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Geezer Mech

Ok, I'm 53 years old. First off with the apologies to older folks who consider 53 to be really young - "like a baby." Also apologies to any younger folks who might have this problem and don't...


Boonen's last chance at Milan-San Remo

First of all, a link to the article in l'Equipe. For those of you who don't read french, a clumsy (and less amusing than the gnomes could do) translation: Tom Boonen, "My last chance" For the...

guy rides Nice Ironman on VeloBleu

velobleu - you know those bikes out on the street you can rent for a dollar to get around town? 18 kgs, 3 spd, clunky as hell? yeah those. The Nice Ironman velo part is 180+ km and 2000 m or so climbing i think. He did it in 7 hours. Video is "view from the basket." First 5 minutes of video is my commute in the morning. Music gets better around 35:00 or so and scenery better around 40:00.


Anyone going to be at the Ventoux ?

The idea occurred to me the other day and i'm gradually getting more serious about it, to the point that i think i might actually go ahead and do it. That is, drive from Nice to Carpentras sunday...


Your Year on the Bike so far

So we've just passed the half-way point of the year now. Lots of us here ride bikes obviously. Whether you're a serious racer, a total cyclotouriste, a bike commuter, or someone who just rides a...


Village du Tour à Nice


draft game thingy update

Or "yeehoo's team wins another race and is still in first place" voila les resultats ... 2013 VDS points 28/04/13 1 yeehoo poseurs 4705 2 ...


Ride the Tour de Nice

Just found out about this. In case anyone has the time and money and interest and legs, this would be great fun. A 7 day tour starting and finishing in Nice - 800 kms and 17000+ meters climbing....


latest draft game standings - 8 avril

my team was particularly well-loaded for the cobbled classics, so this may be the last time i post one of these :) this is current as of 8 apr, 11 hr cest. So who's got a strong team for the...


Vds Draft Game Unofficial Update

1 blitzer maloney The Garminian Theory 2427 2 shepherds_crook You're all my favourites 2377 3 yeehoo poseurs 2312 4 pablo777 ...


Maratsafin's epic win in San Remo

The msr live-thread won't let me post, so i'm going to post this here. Huge chapeau to Maratsafin for being nuts enough to want to fly to Nice and then ride to san remo in the rain. Was huge...


Tech Mechs ? Rain gear for commuters

So for the last 8 years i've had an easy and enjoyable bike commute of between 10 and 15 minutes - about 5 kms with a little climbing. Basically nothing. And if it was raining, like this morning,...


Paris-Nice TT col d'Eze photos

No way i can match the masters of fanposts here, but I did go up and take some photos of today's time trial up the col d'Eze. I positioned myself just past a long steep part, a little over halfway...


2010 Cycling Goals - how'd you do?

So, there was a post early in the year where many of us posted our cycling goals for 2010, then a mid-year follow-up by Perez to see how we were doing, it's time now to pay the piper. Let's hear...

pictures from my summer vacations in the pyrenees

nothing fancy, and almost nothing to do with tdf or racing. And i know i should have cut out a lot more photos but i suck at that. But i did get lucky with some nice light sometimes - anyway for anyone interested in maybe a trip to ride in the pyrenees one day ... (also, for certain other people, there are also pitchers of cows and horsies!)


First ascent up the Tourmalet included, gasp, a woman!

So i know it’s the vuelta and all right now, but the Tourmalet is not really that far from Spain and well, just to get everyone in the mood for the first big climbing day tomorrow (or maybe...

So i rode up to the col de braus the other day, expecting that to be just the first main climb of a...


So i rode up to the col de braus the other day, expecting that to be just the first main climb of a long ride. But once up there, surrounded by clouds, little drops of water falling slowly but steadily, and colder than hell - i'd say like minus a gazillion C (which is worse in fahrenheit, mind you - or vice versa) - well all this caused me to stop and pause for reflection. And this is what i found : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ren%C3%A9_Vietto hm, doesn't seem to want to add the link as a link - oh well ...

Contador and the Classics

A few quotes from Alberto regarding the spring classics.

Ted King at Paris-Nice

Enjoyed this account by king of style Ted King on his experience at Paris-Nice. Complete with power numbers for the Drewd.


Yeehoo’s Book Report, or Laurent Fignon goes to Milan-San Remo

Laurent Fignon and Milano-Sanremo

This video is an attempt to show the ambience at the final hour of the Nice Ironman competition. A...

This video is an attempt to show the ambience at the final hour of the Nice Ironman competition. A lame attempt i'll admit, but wth? If you're ever going to finish towards the end of an ironman, i suggest Nice as the place to do it. The applause and support and general ambience at the end is really remarkable. Dj's, pom-pom girls, people dancing, shouting, dance music blasting ... Some finishers just go on through, others raise their arms or just have a huge smile, one guy did some pushups while the dj counted for him, another did a cartwheel, some ran through with their little kids holding their hands. And this all 8 hours after the winners have finished. When i went out my door to walk over to see the last hour or so of the Ironman, the first thing i saw was a guy across the street, pushing his triathlon bike, head hanging down to his chest, walking with a pronounced. Painful. Slow. Trudge. Medal around his neck. He'd done well. Hope he felt better the next day. Then i got to the promenade and started seeing more of the people who'd finished: one guy asleep on the pavement with his wife by his side in all the raucous noise and confusion and crowds everywhere. Then the medical tent - massages, those heat blanket thingies, oxygen, people limping aorund, Oy! Then every now and then you see a finisher with a medal around their neck who look fresh as a daisy, like they've just had a nice walk in the park. Then finally you get to the finish line ... and that's the video. At the end there's a fireworks display (no one timed their finish to coincide with it this year) and then apparently a few hundred people stayed all night to party on the prom next to the beach until daybreak. I could not do an ironman even if i wanted to, but i'll be there again next year to help welcome the last finishers in.

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