appreciating this video of a family, Patty with Mama Maxine, at the ballpark. Maxine's there with her daughter and friends, doing as she is told, yet still enjoying the experience 100%. Does this remind you of anyone you know?

Lackey's Forced Rest: "It Is What It Is".

"It’s not fun," said Lackey on Monday of his forced rest. "Early in the season I don’t think 10 days off is especially what you need to get right, but it is what it is. Go get ‘em tomorrow." How many times is an $82.5MM man skipped in the rotation if he's not on the DL, or his name isn't Kazmir? We'll probably see Big John Lackey in Anaheim Sunday against Palmer.

Texas Loses...Two Walk-offs Back to Back

Inge walk-off homer in bottom of 9th. Darren Oliver served it up. Angels now 2 games behind after 4-3 win over Cleveland.

MLB Network Says JHamilton Out 6-8 Weeks


Fractured Shoulder. Seems to me it also could have happened on this play, immediately preceding.

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