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Interactive Map of Baseball Fans


The NY Times made a fun, interactive map that shows where fans of different teams live in the U.S. -- down to the ZIP code. We can finally see the lines between Angels and Dodgers fans! Who knew the Angels were big in Big Bear?!?

Bourjos Traded to Cards for Freese


Is David Freese our answer at 3B?

Sweep-ful in Seattle: Angels Dust Mariners, 7-1


Weaver being Weaver. The rest of the Angels being something other than the 2013 Angels.

HH-ers in NYC, unite!


Hey all you HH-ers in NYC! Let's meet up for the series with the Yankers. I propose Wednesday, August 14, as the day we go. Whether or not we have tickets next to each other, we can at least congregate at some point and share our favorite Rev stories while we watch the Halos dominate the Yankees. Who's in?

Calling All NYC-Based HH-ers


Hey New York HH-ers, I'm moving to NYC in a few weeks, so you'll have one more HH compadre to help fight the evil scourge of douchebag Yankee fans in their own house. A couple questions: - What's the best way to watch Angels games? - Is there an HH field trip/invasion of Yanker Stadium planned? I will lead the charge -- I've dealt with those asswipes before, and if they kill me they can identify me by my name written under the bill of my Angels little league cap from 1981. - Is anybody really a Yankee fan, or is it just passed down from generation to generation like a Manhattan apartment or a hereditary disease? Go Halos.

Angels Begin "Must-Win" Games With a Win


Final Score in Anaheim: Rangers 3, Angels 11 With every game basically a must-win for the Angels, this one certainly started out encouragingly. They pushed an early run across thanks to a Torii...

Game Thread 2

Let's finish this.


Replay of Game 7 2002 Game Thread

Let's drown our sorrows for one night.

Angels Show April Form, Lose to Rays 3-0


Final Score in Anaheim: Rays 3, Angels 0 On the night of the return of Vernon Wells to their starting lineup, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim put on a "Back to the Future" display,...

Kendrys Morales Lifts Angels Over Royals in the Clutch


The Angels got a clutch bases clearing single by a pinch hitting Kendrys Morales to make a 3-3 tie a 6-3 win.

Santana and Angels Sunk by Mariners, 8-6


Final Score in Anaheim: Mariners 8, Angels 6 Ervin Santana gave up seven runs on eight hits and walked six -- a load too heavy to carry for the Angels, who came up short and went down with the...

No More Magic - Game Thread 2

Will we ever come under the spell of Voodoo again?

Haren and Angels Fall Short of Padres, 3-2


Despite a strong night at the plate from Erick Aybar, Alexi Amarista lifted the San Diego Padres past Dan Haren and the Angels. Aybar went 4-for-4 with a walk, but the Angels couldn't get that one...

Saturday Petco Game Thread 2

Let's go halos!

Glass-Half-Full Look at Pujols


Epitaphs abound, but here's a different tack: Some of the greatest hitters in history have had slumps this deep, and they still put up MVP numbers.

Dan Haren Deals; Angels Edge Indians, 2-1


Final Score in Cleveland: Angels 2, Indians 1 The Angels' woes on offense have forced their starting pitchers to be close to perfect, and today Dan Haren delivered. Aside from a run-scoring single...

A's pick up Chopper off waivers


See ya, mate.

Pujols: "I'm going deep tonight."


Pujols tells Alden Gonzalez to "write it down!"

OT: The Rev opens an art gallery


Coagula Curatorial opens its doors this weekend in Chinatown. I don't know shit about art, but what little I know tells me Rev's presence in the LA gallery world will be a nice kick in the ass for the scene. Disappointingly, the gallery's logo is a ripoff of the Coke logo -- I thought only unimaginative Druggies and Christians did that. But at least it's red! Good luck, Rev! Go get 'em.


Mike Scioscia is NOT the problem

Wanna blame the Angels' bad start on Sosh? I'm not buying. Under Scioscia, the Angels have had the best era in their existence. They have won a World Series once and won the AL West five times --...

Third Anniversary of Adenhart's Death


Cupie and I went to his last game and the next Angels game. I remember us being pretty optimistic about the kid's future and being excited for him. And then, of course, the next morning everyone's phones were blowing up with the news. That next game, there was such a hush over the crowd for about the first three or four innings. It was like everyone was still in shock. By the end of the game, it certainly felt like we had gone to a baseball game, but one that seemed more like a therapy session than a night out with the boys.

Buster jinks the Angels' season


Thanks, but no thanks, Buster.

Mets Fan 2012 = Angels Fan 1996


David Brooks tries to figure out why he can't stop being a Mets fan, and he sounds an awful lot like an Angels fan in 1996. In the process, he tells us he reads the Mets SBN blog! Amazin' Avenue may have David Brooks, but we've got Matt Welch, dammit!


Who will have the better year: Pujols or Morales?

I think this is a great time to gauge fans' opinions on these two guys, given that Pujols had a down year, is moving to a new league, etc., and that Morales hasn't played in almost two years and is...

CJ Talks New Catchers, Rangers, and His Height


Short clip of C.J. Wilson sharing a few thoughts and throwing in a couple quips. Not quite sounding like the Douchey-Douche he's rumored to be.

OT: The Art World's World Series


I don't know shit about art, but I know people who do. And when people who know art go crazy-ass bonkers about a show, then it's time for folks who don't know art to pay some attention. As this article indicates, our faithful Rev is going crazy-ass bonkers about the Richard Diebenkorn show at OCMA. And while I have no idea who, what and where that is, I know he is saying that this show is like the World Series if your team is in it. And if your team is in the Series, you watch. Seems like a good place to take a date. And, as opposed to the World Series, you don't have to fork over $500 a ticket, and your team always wins in art. Seems like a one-way ticket to Napolitown, if you know what I mean.

Angels Alcohol Policy: Cool or Lame?


Beer is still allowed in the Angels' clubhouse. No liquor. Is this a reasonable policy, given the Red Sox situation and putting thought to Nick Adenhart and the tragedy that befell him? Do you agree with Scioscia and the "personal responsibility" rationale, or should clubs to more to encourage better behavior and team unity in the clubhouse?



Do not mess with Arte.

Help Victor Roast Weaver


Victor Rojas is soliciting suggestions for material for tomorrow night's roast of Jered Weaver. Tap into your inner Lisa Lampanelli and show your mad skillz.

Trumbo's Return Delayed


DiGiovanna cites misdiagnosis as the culprit.

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