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I once stalked Vince Carter around the tie section of a Bloomingdale's during a charitable event held by Devin Harris. I have a feeling I will regret for the rest of my life the fact that I did not buy a tie that he looked at, because then I would have been able to take that tie and say, "Vince Carter picked this out for me. Yes, THAT Vince Carter."

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  • MLB Philadelphia Phillies
  • NBA Brooklyn Nets
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  • NCAAF California Golden Bears
  • NCAAB California Golden Bears
  • MMA Brock Lesnar
  • Wrestling Randy Orton
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In all of its various incarnations.

How Will Allen Crabbe Fit In With The Blazers?

We're talking today with Dave from Blazer's Edge about their newest draft pick, Cal's Allen Crabbe

Booing David Stern At The 2013 NBA Draft!


Like being in Bizarro World. Or Canada.

Sign up for CGB Bowl Pick'em!


Because it's not like you'll have a rooting interest in any games this year otherwise.

Eating the Enemy: Washington


A more abstract discussion today.

Eating the Enemy: Big Game! + Conn-Syr Thread


Wherein I find the least helpful cooking YouTube video of all time.

How are things looking in the Pick'em league?


Roflcoptering continues his path of rage.

Cougar Cheese Round Steak!


Cougar Cheese Round Steak? Why, that's...just as dirty as it sounds.

Fantasy Week in Review: I've Lost Track


bearbackers and Roflcoptering continue their domination - can anyone stand in their way?

Eating the Enemy: UCLA + Pitt-SY/BYU-USU Thread


We're going Bruin hunting for tonight's dish. Use this post to discuss the Pitt-Syracuse and BYU-Utah St. games.

Eating the Enemy: ASU + BYU-Hawaii Open thread


Eating the Enemy cooks up a Sun Devil-inspired dish. Use this as an open thread for tonight's BYU-Hawaii game.

Eating the Enemy: USC and Friday Open Thread


It's always difficult to do an Eating the Enemy: USC without verging into the ridiculous. I mean, who can forget this. Or this. Or this. But let's forge on. Let's try this, from the delightfully...

Eating the Enemy: Ohio State and Friday Open Thread


The first place to start here would be: WTF is a Buckeye? Hit it, Wikipedia: The tree species Aesculus glabra is commonly known as Ohio buckeye, American buckeye, or fetid buckeye. Oh. Let's...

Fantasy Week in Review: Week 2


Well, at least our Bears won this week, and they actually managed to cover the line. (Checks the line.) Wait a minute, it was a pick'em? I guess even Vegas had no idea how to handicap our Bears...

Fantasy Week in Review: Week 1


No college fantasy football this past week (draft is scheduled for tonight, so be there or be a huge Furd attendance apologist), but we do have week 1 of the pick'em in the books. Hit it: S...

Eating the Enemy: Nevada + College Football Open Thread


First, the most misleading blog name ever. How to Cook a Wolf. But of course that's not what you're looking for. We're looking for legitimate ways to chow down on some Wolf Pack, amirite? So let's...


CGB Fantasy Signups

Hi, it's me, Yellow Fever. Been a long time, hasn't it? Sorry, been kinda busy with actual non-college football stuff. Shocking, I know. Anyway, with the season upon us once again, it's come to my...

A Study in Elegant Death: Day 2 of the NFL Draft


You might think the NFL is a well-oiled machine. You might buy into all of the hype about how the NFL is the best run, most valuable, most efficient league in the world. If that's the case, why was...

Fantasy Weekend in Review: End of an Era


Had to get the Wrestlemania reference in there. Group Standings (Top 10 of 170) Rank Bracket Correct Picks Points Possible Pts 1 Going Bak Bak to Cali Cali HY 42 of 63 150 150 ...

Fantasy Week in Review - Rounds 3 and 4


Group Standings (Top 10 of 170) Rank Bracket Correct Picks Points Possible Pts 1 Worst. Bracket. Ever. Cooper 44 of 60 103 167 2 Lobsterback Bisque Berkelium97 44 of 60 94 158 ...

Fantasy Week in Review: Opening Weekend


Group Standings (Top 10 of 170) Rank Bracket Correct Picks Points Possible Pts 1 Curly Braces MRF 36 of 48 48 148 1 faninstockton Ed Dog 36 of 48 48 172 3 veritas Simon 3...


CGB Fantasy Sports Bonanza

With March Madness right around the corner and our Bears looking highly likely to be a part of it, what better time than the present to sign up for some CGB Tourney Pick'em? I know, you've been...

Fantasy Week in Review: End of Bowl Season


Group Standings (Top 10 of 112) Rank Pick Set Correct Picks Points Possible Points 1 Avenging 2004 The Enchanter 27 of 35 525 525 2 Biggest Losers icecreamman11 26 of 35 520 5...

Fantasy Week in Review: Bowl Game Bonanza!


Also subtitled WHY DID I PUT IN CONFIDENCE POINTS Group Standings (Top 10 of 112) Rank Pick Set Correct Picks Points Possible Points 1 Cal Dragonboat 7 of 8 157 622 2 N...

Eating the Enemy: Bevo


Garlic Prime Rib Ingredients 1 (10 pound) prime rib roast 10 cloves garlic, minced 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 teaspoons salt 2 teaspoons ground black pepper 2 teaspoons dried thyme Directions P...


CGB Bowl Pick'em Signups!

Set up a league a few weeks ago, and anyone who participated last year should have already received an automated invite. For those of you that didn't participate last year that want in this year,...

Fantasy Week in Review: Bow Down to Your New Overlord


Standings RankPick Set NameTotal PtsW-L 1 aussie_picks 166 166-125 2 California Golden Picks 161 161-130 3 moscow doug 161 161-130 4 whathuhh 159 159-132 5 Mallrat92204 158 1...

Eating the Enemy: Arizona State


One of the few times you might want to go visit Anaheim. From the OC Register: via images.onset.freedom.com My first encounter with the Sun Devil came more than a year ago when the 12-ounce...

Fantasy Week in Review and Bowl Pick'em Signups


I've set up a Bowl Pick'em league. Usual rules apply (need a Yahoo! ID, etc.)   Go here League number 1465 Password gobears   Standings RankPick Set NameTotal PtsW-L 1 aussie_picks 1...

Eating the Enemy: The Furd and Big 12 Open Thread


Rather than endorsing the prospect of eating your favorite neighborhood hangout, let's go to the experts and see what they have to say about the matter. So uh, maybe we'll go with this. Who...

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