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I once stalked Vince Carter around the tie section of a Bloomingdale's during a charitable event held by Devin Harris. I have a feeling I will regret for the rest of my life the fact that I did not buy a tie that he looked at, because then I would have been able to take that tie and say, "Vince Carter picked this out for me. Yes, THAT Vince Carter."

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  • MLB Philadelphia Phillies
  • NBA Brooklyn Nets
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  • NCAAF California Golden Bears
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  • MMA Brock Lesnar
  • Wrestling Randy Orton
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DBD 10.12.10 The Economics of Season Ticket Packages

  I received my Nets season tickets yesterday, and I don't know if I locked in a great price, inflation, or just sheer fortune, but it turns out that the face value of my tickets FAR outstrips what...

Fantasy Week in Review - Week 5


Standings Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L 1 sec119 72 72-39 2 class of 87 70 70-41 3 4ever Golden 69 69-42 4 Clydesdales 68 68-43 5 moving screen 68 68-43 6 Dwinellian...

Eating the Enemy: UCLA and Nebraska/K-State Open Thread


From realbeer.com:   Bill Ridgely's Framboise (partial mash recipe for 5 gallons) RIDGELY@A1.CBER.FDA.GOV 3.3 lbs American Classic Light liquid extract 2.0 lbs Pale dry extract 1.0 lb ...

Ask CGB - Week 5


Writing this on a Tuesday and I don't want to use Beano this week either, so I'm copping Pat Forde's questions here. To submit questions to future CGB mailbags, please do one of these three...

Fantasy Week in Review: Week 4


Standings Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L 1 moving screen 59 59-31 2 4ever Golden 59 59-31 3 class of 87 57 57-33 4 Dwinellian Nightmare 56 56-34 5 sec119 56 56-34 6 e...

Eating the Enemy: Bye Week & Texas A&M/Oklahoma State Open Thread


I started out this week's Eating the Enemy trying to figure out an angle - obviously, everyone is still down, so what should I find a recipe for? Well, everyone loves comfort food, so let's start...

Ask CGB - Week 4


I don't feel like using Beano this week, so let's roll with Ivan Maisel's questions here. To submit questions to future CGB mailbags, please do one of these three things.  1) If you're registered,...

Fantasy Week in Review: Week 3


Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L 1 4ever Golden 48 48-22 2 drub12 47 47-23 3 esocalbearfan 46 46-24 4 class of 87 46 46-24 5 Clydesdales 45 45-25 6 moving screen 45 45-25 7 S...

Eating the Enemy: Arizona and Miami/Pittsburgh Open Thread


I had a feeling that the first two recipes that I found looked familiar, and it turns out I'd already used both in previous years. Incidentally, while flipping through the comments, I came across...

Ask CGB - Week 3


Because of the compressed week leading up to last week's debacling in the desert, we didn't have a timeslot available for Ask CGB. Sorry. But to make it up, I'm going to give you a compressed...

Eating the Enemy: Nevada + Cincinnati-NCState Open Thread


This might shock you - I wasn't able to find a single recipe on how to cook and eat wolf. So I'm going to turn this over to Sharanya Manivannan, who wrote a poem about How to Eat a Wolf. Does all...

Fantasy Week in Review: Week 2


Standings Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L 1 4ever Golden 33 33-14 2 moving screen 33 33-14 3 Clydesdales 32 32-15 4 esocalbearfan 32 32-15 5 class of 87 32 32-15 6 moktagon 32 3...

Fantasy Week in Review: Week 1


Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L 1 Mission Marauders 19 19-6 2 moving screen 18 18-7 3 moktagon 18 18-7 4 class of 87 17 17-8 5 HydroTech's picks 17 17-8 6 esocalbearfan 16 1...

Eating the Enemy: Colorado Buffaloes + Open Thread for Auburn MissSt


(Don't forget to register for the CGB Tailgate! Details here.) From American Gourmet: Kerry’s Pulled Bison BBQ by Kerry and Frederick Wildt, Wild-T-Ranch Ingredients: 5 to 6 lbs. Bison (two...

Ask Yellow Fever & CGB: College Football Week 1 Mailbag


The California Golden Blogs take your questions on Week 1 of the college football season!

Eating the Enemy: UC Davis + Open Thread For Tonight's Games


What does an Aggie taste like? California Golden Blogs explores this question on the eve of Saturday's game.

Ask Yellow Fever - Preseason Edition


Welcome to CGB! Today, CGB's Yellow Fever makes his weekly stop on the front page to steal Beano Cook's chat questions about the college football season. We'd like to try something different this...


DBD 8.24.10 Vampire Accounting

ESPN.com: COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Count college sports among the sagging economy's latest victims. A newly released NCAA report shows that just 14 of the 120 Football Bowl Subdivision schools made money...


DBD 8.23.10 Someone call 9-1-HOLY ##@$

[1] Question asked by Angela Wiser of Glenarm, Illinois: My 3-year-old daughter has a trick. She can turn her right eye completely inward at will. We noticed it when she was an infant and have...


CGB Fantasy Football 2010

It's back!  As usual, we've set up a college fantasy football league, a Yahoo college football pick'em league, and a NFL fantasy football league. Instructions for signing up after the jump.


DBD 8.10.10 He Said She Said

Ms. YF and I have been going back and forth over this one little relationship issue for a little while now.  Two months ago when I sequestered myself away to study for the CFA exam on June 5th, I...



I didn't get the job.  This didn't come as a surprise at all, and like I'd mentioned, I wasn't particularly enthused about moving to Connecticut anyway.  Writing about it on the blog and then...


DBD 7.29.10 USA! USA!

Yellow Fever, On Sun., Aug. 15th, come see Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Stephen Curry* and the stars of USA Basketball take on France at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Plus,...

Day 1 of the National Pac-10 Media Tour - Or How Yellow Fever is the Worst Journalist Ever


The California Golden Blogs managed to talk with Jeff Tedford, Sandy Barbour, Jim Harbaugh, Mike Stoops and Paul Wulff during the Cal New York City alumni gathering and Larry Scott's press...


DBD 7.22.10 We Write Like Chuck Norris

I was inspired by a Joe Posnanski post that I saw yesterday where he dumped famous sports quotes into the website I Write Like in order to divine who these athletic heroes subconsciously sounded...


DBD 7.16.10 A Math Lesson

33$$, I know we've had our issues lately.  And most of them have to do with math.  Now, I do regret calling you out for having some issues with algebra, but that's water under the bridge.  What I'm...

Where I Come From: Most Memorable Moments


Some of the most memorable moments in Cal football's recent past


DBD 6.8.10 Waste Yellow Fever's Money

I'm back.  I'm betting no one really noticed I was gone, but I've been out for the past month or so studying for the CFA exam.  Again.  I didn't pass last year, and I'm not entirely confident I...

2010 Mock Draft Results in Review


If there's one thing that the number of mock drafts produced every year has proven, it's that drafts are impossible to predict. I'm fairly certain the biggest reason for this is that nearly mocks...

Day 3 at the NFL Draft - Or How I Spent Two Hours in Line and Almost Ended Up With Alyssa Milano's Autograph


I don't remember my camera being this blurry. I made my way to Day 3 of the NFL draft on Saturday, which as it turns out, is not unlike the third circle of Hell.  Third Circle (Gluttony) C...

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