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I live in Lacey WA and have been a football fan all my life. Was a first team all conference and all state lineman for my school and captain of the varsity team my Junior and Senior year. I grew up in Washington State and have been a Seahawks fan since birth. I also have a fondness for the Cowboys as I grew up in the Emmit and Aikman era. I will forever love the Huskies and consider the pussies.... ahem, "Cougers" to belong to western Idaho and are not deserving of representing our state. GO DAWGS!

I am not a baseball fan and haven't been since I was a kid. I really don't like the Mariners, has nothing to do with their record I just despise them. If I had to pick a team I actually disliked the least in baseball it would be the Arizona Diamondbacks. I loved the Sonics and am still heartbroken that they are gone, I have not been a fan of basketball since.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Arizona Diamondbacks
  • NFL Seattle Seahawks
  • NCAAF Washington Huskies
  • NCAAB Washington Huskies
  • MMA Bruce Lee
  • Boxing Holyfield
  • Soccer I only like real sports
  • FIFA I dunno? Sounders? Not a soccer fan but go Sounders?
  • Fantasy I have two, one on CBS and one on ESPN
User Blog

Just the Tip


Pretty hilarious video of the dangers of not watching film on your opponent. Just for giggles.


Does Colin Kapernick Hate Children?

I'm not saying he does but I think the question needs to be asked. Recently a true blue Niner fan posted a Facebook post about an encounter with Colin in a theater in which Kapernick flat out...

Interesting Facebook post


Confirming to some 49er fans what we have known about Colin Kapernick all along. Douchebag!


Who was there today?

My privates may be frozen to my leg permanently, I'm likely sick with a severe cold, bronchitis, or pneumonia, I still can't fully feel my feet. I'm highly irritable after spending only 3 hours out...



Anyone else think they should leave this up seeing how we own them?


Who would you like to face?

Greetings fellow top seed! It is playoff time again and the best teams in the NFC (Panthers and Seahawks) get to sit back and watch the lesser vermin of the division beat each other senseless just...


Post Loss Hangover

It's a kind of numb, yet mad at the world feeling. Like someone has come into my home and pissed on my plasma tv and shot my dog while giving me the finger. Now I know that there's still alot of...


Why I hate the Niners

For many it's simply the rude social media ramblings from those in the Bay Area once the niners started winning again that has sparked outrage from our fanbase, it has been inflamed by the Carroll...


Oh Drunkard where art thou

Trying to be nice in the niners thread is difficult. I'm just not a nice person. To say that I'm looking forward to this weeks Drunkard post is an understatement. I'm hoping that he is at his most...


Seahawks vs Vikings Game Day Experience

via It was windy. From the moment the 12th man flag was raised by a fellow Olympia native it was flapping beautifully in the misty breeze at Centurylink this...

Our flag flying high!


A shot from today's game.


Are we jerks?

A thought occurred to me recently while I was at the hawks and bucs game. I was walking out trying to calm my heart from yet another nail biter. I had been wrestling with the thought of the rams...

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