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Rays Rally Thread

Let's go, Team Maddon!

Angels Waste Late Rally, Lose to Rays in Extras, 4-3


Bobby Abreu hit a bases-clearing double to tie the game in the bottom of the 8th inning, only to see Fernando Rodney walk the leadoff batter in the top of the 10th. And you know how THAT goes. A...


Let the Panther looose!

Colon Throws First Shutout Since He Was an Angel


Because he's a Yanker, I feel sick to my stomach for what I'm about to say: I'm happy for the guy. He earned a CY as an Angel, and he's made a pretty incredible comeback. Good for you, Grimace! I hope everyone in the Yankee rotation gets shelled, except for you (unless the Halos are hitting, obviously).

Should MLB punish DUI offenders?


Selig wants the power to punish players caught drinking and driving. Is this an appropriate extension of the Commish's power to protect the image of the game, or is it a gross overreach of power into the off-field lives of the players?


How Awesome Are the Throwback Unis?

All of the old farts here at HH remember the uniforms the Angels are sporting on Friday nights this season. For some reason, seeing those jerseys tonight gave me a warm feeling, a comfortable...


George Will Is No Angel

Over 20 years later, George Will's "Men at Work" is still an entertaining and relevant read for today’s baseball fan. Although some of his methods may be flawed by today's standards, generally his conclusions are still valid, and his passion for the game is clear and inspiring.

Beltre Injured, Out 10-14 Days


He'll still be ready for opening day, but an injury is an injury, and Adrian's had his share.

mattwelch in the LA Times


One of HH's best provides the Times' Opinion piece concerning one of his best-known subjects, John McCain. I didn't realize it was Matt until I read the byline at the bottom!

Vlad Wins AL Comeback POY Award


Apparently, the MLBPA thought the same as the Angels FO during the last offseason.

Eckstein Defies Stats, Wins


I was surprised to realize that our old friend David Eckstein is 35 years old. He has two rings and no batting titles in his 10 years (!) in the bigs.

LA Times to Angels Fans: "Save Us!"


In another act of desperation to stave off the upcoming End Times of print news, the LA Times has now reverted to selling copies of old front pages. They're now reaching out to Angels fans who are willing to shell out $35 for an unframed copy of various front pages, such as the Oct. 28, 2002, story announcing the WC win. Amusingly, many of the Dodgers' front page stories are overshadowed by stories about folks like Shaq and Gorbachev.

Brewers Use Braun to Slam Angels, 12-2


Brewers Use Braun to Slam Angels, 12-2

Game Thread 2

We need runs. A lot of 'em.

Angels Are "Baseball's Best Bargain"


Unsurprisingly for Angels fans, but worth the reminder, Team Marketing Report says in their annual report that the Halos provide the best bang for the buck, Snuggies or no Snuggies.


Carew in Angels Gear: Cool or Lame?

Rod Carew, the #17 Greatest Angel according to HH, was in the booth on Opening Night to chat about how MLB is using him to promote the All-Star Game in Anaheim this year. He was wearing an Angels...

Angels Scout Chapman


Angels scouting director Eddie Bane was among representatives from around half of the major league clubs watching the Cuban lefty throw in Houston. Not big news, but it's something other than Lackey-Matsui-Lee-Halladay talk.

The LSD No-Hitter


Great animation telling the story of Dock Ellis' "LSD no-hitter". From the producer: "If our evaluation of the records of athletes like Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, Marion Jones, and Barry Bonds needs to be revised downwards with an asterisk, we submit that that Dock Ellis record deserves a giant exclamation point."

LAT Angels Writer Dies


Mike Penner, aka Christine Daniels, a longtime LAT sporswriter who covered the Angels among other assignments, apparently committed suicide. After the Angels '86 playoff performance, he wrote of the Angels running into "Angel karma".

Quinlan drawing interest, according to Quinlan


I hate to bag on the guy, because he seems like a nice guy. He's just not a good baseball player.


HH Quick Tip: "Resign" vs. "Re-sign"

Quick usage tip for a common word on HH this offseason: Here's the correct way to use the word that means "sign again" versus the one that means "retire voluntarily from a job" or "accept something...

"To the rich go the spoils." -Teix


"To the rich go the spoils." -Teix

-Mark Teixeira in the LA Times, trying to justify the Yankees win by citing values from the Middle Ages. Of course, his misquote (it should be "to the victor go the spoils") makes the already brutal and archaic saying even worse.

Pettitte has a cold or is on coke

I just watched an interview with Andy Pettitte on MLB network. He sniffled about 20 times during the interview. Is he feeling the flu shit that's going around? Is he working the White Lines that...

Angels Fan in Afghanistan


Nice piece on an Army lieutenant serving in the 'Stan and following the Angels.


HH in SF Friday

I will be in San Francisco on Friday, watching the game at The Dubliner in Noe Valley (near the 24th & Church J Muni stop). I'm pretty sure the game will be on (it has a TV in the smoking patio and...

Darren Oliver, Angels Pitchers Fold to A's, 15-10


A wild game of Who Can Pitch Worse ended with the Los Angeles Angels winning that dubious contest. John Lackey finally received some run support, as the Angels opened up a 9-2 lead in the 4th on a...

Game Thread Cont.....


K-Mo is AL Player of the Month


On the heels of Abreu's selection for July, Morales wins for August. Who will win it in September? Hunter? Rivera? Aybar???????

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