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Wednesday Rally Thread



I'll be in NYC to see the Halos

I will be in the new stadium representing Halos Heaven on Sunday when our Angels take on the Yankers. My girlfriend is afraid I'm going to get us mugged, but the last time I saw the Angels in the...

Saturday Meltdown Thread, cont.

Let's see if the Angels can score enough runs to outrace another bully massacre.

2/162 9th Inning Rally Thread



Is it a true "World" Series?

During the 2002 soccer World Cup, I had a debate with a British neighbor about the validity of the term "World Series" to crown the best team in the world. My limey friend passionately argued that...


Ken Burns' "Baseball"

I had never seen this series before, so I decided it might be a good way to get fired up for the season. Right now, I'm watching Inning 8. My take: great history (especially the early years);...

Fantasy Baseball Tool


A buddy of mine runs this pretty interesting fantasy baseball tools site. Players are scored on their fantasy value only, and it's pretty exhaustive. Have a look.

State Justice says Angels are cursed


State appellate court justice David Sills stretched far and wide to show his sour grapes because he was the lone dissenter in the ruling that affirmed the Angels' name change. He reasons that because neither the California Angels nor the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have won a World Series, a new "curse of the Bambino" is upon the Angels for changing their name. God help the poor souls who rely on this man for rational judgment -- oh wait, that's ALL OF US in California. Shit.

ADHD exemptions are up


106 amphetamine exemptions were granted in 2008, up from 103 in 2007. Apparently either MLB players are uniquely prone to suffering from ADHD (the usage rate is eight times the general adult population), or quite a few of them are using the Ole Doctor's Note to circumvent the rules.

SI: The Angels Need Teix


According to the author, Teixeira will teach the Angels how to hit patiently. I disagree -- the Angels need Teix because they absolutely must have a big hitter in the middle of that lineup, and Teix is that and much more.

A's want 1-game divisional series playoff


Gotta love Lew Wolff. Instead of a 5-game divisional series, he prefers a do-or-die 1-game playoff. I think that's a great idea -- as long as you're not the better team. If you want a 1-game playoff, then why not let EVERYONE in the playoffs, Lew? That'll make things even MORE exciting! What a ding-dong. 30% Off Sale - Today Only!


30% off your entire order, but it's one day only -- TODAY. Do your holiday gift shopping now!

Frankie softening contract demands


Looks like Frankie wants more bidders. Either his playoff performance hurt him more than expected, his contract demands are too high, or ownership collusion is conspiring against paying him what he wants. In any case, he'll have some suitors. Get him, Arte!

Shocker: GA classier than Jeff Kent


T.J. has become master of the obvious. There are some great quotes in here, though. GA understands the biz and is thankful to the fans.

Rory recovering from surgery


Rory Markas had a blood clot removed today. Full recovery expected, but only if he doesn't have to listen to Steve Physioc in his absence.


Rev on AM 830

He was scheduled to be on from 8-9pm, but Biggsy wisely had him on for the rest of the show. The Rev did very well, combining Angels insight with his sharp and irreverent wit to make good radio for...

Game Thread 5

Let's Go Weaver


3-3, top of 4. LET'S GO HALOS

Saunders Will Miss Tuesday's Start


Weaver or Garland will take his spot, and Thursday's starter is TBD.


Last Chance for "Anaheim Angels"

On Thursday morning the City of Anaheim will ask a state appellate court to overturn the name change. It might be the last chance for the city to save the name "Anaheim Angels." LINK - TO - STORY ...

"I want to apologize to the fans for my temper flaring, but also, I don't take no mess"


"I want to apologize to the fans for my temper flaring, but also, I don't take no mess"

Torii Hunter

Original Recipe


Panther of the Game: Joe Saunders Roll Call: howiestheman, anaheim angels, Stirrups, Clip Show, stuck in Romania, HawaiiHaloFan35, acuda27, scottnak, WillGoAngels27, red floyd, shiftyeyedgoat,...

Whole Lotta Pantha!


Panther of the Game: Ervin Santana Against the monster Texas offense, Ervin's 5-HIt 7K gem stands out on a night of awe-inspiring performances. Roll Call: vladtheimpaler, scottnak, im4kiss,...

"What really stands out, when you've got Vlad and Teixeira back-to-back in the same lineup, is what...


"What really stands out, when you've got Vlad and Teixeira back-to-back in the same lineup, is what [Teixeira] isn't....Let's put it this way: I know which one I fear, and it isn't him. To me, when you see truly great players, they always have that extra edge, that killer instinct. Well, if this guy has it, he doesn't project it. Hey, he's a good player, obviously. But is he a guy who's going to legitimately carry a club for the money he's asking [for a new contract in the offseason]? I don't see that."

An "official of one club" in Stark's column

Long Comments

Call me unsophisticated or ADD or whatever, but some of the comments on this site are reaching jackasstronomical lengths. I don't have time to read a 700+ word comment to a post! It seems to me...


Best Angels Team Ever?

We all know that, based on the scoreboard, the 2002 Angels are technically the best Angels team in history. The proof is in the bling. But that's not what I'm speculating on here -- NOR am I making...

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