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Jayson Werth, $126M, Nationals


What do Jayson Werth, $126M, and the Nationals have in common? For the next seven years, everything. He's a year older than Adam Dunn. Although Dunn is a bad outfielder and only an acceptable first baseman, Werth is getting three more years and $70M more than the recently departed Washington first baseman. This contract is tied with Vernon Wells for the third-largest ever for an OF, behind Manny Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano (h/t to rotoworld).

Game 115: Indians 4, Orioles 1


LGFT Kevin Millwood drew the start for the Orioles, a $12M veteran in the final year of his ill-advised, post-Cleveland deal.  The Indians countered with 22-year-old Jeanmar Gomez, making his...

If they had kept everybody at least for two more years [after 2007], I think we had a chance of...


If they had kept everybody at least for two more years [after 2007], I think we had a chance of having a really good team. You look back on Cleveland and the only one that's left is Jake [Westbrook]. It's kind of sad to me.

C.C. Sabathia, idiot and baseball pitcher. The guy who thinks the team should have been kept together for two more years after 2007 is the one who first jumped ship a few months into his imaginary two-year "shoulda-kept-us-togther" time frame with his refusal to sign a contract extension. Am I missing something?

Gimenez Up, Redmond DFA


Chris Gimenez joins the team, and Redmond is sent packing. More power off the bench. Gimenez is not as bad as he showed last year, and he's no defensive wizard. Still, he'll only be behind the dish once per week. Make the most of it.

Huff Demoted


Huff officially sent to AAA, with a corresponding move to be announced tomorrow before the game. In related news, Luis Valbuena at no risk of being demoted, because if you don't play, you can't make a bad impression.

Santana called up, Marson sent down


Carlos Santana will be called up tomorrow, according to Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes. Steven Strasburg vs. Carlos Santana? Why not.

Saul Rivera Bombed in Debut


Just so we're clear that he wasn't anything special, here's why he was traded without being given a shot.

Game Six: Tigers 9, Indians 8


2010 is a new year.  In four 2009 starts against Cleveland, Justin Verlander gave up THREE runs in 30 innings.  Today, the Indians scored five runs off Verlander—all earned—in the first inning. ...

Summoning 2007 (pd content)


Jim Callis in his chat picks two dark horse AL Cy Young candidates, and he picks Brett Anderson and Fausto Carmona. To which I say, stop the madness. I know what dark horse means. And Callis further qualifies his choice as "a real dark horse," as in a fat chance. Still, that's unreasonable. Nonetheless, nice to see scoutarari with some hope for Fausto.

Talbot to Start, Laffey to Bullpen


Castro with the latest. Talbot to start. Laffey to the pen.

I Used to Like Shin-Soo Choo


Choo has hired Scott Boras. Let the J.D. Drew comps begin. Somebody do some research and see if Boras guys sign pre-arb deals. Update: Also, Boras will continue announcing the signing of one player each week for the next 20 weeks to erase the bad press on the departure of Felipe Lopez. At the end of 20 weeks, all 20 players will partake in a cage match for the right to be represented by Boras. All 19 losers will still be retained by Boras but will pay 4% commission in all future contracts signed rather than the 3% owed by the winner.

More Shake Up: New Pacific Rim Scouts


Hoynes chimes in from the GM meetings: The Indians fired the two scouts responsible for the Tribe's Pacific Rim scouting. One new full-time scout has been hired and will live in Japan. Two more part-time scouts will cover Taiwan and S. Korea.

Obviously, [the candidate must be] a good communicator, internally and externally. Somebody who...


Obviously, [the candidate must be] a good communicator, internally and externally. Somebody who can effectively demonstrate good awareness and the ability to communicate across a broad spectrum of players, cultures and personalities. .... I would certainly like that manager to have some defined thoughts about managing the bullpen.

Herges DFA, Abreu Up


I guess the Indians really are going to give Mike Gosling a chance to let us remember his name.

Hawk Harrelson, Professional Idiot


In response to Bobby Jenks getting warned for throwing behind Ian Kinsler, Hawk Harrelson demands that MLB get umpires who can correctly judge the ebb-and-flow of the baseball game. He's sure that Jenks has no reason to throw at anybody. Post-game, Bobby Jensk confirms that the pinch was intentional. Harrelson, who watches every pitch of every White Sox game, misses the obvious, while the umpire, who sees only a small portion of White Sox games, gets it absolutely correct. Watch the video in the link, listen to Hawk, and find further confirmation that he's undoubtedly one of the most idiotic announcers with a job.

Sowers Up, Chulk DFA


To make room for Sowers, Chulk has been DFA.

Tigers Acquire Jack Wilson...Indians Rejoice


The Tigers have acquired SS Jack Wilson from the Pirates. Beautiful if you're an Indians fan. Update: Dombrowski is denying that it's a done deal.

Chad Cordero a FA


Nationals today made Cordero a FA. He had shoulder surgery. Recovering from shoulder surgery isn't as much a guarantee as recovering from Tommy John. He's a free agent after 2009, and he'll probably, as the link notes, be working on an incentive-based deal.

Anthony Reyes interview w/ BP


Free BP.com content, "Five Minutes" with Anthony Reyes. Dig it.

Indians Fire Louie Isaac


Indians apparently are looking for a new bullpen mentality. I'm not sure this falls on Isaac, but after 15 seasons the club wants a new voice in the pen.

Paging CC Sabathia


Not that we're at all surprised, but sometimes it's just fun to hear them say it. From Hank Steinbrenner: "We're going to win it next year," he said. "If we need to add a top veteran pitcher, we'll do that. We'll do whatever we need to do. Next year we'll be extremely dangerous."

Rosenthal Interviews Brandon Phillips


Well, I guess this was one way to handle it. Please enjoy.

Rick Ankield - Unreal OF Assists


Rick Ankiel throws out two runners in the most impressive display of an outfield arm I have ever seen, and that includes Vlad and Ichiro. Did anybody else see this?

Indians Call up Brad Snyder, Option Sowers


Well I'm not sure anybody saw this one coming. Brad Snyder was called up today. I imagine he'll be going down when Laffey is called up tomorrow, unless the Indians go short a pitcher (Mastny?) for a while...which would make no sense.

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