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Marlon Brown Hype Machine: Farewell Tour Edition


We've all been there. We all bought into the #15 hype at least once. We all spent a summer telling anyone who would listen how "this year" would be Brown's breakout year. But as we found out the hard way, our man from Memphis never seemed to turn the corner and live up to the elite billing he came in with. But this is his last year with us, so why not forget our past disappointments and go all in one last time? It's time to hop back on the bandwagon, people: Marlon Brown, 2012 All-American! [Article from Marc Weiszer, Athens Banner-Herald]

Florida to don Pro Combat unis in the WLOCP


A lot of people seem to think the weird uniforms UGA wore last year against Florida directly contributed to our loss. So will Florida suffer from "fake juice" when they take the field this year?


Buying a Ticket Doesn't Make You a Fan, It Makes You a Customer

As my signature attests, I leave the heavy-hitting analysis and commentary to people who actually know what they’re talking about. My football knowledge is pretty limited; the finer points of the...


Stuttgart Scorpions 34, Weinheim Longhorns 0

This post has nothing to do with Georgia football. Or SEC football. Or NCAA D-I football. Or (thank God) the BCS/playoff debate. Or Lane Kiffin, for that matter. Or the NFL, CFL, AFL or any other...


Quick Question re: Branden Smith

My basic question: is the likely prospect of Branden Smith getting reps on offense this season more a product of our limited depth at that position or of his immense talent? via vmedia.rivals.com  ...

Forget the Dome, Let's Go to Texas


Basically it was the last line of the Dr.'s first subject that got me thinking. If CMR/Evans are willing to do an neutral site game in Atlanta, why not try one in the Cotton Bowl? The deciding factor for us is not losing a home game; I can't help but think that one or two of the ten FBS teams in Texas alone would be willing to give up a home game for a Cotton Bowl match-up with us. It could do a lot more for recruiting than Atlanta -- one of our recent players came from that state, can't remember who it was . . . .


Teams That Need To Institute a Wildcat Offensive Scheme

As you all know, the "Wildcat" formation, a running play where the running back takes a direct snap, is all the rage these days in college football (and even the NFL). It gained notoriety at...


Future Non-Conf. Scheduling: Who Should We Play?

It's been slow lately as far as news is concerned (or even as non-news is concerned; the latest Lane Kiffin gaffe hardly tickles one like it used to), and, since as far as I can tell, this topic...


Martinez demoted to co-coordinator?

Per Official UGA:   University of Georgia linebacker coach John Jancek has been named co-coordinator for the Bulldog defense according to UGA head coach Mark Richt. "Willie Martinez is our...

Eh, "Mullen'd" doesn't have the same ring to it . . .


Allegedly, it was Mark Richt's acceptance of the UGA position prior to the 2001 that distracted him and caused the Seminoles to lose to championship game. True or not, we can only hope for such good fortune in this case . . .

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